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Here is a list of Parsi Baby Boy Names along with their meanings.

Parsi Boy Names

  • Abbas

    Description of a Lion

  • Adel

    Judge, Honest, Upright, Justice, Sincere, Just

    Rashi Aries   Nakshatra Krittika

  • Ahmad

    Commendable; Praiseworthy; Most highly adored

  • Akbar

    Powerful; Great

  • Ali

    God; Excellent; Noble; Sublime

  • Amin


  • Amir

    Rich; Prosperous; Populous; Rich

  • Amjad

    More Glorious

  • Aram

    Highness; Exalted

  • Ardashir

    Righteous Ruler

  • Aref; Arif

    Knowing; Knowledgeable

  • Arman

    Desire; Wish; Wish

  • Arsalan


  • Aryasb

    Possessor of AryAn horses

  • Asad


  • Ashkan

    Name of the 3rd dynasty of Persian kings

  • Asim

    Limitless shank, Boundless, Protector, Infinite

    Rashi Aries   Nakshatra Krittika

  • Aslan


  • Atash


  • Azad

    Free; Independence

  • Babak

    Name of the father of Ardeshir (founder of the Sassanid dynasty); Faithful; Young Father

  • Badri

    Lord Vishnu; Bright Night

    Rashi Taurus   Nakshatra Rohini

  • Bahador; Bahadur

    Honorable; Brave

  • Bahar


  • Bahram

    Name of a Persian King

  • Bamdad

    Name of Mazdak's father; Early morning

  • Behdad

    Excellent gift; Of good birth

  • Behnam

    Reputable (someone with honorable name)

  • Behrooz


  • Behzad

    Of good birth; Of noble family

  • Borna

    Young; Youthful

  • Caspar

    The treasurer; The name of one of the three wise men in the new testament

  • Casper


  • Cy

    The name of the founder of the Persian empire From the name Cyrus

  • Cyrus

    The name of the founder of the Persian empire

  • Danyal


  • Dara

    Lord; God

  • Darioush

    Name of a king

  • Davood

    Beloved one

  • Ebi


  • Emad


  • Esmaeel; Ishmael

    Son of Abraham; God hears

  • Faraz

    On the top; Above; Equitable

  • Farbod

    Right; Orthodox

  • Farhad

    Happiness; An Iranian musician and singer

  • Farid

    Unique; Matchless; Wide

  • Fariel


  • Farjad

    Excellent; Eminent in learning

  • Farrokh

    Happy; Fortunate

  • Farshad

    Soul of the sphere of Mercury

  • Farvardin

    First month of Iranian calendar

  • Farzad

    Splendid birth

  • Farzan


  • Farzin


  • Fazel

    Learned; Decisive

  • Ferdows; Firdows


  • Firouz

    Victorious; Name of a Sassani King

  • Gaspar

    The master of the treasure

  • Ghadir

    A sword

  • Guebers

    Followers of ancient Persian religion

  • Gulzar

    A garden with flowers; Rose Garden; An inhabited town; gardener

  • Habib

    Friend; Beloved

  • Hadi

    Guide; Leader

  • Hafez


  • Hamed

    One who praises

  • Hamid

    Praiseworthy; A friend

  • Hassan

    Good; Handsome

  • Homayoun; Homayoon

    Royal; Fortunate

  • Houman; Hooman

    Good nature; Having a good soul

  • Humayu; Humayun

    Fortunate; the second Mughal Emperor

  • Ishtar

    The babylonian Goddess of Love, Desired, Dear

    Rashi Aries   Nakshatra Krittika

  • Jafar

    Name of 6th Imam of the Shitte Muslims; A river

  • Jalal


  • Jalil

    Noble; Great

  • Jamal

    Handsome; Being fair

  • Jamshed

    Shining river; An ancient king of Persia

  • Jamshid

    Handsome; Sun's rays; Lights

  • Jasmine

    Name of a flower plant, Fragrant

    Rashi Capricorn   Nakshatra Uttara Ashadha

  • Jasper

    The treasurer; The name of a gemstone

  • Javad


  • Javed

    Immortal; Eternal

  • Kamal

    Lotus, Perfection, Miracle, Art, Water, Rose-coloured, Another name for Brahma; lotus

    Rashi Gemini   Nakshatra Mrigashirsha

  • Kamran

    Fortunate; Successful; success

  • Kansbar

    Treasure Master

  • Karim; Kareem


  • Kaveh

    Ancient Hero

  • Kayan

    The name of a dynasty of king kaikobad, King, Name of a royal dynasty in persia

    Rashi Gemini   Nakshatra Mrigashirsha

  • Keyvan

    World; Universe

  • Khalil; Khaleel


  • Khorshed


  • Khortdad


  • Kian

    Grace of God, Ancient or distant

    Rashi Gemini   Nakshatra Mrigashirsha

  • Kiumars

    First king of the mythical Pishdadi dynasty

  • Mahin

    The earth, Fine or thin texture; the earth

    Rashi Leo   Nakshatra Magha

  • Majeed


  • Masoud

    Lucky; Fortunate

  • Mehdi


  • Mehran

    A character in Shahnameh; Kindness

  • Mehrdad

    Gift from the sun

  • Melchior

    The king of the city

  • Mohsen

    One who does good

  • Morad

    Desire; Wish

  • Morteza


  • Nariman

    A character in Shahnameh (ZAl's grandfather)

  • Nasim

    Breeze; Fresh Air

  • Nataraj

    Lord Shiva, King of the art of dancing, King among actors, Shiva as the cosmic dancer of destruction, Lord of dance

    Rashi Scorpio   Nakshatra Anuradha

  • Navid; Naved

    Messenger of happiness; Good News; Glad tiding

  • Nik; Nick

    Good; Victorious people

  • Omid; Omeed


  • Orang; Aurang

    A throne; Wisdom; Understanding; Beauty

  • Peyman


  • Pouyan

    To search; Searcher; To run; Runner

  • Rami; Ramey; Ramy


  • Rasheed; Rashid

    Brave; Thinker: Counselor; Intelligent

  • Rashne


  • Reza

    Consent; Agreement

  • Rohan

    A river in paradise, Ascending, A blossom, Another name for Vishnu, Finest Indian steel, Rising; one who takes the higher path

    Rashi Libra   Nakshatra Swati

  • Roshan

    Illumination, Bright, Brilliant, Celebrated; illumination

    Rashi Libra   Nakshatra Swati

  • Saam; Sam

    A character in Shahnameh (Rostam's Grandfather)

  • Sadegh


  • Said; Sayyid


  • Sami

    Elevated; High; someone dear to you

  • Sanjar

    Prince; Emperor; King

  • Sarosh


  • Shah

    The king

  • Shahab

    Shooting star; Meteor

  • Abdieso

  • Adar

  • Adish

  • Arash

  • Artay

  • Behruz

  • Bijan

  • Darius

  • Eskander

  • Farzam

  • Hashem

  • Hossein

  • Iliya

  • Kambiz

  • Mehregan

  • Milad

  • Payam

  • Pejman

  • Shaham