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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with T

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with T

  • The following names are associated with Libra, Pisces Rashi and Purva Phalguni, Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra
  • Taarank

    Part of a star

  • Taha


  • Tahir


  • Tahoma


  • Tajdar


  • Taksa

    A son of Bharata

  • Takshak

    A cobra

  • Taksheel

    Someone with a strong character

  • Talaketu

    Bhishma Pitamaha

  • Talank

    Lord Shiva

  • Talin

    Lord Shiva

  • Talish

    Lord of earth

  • Tamal

    A tree with very dark bark

  • Tamas


  • Tamila


  • Tamilamuthan

    A very skilled person in Tamil language

  • Tamilarasan

    Tamil King

  • Tamilbarathi

    The one who compares with the greatest poet Bharathy

  • Tamilchelvan

    A person who devote to Tamil

  • Tamilcone

    Kind of Tamil

  • Tamileanthi

    A person who respect Tamil

  • Tamileniyan

    Master in Tamil Language, the one with a linguistic intelligence in Tamil

  • Tamilinban

    Affinity with the Tamil ( mother tongue )

  • Tamiliniyan

    A person who devoted to Tamil

  • Tamillavan

    Person who belongs to Tamil

  • Tamilmohan

    Person who likes Tamil

  • Tamilmudhi

    Top of Tamils

  • Tamilvaanan

    Person who experts in Tamil

  • Tamilvaenthan

    King of Tamils

  • Tamilvanan

    The one who is very intelligent in Tamil Language

  • Tamilzhazhagan

    Most handsome person in Tamil community

  • Tamish

    God of darkness (moon)

  • Tamizharasu

    King of Tamil

  • Tamizhazhagan

    Beautiful like Tamil language

  • Tamizhcheran

    Derived from Chera Dynasty

  • Tamkinat


  • Tamoghna

    Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva

  • Tamonash

    Destroyer of ignorance

  • Tamra

    Copper Red

  • Tana


  • Tanak


  • Tanav


  • Tanay


  • Tandeep

    Inner soul, light inside

  • Tanish


  • Tanishq


  • Tanmay


  • Tanu

    Body, Slender, Minute, Delicate, Thin; Slim

  • Tanuj


  • Tanul

    To expand, Progress

  • Tanush

    Man of wealth

  • Tanveer


  • Tapan

    Summer; Sun; hot season

  • Tapas


  • Tapasendra

    Lord Shiva

  • Tapasranjan

    Lord Vishnu

  • Tapendra

    Lord of heat (sun)

  • Tapomay

    Full of moral virtue

  • Taporaj


  • Tarachand


  • Tarachandra

    Star & moon

  • Taradhish

    Lord of the stars

  • Tarak


  • Tarakesh

    Stary Hair

  • Tarakeshwar

    Lord Shiva

  • Taraknath

    Lord Shiva

  • Taraksh


  • Taral

    Tiny; liquid

  • Taran

    Raft, heaven

  • Tarang


  • Taraprashad


  • Tarendra

    Prince of stars

  • Taresh

    God of the stars (moon)

  • Tarik

    One who crosses the river of life

  • Tarit


  • Tarosh

    Heaven, small boat

  • Tarun

    Young; Tender; young

  • Taruntapan

    Morning sun

  • Tarusa


  • Tasadharen

    The soft one

  • Tathagat

    Title of the Buddha

  • Tatharaj


  • Tatya

    Lord Shiva

  • Tautik


  • Tavish


  • Teerth

    Holy place

  • Teerthankar

    A Jain saint

  • Tej

    Light; Lustrous; Radiant; swift

  • Tej Bahadur

    Radiant one who is brave also

  • Tejas

    Sharp; Lustre; Brilliance; lustre; brilliance

  • Tejeshwar

    Lord of brightness

  • Tejomay


  • Thaarakan

    One with an elephant face

  • Thakarshi

    Lord Krishna

  • Thakkan

    Son of Braman, father of Goddess Thakshayini ( Parvathi )

  • Thakshaan

    Refer to 'Thakkan' the father of goddess Amman

  • Thakur

    Leader; god

  • Thaman

    Name of a god

  • Thamaraichelvan

    A person who has the qualities of lotus flower

  • Thamilanpan

    Affinity with Tamil

  • Thamilarasan

    King of Tamils, fluent in Tamil

  • Thamilchelvan

    Youngest person among Tamils, youngest Tamil person

  • Thamilinban

    Tamil lover

  • Thamiliniyan

    Affinity with Tamil

  • Thamilkumaran

    The youthful one who has an affinity with Tamil Language

  • Thamilmaaran

    Affinity with Tamil

  • Thamizharasan

    The king of Tamils

  • Thamizhmani

    Fluent in Tamil

  • Thanan

    Richest person

  • Thananjeyan

    Richest person

  • Thanesh

    Courage, powerful

  • Thanikachelvan

    Naturally calm person

  • Thanikai

    God Murugan's one of the favorite temple Thiruthanigai

  • Thanikaimaaran

    Refer to God Murugan / Kanthan

  • Thanikan

    Calm person

  • Thanu

    Body, Slender, Minute, Delicate, Thin

  • Thanush

    Person like a bow, bendable

  • Thanushanth

    Person like a bow, bendable

  • Tharagan

    Person with an elephant face, enemy of God Murugan, Brother of Soorapathman

  • Tharahan

    Brother of Soorapathman - enemy of God Murugan

  • Tharakan

    A person who has an elephant face, brother of Soorapathman

  • Tharmaenthraran

    The one who is very concerns in morality

  • Tharmeehan

    Generous person

  • Tharmehan


  • Tharmenthira

    A person who loves to donates

  • Tharmenthiran

    A person who loves to donates

  • Tharmikan

    Generous person

  • Tharmilan

    A person who loves to donates his belongings

  • Thashanthan


  • Thashvanth

    Desire, hope for, wish for

  • Thasivan

    Devotion to Lord Shiva

  • Thavanesh

    Lord Shiva

  • Thayahan

    One has an affection with his homeland

  • Thayalan


  • Thayan

    Kind hearted, kindful

  • Thayanidhi

    Kind hearted, kind person

  • Thayaparan

    Generous person

  • Theepan

    Light, lamp

  • Theerahan

    Clarify, clearness

  • Theiventhiran

    A ruler of Indra Lokam (heaven)

  • Thennarasu

    South king

  • Thesapriyan

    A person who loves the earth, globalist

  • Theyvathasan

    Devar Votarist, Devar - highest people in heaven

  • Thikazoaviyan

    Exceptionally talented artist

  • Thileeban


  • Thillai

    Lord Shiva

  • Thiloshanth

    Highly sensitive

  • Thinakaran

    The Sun

  • Thinesh

    Courage, powerful

  • Thineshkumar

    God Murugan , Son of Lord Shiva

  • Thinushanth

    Thinusu - new, Shanth - peace

  • Thiraiyan

    One with a shield, someone who maintains a distance from others

  • Thiruazhahan

    Handsome man

  • Thirukkumaran

    God Murugan, Son of Lord Shiva

  • Thirumaaran

    Respectful one, refer to Lord Shiva

  • Thirumahan

    Lovable son

  • Thirumaran

    God Murugan ( Kanthan)

  • Thirumurugan

    God Murugan, Son of Lord Shiva

  • Thishaahan

    The one can dominate in all the cardinal points or directions

  • Thishanth

    Skyline, Horizon

  • Thishanthan


  • Thivyan

    One has intimacy with God

  • Thivyesh

    Heavenly, one has intimacy with God

  • Thivz


  • Thivzan


  • Tholkapian

    Refer to Toklappiyam - The earliest obtainable work in Tamil Language

  • Tholkapiyan

    Refer to Toklappiyam - The earliest obtainable work in Tamil Language

  • Thondamaan

    Devotedness to a deity

  • Thondan

    Devotee, fan, admirer

  • Thoorika

    Brush, star,

  • Thoorikan

    A person compared to a star, shining

  • Thoormilan

    Cleanest person

  • Thronan

    Royal preceptor from Mahabharatham, master in shooting bows and arrows

  • Thulashi

    Plant used in worship most of the Hindu Temples

  • Thurangan

    A person who loves to ride a horse, strong like a horese

  • Thurvahan

    Refer to the Two Pillars - north and south, the pole star

  • Thushanth

    Highly sensitive, a person who loves peace

  • Thushen

    Sweetheart, nice

  • Thushiyanthan

    King Dushyantha, Husband of Sakunthalai from Tamil Literature

  • Thusiyan

    Sweetheart, nice

  • Thuvaarahan

    Lord Krishna, the one belongs to sacred city Thuvaaragai

  • Thuvaparan

    Courage, powerful

  • Thuvarakan

    This name related to Lord Krishna's place Thuvarakai

  • Tijil


  • Tilak

    Ornament, ornamental mark on fore head

  • Timin

    Large fish

  • Timmy

    Disaple of Paul

  • Timothy

    Name of a Saint

  • Tirranand

    Lord Shiva

  • Tirthankar

    Lord Vishnu

  • Tirthayaad

    Lord Krishna

  • Tiru


  • Tirumala

    Seven Hills

  • Tirupathi

    Seven hills

  • Tisyaketu

    Lord Shiva

  • Titir

    A bird

  • Toshan


  • Toyesh

    Lord of water

  • Trailokva

    The three worlds

  • Triambak

    Lord Shiva

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