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Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with C

Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with C

  • The following names are associated with Gemini, Pisces Rashi and Revati, Ashvini, Ardra Nakshatra
  • Caitlin

    The Celtic form of Catherine

  • Camelia

    A flower

  • Camille

    Swiftness of Foot

  • Canga


  • Canisa

    Very dear

  • Carissa

    Tender Touch

  • Carla

    Feminine of Charles

  • Carly

    Form of Caroline

  • Carmen

    Crimson or Red

  • Carrie; Carol; Caroline

    Song of Joy

  • Carthika

    Born in November, karthikai flower

  • Cassandan

    Name of one Kurosh the Great's wife

  • Catherine


  • Cauvery

    Name of a river; Same as Kavery, name of a river

  • Cavery

    River Cavery

  • Caviya

    Female singer

  • Celina


  • Cendamari

    Red lotus

  • Centhoori

    Refer to a flower called 'Senthooram'

  • Chaadhurya


  • Chaahana

    Longing, Affection, Desired

  • Chaamunda

    Name of Goddess who killed the demons Chanda and munda

  • Chaarani

    A bird, Nomad

  • Chaaru

    Preety, Pleasant, Beautiful, Loved, Cherished

  • Chaaruvi

    Light, Brilliant

  • Chaarvi

    Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman

  • Chaaya

    Shadow, Shade, Reflection; Shadow

  • Chaayavati

    Name of a Raga

  • Chahana

    Longing, Desired, Affection

  • Chaheti

    Lovely, Lovable for all

  • Chahna


  • Chainika

    Specially selected, Chosen one

  • Chairavali

    Full Moon of Chaitra month

  • Chaitaalee

    Born in th month of Chaitra, Ancient city

  • Chaitali

    Born in the month of Chaitra, Blessed with a good memory; Born in the Chaitra month

  • Chaitaly

    Born in the month of Chaitra, Blessed with a good memory; Name of an ancient city

  • Chaitana

    Perception, Intelligence, Life, Vigour, The sunflower seed

  • Chaitanya

    Life, Knowledge, Sage, Soul, Intellect, Intelligence; consciousness, lustre

  • Chaithana

    Perception, Intelligence, Life, Vigour, The sunflower seed

  • Chaithra

    New bright light.aries sign

  • Chaitna

    Sunflower seed

  • Chaitra

    New bright light.aries sign; 1st month in Indian calendar, beginning

  • Chaitri

    Born in Spring, Beautiful, Happy, Fresh

  • Chaitrika

    Very clever

  • Chaka

    A lark

  • Chakori

    A bird enamored of the Moon; Alert, a bird

  • Chakradharini

    The Goddess who is armed with a wheel

  • Chakria

    Goddess Lakshmi, Chakria is a variant form of the name Chakra - Chakra - circle of energy

  • Chakrika

    Goddess Lakshmi, The Goddess who has the divine wheel; Lakshmi

  • Chakrikaa

    Goddess Lakshmi, The Goddess who has the divine wheel

  • Chakshani

    Good looking, Brilliant

  • Chalama

    Goddess Parvati

  • Chalipa

    A flower - Stock-gillyflower

  • Chalsia

    Landing place or port, Seaport. place name

  • Chambal

    A river in india covers Uttar Pradesh and madhya Pradesh

  • Chameli

    A creeper with flowers

  • Chamelia

    Particular Flower

  • Chamini


  • Champa


  • Champabati

    The capital

  • Champakali

    A bud of Champa

  • Champakavathi

    Owner of Champak trees

  • Champakmala

    Garland of Champa flowers

  • Champamalini

    Garland of Champa flower

  • Champika

    Little Champa flower

  • Chamunda

    Name of Goddess who killed the demons Chanda and munda

  • Chanasya

    Delighting, Pleasant, Wonderful

  • Chanasyaa

    Delighting, Pleasant, Wonderful

  • Chanchala

    Restless, Active, Agile, Playful, Moving constantly, Lightening; Unsteady, Lakshmi

  • Chanchari

    Bird, Vortex of water; bird, vortex of water,

  • Chancy

    Goddess Lakshmi

  • Chandaa

    Moon female

  • Chandaghanta

    One who has mighty bells

  • Chandalini


  • Chandamundavinashini

    Destroyer of the ferocious asuras Chanda and munda

  • Chandana

    Scented wood or sandalwood, Perfumed, Auspicious; Sandal wood

  • Chandana Laxmi


  • Chandani

    A river, Moon light; Star

  • Chandanika


  • Chandasri

    Moon, Cool like the Moon, Goddess Lakshmi

  • Chandhana

    Scented wood or sandalwood, Perfumed, Auspicious

  • Chandhini

    Moon light or a river, Star

  • Chandhraka

    The Moon

  • Chandi

    Great Goddess

  • Chandika

    Diminutive of Chandana; Goddess Durga

  • Chandini

    Moon light or a river, Star; Moon

  • Chandni

    A river, Moon light

  • Chandni; Chandini; Chandani

    Moon light; A river

  • Chandra

    The Moon; moon

  • Chandra priya

    A person who admire moon

  • Chandra Vadana

    The Moon

  • Chandra; Chandira


  • Chandrabali

    Friend of Lord Krishna

  • Chandrabhaga

    River Chenab

  • Chandrabindu

    Crescent Moon

  • Chandraja

    Daughter of the Moon

  • Chandrajyothi

    Moon light

  • Chandrajyoti

    Moon light; Moonlight

  • Chandrakala

    Moonbeams; crescent

  • Chandrakali

    1/16th of the Moon; 1/16th of the moon, crescent

  • Chandrakantha

    The Moon, Moon stone, Consort of the Moon

  • Chandrakanti

    Moon light; Moonlight

  • Chandraki


  • Chandrakin

    Peacock; a peacock

  • Chandralekha

    Ray of Moon

  • Chandraleksha

    A Ray of the Moon

  • Chandramaa

    The Moon

  • Chandramasi

    Consort of Brihaspati

  • Chandramathi

    As beautiful as the Moon

  • Chandramukhi

    As beautiful as the Moon; one with a moon like face

  • Chandrani

    Consort of the Moon (Wife of the Moon)

  • Chandraprabha

    Star, Moon light; Moonlight

  • Chandrapushpa

    Star, Moon light; moon flower

  • Chandraruba

    Godess Laxmi

  • Chandrarupa

    Goddess Laxmi, The one who has a form like the Moon

  • Chandrasahodari

    Sister of the Moon

  • Chandratara

    The Moon and the stars conjoined

  • Chandravadana

    Moon faced, Goddess Lakshmi

  • Chandravathana

    Godess Laxmi

  • Chandravathi

    Lit by the Moon

  • Chandravati

    Lit by the Moon

  • Chandrayai

    Godess Laxmi

  • Chandreyee

    Moons daughter

  • Chandri

    Moon light

  • Chandrika


  • Chandrima

    The Moon; Moon

  • Changeetha

    Musically talented

  • Changuna

    A good woman

  • Chann

    Beauteous, Beloved

  • Channakka

    Beautiful lady

  • Channan

    Full of fragrance like sandalwood

  • Channaya


  • Chapala

    Restless, Lighting; quick, lightening

  • Chara

    Quiet and frisky

  • Charani

    A bird, Nomad

  • Chardy

    The meaning of Chardy is a burning fire that desires Love and yet is always alone

  • Charisa


  • Charishma


  • Charita

    Good, One having a very clean character, Warm hearted, Scented wood; Good

  • Charitha

    Good, One having a very clean character, Warm hearted, Scented wood

  • Charithra


  • Charithriya


  • Charithya

    Good, One having a very clean character

  • Charitra


  • Charitrya


  • Charity


  • Charlene

    Small Beauty

  • Charmaine


  • Charmi

    Charming, Lovely

  • Charmy

    Charming, Lovely

  • Charu

    Preety, Pleasant, Beautiful, Loved, Cherished; Beautiful, attractive

  • Charu nivatha

    Beautifully offerings food to God to makes the food edible

  • Charubhashini

    A beautiful one

  • Charuhasa

    Goddess Durga, Whose smile is charming

  • Charuhashini

    A beautiful one

  • Charuhasini

    A beautiful one

  • Charuja

    A beautiful one

  • Charuka

    Beautiful woman

  • Charukeshi

    Name of a Raga

  • Charul


  • Charula


  • Charulata

    Beautiful creeper

  • Charulatha

    Beautiful creeper

  • Charulekha

    Beautiful picture

  • Charumathi

    Beautiful mind

  • Charumati

    Beautiful mind; a beautiful lady

  • Charumeena

    A beautiful woman

  • Charumithra

    Beautiful colors of friendship

  • Charunethra

    Beautiful eyes

  • Charunetra

    One with beautiful eyes

  • Charuni

    Attractive one

  • Charuprabha


  • Charupradha

    A beautiful one

  • Charupriya

    Love beauty, beautiful love

  • Charuroopa

    Goddess Durga, Whose form is exquisite

  • Charusha

    Beautiful, Attractive person

  • Charusheela

    The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel; Beautiful Jewel

  • Charushila

    The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel

  • Charusila

    The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel

  • Charusmita

    One having beautiful smile

  • Charusmitha

    One having beautiful smile

  • Charuta

    Beautiful girl, Loveliness

  • Charutha

    Beautiful girl, Loveliness

  • Charuvardhani

    Name of a Raga

  • Charuvika

    A beautiful one

  • Charvi

    Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman; beautiful

  • Chathura

    Wise, Clever

  • Chatima


  • Chatura

    Wise, Clever; clever

  • Chaturbhuja


  • Chaturya

    Wise, Clever

  • Chaula

    A buck, Deer, Name of a well

  • Chaunta

    One who outshines the stars

  • Chavi

    Ray of light, Reflection

  • Chavishka

    Water, Sky

  • Chaya

    Shadow, Shade, Reflection

  • Chayana

    The Moon

  • Chayanika

    The chosen one

  • Chayla


  • Cheena

    Pure white marble

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