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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with K

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with K

  • The following names are associated with Gemini, Capricorn Rashi and Mrigashirsha, Punarvasu, Shravana, Ardra Nakshatra
  • Kaal

    Time, Destiny, Occasion, Black, Destruction, Death black, Another name for Krishna and Shiva

  • Kaalaiyan

    A bullfighter, also means the one who born early in the morning

  • Kaalik

    Darkness, Long-lived

  • Kaaliya

    A huge serpent

  • Kaam

    Effort, Work, Desire, Passion, Love, Delight, The God of Love

  • Kaamaj

    Born of Love

  • Kaamat

    Unrestrained, Free

  • Kaamik


  • Kaamod

    One who grants wishes, Generous, A musical Raag

  • Kaanahan

    One has affection in jungle

  • Kaanapriyan

    A person who loves to sing / audiophile

  • Kaanchanadhwaja

    One of the kauravas

  • Kaanha

    Young, Lord Krishna

  • Kaanishik

    An ancient king

  • Kaanishk

    An ancient king, Small, A king who followed buddhism

  • Kaant

    Husband, Adored, Precious, Pleasant, Spring, Beloved by the Moon, The Moon pleasant

  • Kaantharuban

    One with an attractive power like a magnet

  • Kaarikaa


  • Kaarmeekan

    Lord Krishna, dark one

  • Kaarmihan

    Darkest person, refer to Lord Krishna

  • Kaarmugilvanan

    Lord Krishna, the one looks like a rain cloud

  • Kaarmuhilan

    Rain-bearing cloud

  • Kaartheepan

    The one who born in month of November. Also refer to Hindu God Murugan

  • Kaarthi


  • Kaarthick

    Tamil Actor Kaarthick

  • Kaarthihan

    The one born in november, God Murugan / Kanthan / Karthigeyan

  • Kaarthik

    Tamil Actor Kaarthik

  • Kaartik

    Name of one of the months, Inspiring with courage and Joy

  • Kaartikeya

    Son of Lord Shiva, Brave, Vigorous, Active, Inspiring with courage, The planet mars; son of Shiva

  • Kaaru

    Maker, Poet

  • Kaarunyan

    Dark one

  • Kaarvannan

    God Kannan

  • Kaash


  • Kaashik

    The shining one, Brilliant, Another name for the city of banaras

  • Kaashin

    Brilliant, Lord of Kashi varanasi or Lord Shiva

  • Kaashinaath

    Lord of Kaashi

  • Kaashya

    Rush-bottom, Grass

  • Kaashyap

    A famous sage, Lily, One who drinks water

  • Kaasi

    Devotional Place

  • Kaavalan

    Guard, Protector

  • Kaaviyan

    Epic poem

  • Kabali

    Lord Shiva

  • Kabalikrut

    Swallower of the Sun

  • Kabalikruta

    One who swallowed the Sun

  • Kabeer; Kabir

    Name of a famous poet-saint; A mystic poet or poet sants of India

  • Kabhilan

    Dark one

  • Kabilan

    Lord Ganesh, Name of saint

  • Kabir

    Name of a famous poet saint

  • Kabithan


  • Kach

    One who is empty, Hollow, Vain, Hair, Splendour, Attractiveness, Cloud

  • Kachap

    Cloud drinker, Leaf

  • Kadal


  • Kadalarasan

    The king of the ocean

  • Kadalmaaran

    Sea warrior

  • Kadalvaengai

    Sea tiger

  • Kadamb

    Name of a tree

  • Kadamban

    Lord Murugan, Muruga came to tamilnadu with kadamba rulers, Muruga wields the kadamba stalk in his hands

  • Kadhirolli

    Ray of Sun light

  • Kadir

    Ray of light; Shoot of grass; Green

  • Kaditula


  • Kaeshahan

    Devotion to God Ganesha

  • Kaethaaran

    Lord Shiva

  • Kahaan

    World, Lord Krishna, Universe

  • Kahan

    World, Lord Krishna, Universe

  • Kaher


  • Kahkashan


  • Kailas

    One who bestows peace, Name of a himalayan peak, Abode of Lord Shiva

  • Kailash

    One who bestows peace, Name of a himalayan peak, Abode of Lord Shiva; Abode of Lord Shiva

  • Kailash Nath

    Lotus-eyed Lord; Lord Shiva

  • Kailashadhipati

    Lord of mount Kailash

  • Kailashchandra

    Lord Shiva, Lord of mount Kailash or Lord Shiva; Lord Shiva

  • Kailashnath

    Master of mount Kailash, Lord Shiva; Lord Shiva

  • Kailasnath

    Master of mount Kailash, Lord Shiva

  • Kailesh

    The one lives in Kailayam, refer to Lord Shiva

  • Kairabh

    Born from lotus

  • Kairav

    White lotus, Born of water, Gambler; White lotus

  • Kaishik

    Passion, Fine, Hair-like, Love, Vigour, A musical Raag

  • Kaitak

    Comeing from the kerva tree, Tree

  • Kaitav

    Hindu sage, An old Rushi, Deceitful, Gambler

  • Kaivalya

    Perfect isolation, Salvation, Bliss; perfect isolation

  • Kajakanishan

    Elephant like strong person

  • Kajalashan

    Elephant like strong person

  • Kajamohan

    Affinity with elephant

  • Kajamugan

    God Ganesha, the one with an elephant face

  • Kajan

    God Ganesha

  • Kajanan

    God Ganesha, Elephant like person

  • Kajanth

    Refer to elephant

  • Kajanthan


  • Kajaparan

    Elephant like god

  • Kajapriyan

    A person who loves an elephant

  • Kajaruban

    Elephant like face, God Ganesha

  • Kajavarnan

    Elephant like color

  • Kajavarnen

    Elephant like color

  • Kajish

    Lord vinayagar

  • Kaki

    Black bird

  • Kakshak

    Living in the forest, Free, Forest dweller

  • Kakshap

    Water drinker, Tortoise

  • Kal Hans


  • Kala Priya

    Lover of art

  • Kaladhar

    One who shows different phases

  • Kalai


  • Kalai krishnan

    Artistic person

  • Kalaiamudhan

    Philosopher who learned all 64 arts and sciences. Also refer to 'Stag like person'

  • Kalaichelvan

    The one naturally gifted with artistic talent

  • Kalaimaaran

    Artistic one

  • Kalaimahan

    Son of the goddess Saraswathi the goddess of the arts.

  • Kalainesan

    A person who loves music

  • Kalaivarman

    Artistic person

  • Kalaiyalakan

    Artistically talented

  • Kalaiyselvan

    Person who likes Arts

  • Kalamekan

    A famous Tamil poet

  • Kalanabha

    Controller of time

  • Kalanath

    The Moon; moon

  • Kalanemi

    Pramathana slayer of Kalanemi

  • Kalanjiyam

    Repository of Wisdom

  • Kalap

    The Moon, Intelligent, Collection, The tail of a peacock, Totality, Decoration; Moon

  • Kalapak

    Possessed with skills, Skilful, Collection, A peacock, Decoration, The Moon

  • Kalapin

    Peacock, Cuckoo

  • Kalash

    Sacred pot, The pinnacle of a temple, Holy urn; sacred urn

  • Kalatharan

    Traveler of the crescent moon

  • Kalawati

    Artistic or Goddess Parvati

  • Kalayalakan

    One who beautifully talented in art

  • Kaleecharan

    Feet of goddess Kali

  • Kalesh

    Lord of everything

  • Kalhan

    Knower of meaning, Informative, Perceptive, Voracious reader, Sound

  • Kalhans


  • Kalhar

    The white Lily, Water Lily, Lotus

  • Kalicharan

    Devotee of Goddess Kali; feet of Goddess Kali

  • Kalidaas

    Great poet, Devotee of Goddess Kali

  • Kalidas

    Great poet, Devotee of Goddess Kali; servant of Goddess Kali

  • Kalil

    Crown, Wealth, Bosom friend, Profound, Difficult to attain

  • Kalimohan

    A devotee of Goddess Kali

  • Kalind

    Mountain, Bestowing arts and skills, The Sun

  • Kaling

    Bird, Artistic; a bird

  • Kalipada

    A devotee of Goddess Kali

  • Kaliranjan

    Devotee of Goddess Kali; a devotee of Goddess Kali

  • Kalit

    Known, Understood

  • Kalith

    Known, Understood

  • Kaliya

    A huge serpent

  • Kaliyah

    Slayer of thousand headed dragon

  • Kaliyan


  • Kaliyugavaradhan

    Protector in kaliyug

  • Kaliyukan

    The one who born in Iron Age ( Kali Yugam)

  • Kalki

    White horse

  • Kalkin

    Tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu; tenth incarnation of God Vishnu

  • Kallaialakan

    Prettiest person like arts

  • Kallaiarasan

    Kinf of Arts

  • Kallaicone

    Kinf of Arts

  • Kallaikoovan

    Person who likes arts

  • Kallaimaaran

    Person who likes Arts

  • Kallaivaanan

    Person who likes music

  • Kallaivaenthan

    King of Arts

  • Kalmesh

    Another name of Lord Shiva

  • Kalol

    Chirp of birds

  • Kalp

    The Moon, Thought, Appropriate, Competent, Rule, Healthy, Perfect, A day in the life of Brahma, Another name for Shiva

  • Kalpa

    Able, Fit

  • Kalpajit

    The one who has won Kalpana i.e. imagination

  • Kalpak

    A heavenly tree, Getting to a benclunark, Ceremony; A Heavenly tree

  • Kalpesh

    Imaging of God, Lord of perfection; Lord of perfection

  • Kalpeshwar

    Lord Shiva, Lord of perfection, Lord of a fabulous period of time

  • Kalpit

    Imagined, Creative, Appropriate, Exact, Invented

  • Kalva


  • Kalyan

    Welfare, Worth, Fortune, Noble, Auspicious, Wealthy, Joyful; welfare

  • Kalyanin

    Virtuous, Happy, Lucky, Propitious, Wealthy, Worthy, Eminent wealthy

  • Kamadev

    God of Love; god of love and passion

  • Kamal

    Lotus, Perfection, Miracle, Art, Water, Rose-coloured, Another name for Brahma; lotus

  • Kamalaapati

    Name of Lord Vishnu

  • Kamalabandhu

    Friend of lotus, The Sun

  • Kamalaj

    Lord Brahma, Born on lotus; Lord Brahama

  • Kamalakant; Kamalkant

    Lord Vishnu

  • Kamalakanth

    Lord Vishnu, Kamala - she of the lotus i.e. Lakshmi), Kant - husband

  • Kamalakar

    Lord Vishnu, A lake where lotus grows; Lord Vishnu

  • Kamalaksh

    With beautiful lotus type eyes; with beautiful lotus eyes

  • Kamalakshana

    Lotus-eyed Lord

  • Kamalanayan

    Lotus eyed

  • Kamalapathi

    Lord Vishnu, Consort of Kamala (Kamala - Lakshmi)

  • Kamalapati

    Lord Vishnu, Consort of Kamala (Kamala - Lakshmi)

  • Kamalasanan

    The Lord Brahma

  • Kamalbandhu

    Brother of lotus, The Sun; brother of lotus (sun)

  • Kamalekshan

    Lotus eyed

  • Kamalesh

    Lord of Kamala; one with eyes like a lotus

  • Kamalesh; Kamlesh

    The preserver; Lord Vishnu

  • Kamaleshwar

    Lord of lotus, Lord Vishnu

  • Kamalhasan

    Tamil cine star

  • Kamaljeet; Kamaljit

    Achiever of perfection; Variant of 'Kamal'

  • Kamalkant

    Lord Vishnu, Consort of Kamala; Lord Vishnu

  • Kamalnath

    Lord Vishnu, Lord of Kamala; Lord Vishnu

  • Kamalnayan

    Lotus eyed; with beautiful lotus like eyes

  • Kaman


  • Kamaroopin

    Changing form at will

  • Kamaroopine

    Altering form at will

  • Kamat

    Unrestrained, Free

  • Kamboj

    Conch shell, Elephant

  • Kamesh

    Lord of Love

  • Kameshwar

    Cupid, Lord of Love

  • Kameshwary

    Kama God

  • Kameswar

    Cupid, Lord of Love

  • Kamik


  • Kamith


  • Kamlakant

    Lord Vishnu, Kamala - she of the lotus i.e. Lakshmi), Kant - husband

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