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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with C

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with C

  • The following names are associated with Gemini, Pisces Rashi and Revati, Ashvini, Ardra Nakshatra
  • Cadman


  • Caldwell

    Near a Cold Well

  • Caleb


  • Calvert


  • Calvin


  • Carl


  • Carlton

    From Carl's Farm

  • Carney


  • Carrick


  • Carroll


  • Carter

    Cart Driver

  • Carver

    Wood Carver

  • Cary


  • Casey


  • Caspar

    The treasurer; The name of one of the three wise men in the new testament

  • Casper


  • Cecil


  • Cedric


  • Ceyone

    Rising Sun

  • Chaah

    Love, Pit, Fondness, Fancy, Wish, Longing, Desired

  • Chaanakya

    Son of Chanak, Renowned mauryan writer and politician, Author of the arthashastra; a great scholar

  • Chaand

    Sincere wish, The Moon, To shine

  • Chaaran

    Feet, One who chants praises, Bard

  • Chaaruchandra

    Beautilful moon

  • Chaaruchithra

    One of the kauravas

  • Chaarudatt

    Born of beauty

  • Chaaruhaas

    With beautiful smile

  • Chaaruhaas; Charuhaas

    With beautiful smile

  • Chaayan

    Moon, Collection

  • Chad; Chadwick


  • Chadna


  • Chaeralathan

    King of Chera

  • Chahan


  • Chahat


  • Chahel

    Good cheer

  • Chaidya

    Wise, Ruler, King of Chedi

  • Chain


  • Chaital


  • Chaitan

    Consciousness, Perception, Intelligence, Vigour, Life; consciousness, alert

  • Chaithanya

    Life, Knowledge, Sage, Soul, Intellect, Intelligence

  • Chaitnya

    Divine radiance, Consciousness, Life, Knowledge

  • Chaitya

    Place of worship, Of the mind, Spirit, A stupa

  • Chak

    Brilliant, Happy, Sated

  • Chakor

    A bird enamored of the Moon; a bird that loves the moon

  • Chakra

    A weapon of Lord Vishnu, Circular

  • Chakradev

    Lord Vishnu, Lord of Chakra i.e. discus, Name of Vishnu; Lord Vishnu

  • Chakradhar

    Lord Vishnu, The one who bears the Chakra; name of Lord Vishnu

  • Chakrapaani

    Name of Lord Vishnu

  • Chakrapani

    Name of Lord Vishnu

  • Chakravartee

    A sovereign king; Sovereign king

  • Chakravartee; Chakravarti

    A sovereign king

  • Chakravarthi


  • Chakresh

    Name of Lord Vishnu

  • Chakrik

    One with a discus

  • Chakrin

    One with a discus, Anthor name of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva

  • Chakshas

    Sight, Look, Guide, Vision, Brilliance, Another name for Brihaspati, The teacher of the gods

  • Chakshu


  • Chalmers

    Lord of the Household

  • Chaman

    Flower Garden; flowering garden

  • Chamanlal


  • Chamkaur

    Battle field where Guru Gobind Singh fought

  • Champabati; Champavati

    The daughter of an ancient king 'Raja Sahil Verma'

  • Champak


  • Chanak

    Sweet sound of bangles, Miner, Digger, Mouse (Father of Chanakya); father of Chaanakya

  • Chanakya

    Renowned mauryan writer and politician, Author of the arthashastra, Name of Kautilya, The great scholar

  • Chanakya; Chaanakya

    Name of Kautilya - the great scholar; Bright

  • Chanchaladwala

    Glittering tail suspended above the head

  • Chanchareek


  • Chanchareek; Chancharik


  • Chand

    Sincere wish, The Moon, To shine

  • Chanda

    The Moon; moon

  • Chandak

    Brillinat, The moon; the moon

  • Chandaka


  • Chandan

    Sandalwood, Auspicious, Perfumed; sandlewood

  • Chandar

    The Moon

  • Chandavarman

    An old king

  • Chandeedaas

    Name of a saint

  • Chandeedaas; Chandidaas

    Name of a saint

  • Chander

    The Moon; moon

  • Chanderbhan

    Chander means Moon, Bhan means The Sun both meaning is energy energetic and peace nature

  • Chandhu

    The Moon

  • Chandidas

    Name of a saint

  • Chandler


  • Chandra Bhan

    The Moon

  • Chandra Sai

    The Moon

  • Chandraabhaa

    Lusture of moon light

  • Chandraaditya

    Name of an ancient King; name of a King

  • Chandraanan

    Moon-like face; moon like face

  • Chandraayan

    The Moon

  • Chandrabha

    Luster of Moon light; Moonlight

  • Chandrabhan

    The Moon

  • Chandrachur

    Lord Shiva, The Moon; Lord Shiva

  • Chandradev

    Moon God, A king

  • Chandraditya

    Name of a king

  • Chandragupt

    Name of ancient king; name of an ancient king

  • Chandrahaas

    Smiling like a Moon, Bow of Lord Shiva; smiling like a moon

  • Chandrahas

    Smiling like a Moon, Bow of Lord Shiva

  • Chandrak

    Peacock feather

  • Chandrakant

    Beloved by the Moon

  • Chandrakanta

    The Moon, Moon stone, Consort of the Moon; wife of the moon (night)

  • Chandraketu

    Moon banner

  • Chandrakiran

    Moonbeam; moon beam

  • Chandrakirthi

    As famous as the Moon

  • Chandrakishore

    The Moon

  • Chandrakumar

    The moon

  • Chandrama

    The Moon

  • Chandramaadhav


  • Chandramaadhav; Chandramadhav


  • Chandramadhav


  • Chandramani

    Moonstone, Jewel

  • Chandramauli

    The one who wears Moon on head, Meaning Lord Shiva; Lord Shiva

  • Chandramohan

    Attractive like the Moon

  • Chandramouli

    The one who wears Moon on head, Meaning Lord Shiva

  • Chandran

    The Moon, Moon like a face; the moon

  • Chandranan

    The Moon, Moon like a face

  • Chandranath

    The Moon

  • Chandranshu

    Ray of Moon

  • Chandrapal

    Master of the Moon

  • Chandraprakaash

    Moon light

  • Chandraprakash

    Moon light

  • Chandraprakash; Chandraprakaash

    One who has moon as a crest; Light of the moon; Relevant to Lord Shiva

  • Chandraraj


  • Chandrasen

    The Moon

  • Chandrashekar

    One who holds Moon in his hair knot (Shiva), Lord Shiva

  • Chandrashekara

    Lord Shiva, One who holds the Moon in his Shekhar i.e. coiled Mat of hair on top of the head, An epithet of Shiva

  • Chandrashekhar

    One who holds Moon in his hair knot (Shiva), Lord Shiva; Lord Shiva

  • Chandrashekhar; Chandrashekar

    Lord Shiva

  • Chandratha

    Nectar of the Moon

  • Chandravadan

    Moon like face

  • Chandrayan

    The Moon

  • Chandresh

    Lord of the Moon; King of the moon

  • Chandrodaya


  • Chandrpeed

    Name of Lord Shiva; name of Shiva

  • Chandru


  • Chandu

    The Moon

  • Chane

    Name of a God, Dependability

  • Chanky

    Healthy; Strong

  • Chankya

    Kautilya, Great scholar, Bright

  • Channappa

    Beauteous, Beloved

  • Channing

    A Canon

  • Chant


  • Chanyana

    The Moon

  • Chapal

    Quick; clever, restless; lightning

  • Chapman


  • Charak

    An ancient physician, The father of Chaanakya, Nomadic religious student; an ancient physician

  • Charan

    Feet, One who chants praises, Bard; feet

  • Charan Raj

    King of the feet

  • Charandev

    The Moon

  • Charanjeet

    One who has won over the Lord (Charanjeet)

  • Charanjit

    One who has won over the Lord (Charanjeet); one who has won over the lord

  • Charanjot

    Light of Guru's Lotus Feet

  • Charanpal

    Protection under the Guru's Lotus Feet

  • Charanpreet

    One Who Loves Lords Feet

  • Charanraj

    King of the feet

  • Charanvir

    One who is fast on feet and brave

  • Charchika

    The third eye power of Lord Shiva

  • Charish


  • Charit

    Dear, History

  • Charith

    Dear, History

  • Charles


  • Charlie


  • Charmin


  • Charuchandra

    Beautiful Moon

  • Charuchandra; Chaaruchandra

    Beautilful moon; Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna

  • Charudatt

    Born with beauty

  • Charudatt; Chaarudatt

    Born of beauty

  • Charudatta

    Born with beauty

  • Charudehi

    Son of Lord Sun

  • Charudutta

    Born with beauty; born of beauty

  • Charuhas

    With beautiful smile

  • Charukesh

    With beautiful hairs

  • Charun

    One with beautiful eyes

  • Charusheel

    Of good character

  • Charuvardhan

    Handsome one

  • Charuvardhana

    One who enhances beauty

  • Charuvindha

    Striving for beauty

  • Charuvrat

    Of good character

  • Charvaka

    Atheist philosopher of ancient india

  • Charvik


  • Chashmum

    My eyes; eyes

  • Chatresh

    Lord Shiva

  • Chatriya

    It is the month of april chaitram

  • Chatur


  • Chaturaanan

    With four faces

  • Chaturanan

    With four faces

  • Chaturbahave


  • Chaturbahu

    Four armed

  • Chaturbhuj

    One who has four arms, Lord Ganesh; strong, broad shouldered

  • Chaturvedi

    The one who knows 4 Vedas

  • Chatwin

    Warlike Friend

  • Chayan

    Moon, Collection

  • Chayank

    The Moon

  • Chedi

    Which cut and break, Leader, Charming, Wise, King and founder of the Chedi dynasty

  • Chelan

    Deep water, Consciousness

  • Cheliiyan

    Resourceful person

  • Cheliyan

    Rich, Resourceful, Prosperous

  • Chellakilli

    Loveable parrot

  • Chellamani

    Precious gem

  • Chellamuthu

    Precious Pearl

  • Chellapan


  • Chellapillai

    Delicately brought up child

  • Chelliyan

    Refer to the Kings from Pandiya dynasty

  • Chellvan

    Wealthy man

  • Cheluva

    Looking handsome

  • Chemmal

    Premier, Best

  • Chenna

    Lord Vishnu

  • Chennilavan

    The one who lives on the red moon

  • Cheralan

    Derived from Chera Dynasty

  • Cheralathan

    One of the old king from Chera Dynasty

  • Cheramaan

    One of the old king from Chera Dynasty

  • Cheran

    The Chera King; From the Chera (currently Kerala) country

  • Cheranan

    Derived from Chera Dynasty

  • Cheranraj


  • Cherith


  • Chervik


  • Chester

    Castle Dweller

  • Chetak

    Rana prataps horse, Thoughtful, Pensive; Rana Pratap's horse, fast

  • Chetan

    Intelligence, Perceiption, Sprit of life, Vigour, Life; consciousness, life

  • Chetan; Chaten; Chaitan

    Perceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent Intelligence

  • Chetanaanand

    Supreme Joy

  • Chetananand

    Supreme Joy

  • Chetas

    Mind, Perception, Intelligence, Brilliance

  • Chethan

    Intelligence, Perceiption, Sprit of life, Vigour, Life

  • Chetty


  • Chevatkodiyon

    Lord Murugan, One with a rooster in his battle flag

  • Chezhiyan

    Refer to the Kings from Pandiya dynasty

  • Chezian


  • Chhaayank

    The Moon; moon

  • Chhandak

    The charioteer of Lord Buddha

  • Chhatrabhuj

    Lord Vishnu, One who has four arms

  • Chhayank

    The Moon

  • Chidaakaash

    Absolute, Brahma; absolute Brahma

  • Chidaatma

    Supreme spirit, Big soul; supreme spirit

  • Chidakash

    Absolute, Brahma

  • Chidambar

    Generous, One whose heart is as big as the Sky; sky like heart, broadminded

  • Chidambar; Chidambaram

    Sky like heart; One who has heart as wide as sky

  • Chidambaram

    Home of Lord Shiva

  • Chidanand

    Lord Brahma, Conscious mind immersed in total bliss

  • Chidananda

    Lord Shiva, Conscious mind immersed in total bliss; Lord Shiva

  • Chidatma

    Supreme spirit, Big soul

  • Chidhatma

    Supreme spirit, Big soul; Big Soul

  • Chikit

    Experienced, Wise, Liberal

  • Chiko

    Light of Wisdom

  • Chiman

    Curious, Inquistive; Curious

  • Chimon

    Wisdom Gate

  • Chinar

    Name of a beautiful tree

  • Chinmayanand; Chinmayananda

    Blissful; Supreme consciousness

  • Chinmayananda

    Blissful, Supreme consciousness; blissful

  • Chinmaye

    Supreme consciousness, Name of Lord Ganesh, Blissful

  • Chinmayu

    Supreme consciousness

  • Chinmoy


  • Chinnadurai


  • Chinnakili

    Little parrot

  • Chinnu

    Small girl

  • Chinshu

    Calm Prefecture; Calm Place

  • Chintak


  • Chintamani

    Philosophers stone, A jewel; one who is in thoughts

  • Chintan

    Thought, Meditation, Contemplation, Mind; meditation

  • Chintav


  • Chinthan

    Thought, Meditation, Contemplation, Mind

  • Chinthanaichelvan

    Intelligent, Thoughtful

  • Chintu; Chintoo


  • Chintya

    Thought Provoking, Worthy of thought

  • Chiradeep

    Eternal Lamp

  • Chirag

    Brilliance, Lamp; lamp

  • Chiraksh

    Beautiful eyed

  • Chirakumar

    Long life Prince

  • Chiranjeev

    Long-lived, Immortal, Man with long-life; immortal

  • Chiranjeev; Chiranjeeve

    Lord Vishnu; Immortal

  • Chiranjeevee

    Immortal person, Without death, Eternal being, Long lived, Lord Vishnu

  • Chiranjeevi

    Immortal person, Without death, Eternal being, Long lived, Lord Vishnu

  • Chiranjeevini


  • Chiranjib

    Long-lived, Immortal, Man with long-life

  • Chiranjiv

    Long-lived, Immortal

  • Chiranjivi

    Immortal person, Without death, Eternal being, Long lived, Lord Vishnu

  • Chirantan

    Immortal; ancient, forever

  • Chiranth


  • Chirayu

    Immortal, Long-lived person, Blessed with a long life

  • Chirayus

    Long lived, Blessed with a long life

  • Chirtrang

    With multi-colored body

  • Chirush


  • Chitayu

    Descended from thought, The mind, Born of the intellect

  • Chitesh

    Lord of the soul, Ruler of mind; Lord of the soul

  • Chithayu

    Descended from thought, The mind, Born of the intellect

  • Chithesh

    Lord of the soul, Ruler of mind

  • Chithraaksha

    One of the kauravas

  • Chithraamga

    One of the kauravas

  • Chithraayudha

    One of the kauravas

  • Chithrabaana

    One of the kauravas

  • Chithrakundala

    One of the kauravas

  • Chithrakundhala

    One of the kauravas

  • Chithravarma

    One of the kauravas

  • Chitleen

    One absorbed in awareness

  • Chitrabaahu

    With beautiful hands

  • Chitrabaahu; Chitrabahu

    With beautiful hands

  • Chitrabahu

    With beautiful hands

  • Chitrabhanu

    Crown flower plant, Fire; the sun

  • Chitrada

    Name of Arjun's wife

  • Chitragupt

    God of destiny, Secret picture; god of destiny

  • Chitragupta

    God of destiny, Secret picture

  • Chitrak

    Painter, Cheetah depending upon usage

  • Chitrakethu

    Name of the emperor, With beautiful banner

  • Chitraketu

    Name of the emperor, With beautiful banner; with beautiful banner

  • Chitrakoot Samashraya

    Creating chitrakoots beauty in the panchvati forest

  • Chitraksh

    Beautiful eyed

  • Chitral

    Of variegated color; of multiple colours, painting

  • Chitranjan

    Inner Joy; Happiness from the heart; one who has joyful heart

  • Chitrank

    A Moon

  • Chitrannam


  • Chitransh


  • Chitrarath

    The Sun

  • Chitrarth

    A Man with ability same as of Sun

  • Chitrasen

    A king of gandharvas

  • Chitresh

    Moon, Wonderful Lord

  • Chitt


  • Chitta


  • Chittaprasad


  • Chittaranjan

    One who pleases the mind; joy of inner mind

  • Chittaswarup

    The supreme spirit

  • Chittesh

    Lord of the soul, Ruler of mind; lord of the soul

  • Chittranjan

    Inner Joy; Happiness from the heart; one who has joyful heart

  • Cholaiyan

    The one who lives in the grove

  • Cholaiyarasan

    The king of the grove

  • Cholan

    A south Indian dynasty

  • Cholla

    Tamil dynasty that ruled primarily in southern India

  • Chorei

    Transparent Spirituality

  • Chosui

    Purifying Water

  • Chotu


  • Chozen

    Clear/Transparent Meditation Practice

  • Christian

    A Christian

  • Chudamani

    Crest jewel

  • Chugai

    Transcending Universe

  • Chulbul


  • Chuman


  • Chunkey

    Strong; Healthy

  • Chunky

    Strong; Healthy

  • Chunmay

    Supreme consciousness

  • Chyavan

    Name of a saint

  • Cusanth

    Refer to quiet one

  • Cy

    The name of the founder of the Persian empire From the name Cyrus

  • Cyrus

    The name of the founder of the Persian empire

  • Caarthigen

  • Caarthiken

  • Cabil

  • Cabilan

  • Cabilanan

  • Cajanthan

  • Cajenthan

  • Cakarpala

  • Cakrasmavara

  • Cananda

  • Candavira

  • Candragarbha

  • Candrakirti

  • Candrasurya

  • Canooban

  • Canoobhan

  • Capilan

  • Carishanan

  • Carishnen

  • Carshan

  • Carthigan

  • Carthigen

  • Carthigeyan

  • Carthiken

  • Cavin

  • Cayanthan

  • Cayanthen

  • Cayenthan

  • Chaagithyan

  • Chaandan

  • Chadaiyan

  • Chadranthan

  • Chageedan

  • Chaisaran

  • Chaitreyesh

  • Chajan

  • Chakaravarthy

  • Chakesh

  • Chakithyan

  • Chakradhwaj

  • Chakravarthy

  • Chalam

  • Chalapati

  • Chanakyan

  • Chandana murugan

  • Chandeesh

  • Chandermohan

  • Chandha

  • Chandhan

  • Chandhanu

  • Chandhiran

  • Chandraangen

  • Chandrababu

  • Chandradevan

  • Chandrajith

  • Chandraka

  • Chandramukesh

  • Chandrangan

  • Chandrapragash

  • Chandrasamy

  • Chandrasekar

  • Chandrasekaran

  • Chandratej

  • Chandrathas

  • Chandravaran

  • Chandreyi

  • Chandrothayan

  • Chanduru

  • Chankeerth

  • Chanramuni

  • Chanthirakumar

  • Chanthiran

  • Chanthuru

  • Chantiran

  • Charanath

  • Charankan

  • Charankumar

  • Charantej

  • Charbak

  • Charithran

  • Charvikesh

  • Charvk

  • Chasilery

  • Chathriyan

  • Chathurijan

  • Chathveek

  • Chathvik

  • Chavrik

  • Chegalvarayan

  • Chelian

  • Cheliyen

  • Chelliyen

  • Chelvan

  • Chelven

  • Chembiyan

  • Chembiyen

  • Chemmayni

  • Chempavalan

  • Chempavallan

  • Chendrashekar

  • Chenthil

  • Chenthooran

  • Chenychadaiyan

  • Cherasya

  • Cheshan

  • Chetandeep

  • Chetansai

  • Chetu

  • Cheyandhan

  • Cheziyan

  • Chidambaresh

  • Chidarth

  • Chiddan

  • Chiddharth

  • Chidhambaresh

  • Chidharth

  • Chidharthan

  • Chimaan

  • Chinkal

  • Chinna

  • Chinnakesaven

  • Chinnamani

  • Chinnaraj

  • Chinniah

  • Chinten

  • Chinthen

  • Chintu

  • Chiramenan

  • Chiritin

  • Chirrak

  • Chiru

  • Chirubanan

  • Chitharaman

  • Chitharth

  • Chithiraivel

  • Chithiran

  • Chithraangan

  • Chithrajeevan

  • Chithrakubthan

  • Chithramenan

  • Chithran

  • Chithrangan

  • Chithrangen

  • Chithranjan

  • Chithrathithan

  • Chithrayen

  • Chithresh

  • Chithruban

  • Chithrubanan

  • Chitraangan

  • Chitrabanu

  • Chitradeep

  • Chitrakubthan

  • Chitran

  • Chitreshan

  • Chitti

  • Chittiravel

  • Chivan

  • Chivesh

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