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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with P

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with P

  • The following names are associated with Virgo Rashi and Uttara Phalguni, Chitra, Purva Ashadha, Hasta Nakshatra
  • Paak

    Innocent, Simple, Young, Ignorant, Pure, Clean

  • Paal

    King, Guardian, Moment

  • Paalan

    Little boy

  • Paalin

    Guarding, Protecting

  • Paalit

    Precious, Protected

  • Paamaran

    Base person, backward person

  • Paanan


  • Paandiyan

    King from one of teh ancient Tamil dynasty

  • Paandu

    Father of the Pandavas

  • Paandurang

    A diety, Vishnu avatar

  • Paanik


  • Paaninee

    A Sanskrit grammarian

  • Paaraj


  • Paarak

    Saving, Liberating, Pleasant

  • Paaras

    The mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold, Healthy, Touchstone, Iron

  • Paarbrahm

    The supreme spirit

  • Paarth

    Arjun, Son of the earth king, Prince, Another name of Arjun, Derived from his mothers name Pritha (Kunti); another name of Arjuna

  • Paarthiban

    Another name of king Arjun

  • Paarthiv

    Son of the earth, Brave, Prince of earth, Earthly; earthly

  • Paaru

    The Sun, Fire, Goddess Parvati, Graceful or flow of water

  • Paarventhan

    King of the Earth

  • Paasy

    One of the kauravas

  • Paatav

    Agile, Clever

  • Paavak

    Purifying, Fire, Brilliant, Pure; pure

  • Paavaki

    One of a kind or rare, Quite new, Exquisite, Unprecedented, Like never before, Unique, Unmatched

  • Paavalan

    Singer, poet

  • Paavallan

    Singer, songster, a person who sing

  • Paavan

    Pure, Sacred, Fire, Incense, Pious; pure, sacred

  • Paaventhan

    King of singing, singer, poet

  • Paawan

    Pure, Sacred, Fire, Incense, Pious

  • Pabok


  • Pachai

    Youthful, Resourceful

  • Pachaimani

    Youthful, Resourceful

  • Pachaimuthu

    Youthful, Resourceful

  • Pachak


  • Padam


  • Padm


  • Padmabandhu

    Friend of lotus bee, The Sun; friend of lotus (bee, sun)

  • Padmadhar

    One who holds a lotus

  • Padmahasta

    Lotus handed, Lord Krishna; Lotus Handed. Lord Krishan

  • Padmaj

    Lord Brahma, Bourn from lotus flower; Lord Brahama

  • Padmakant

    Husband of lotus, Sun; husband of lotus (sun)

  • Padmakar

    Jewel, Lord Vishnu

  • Padmaksh

    Lotus eyed

  • Padmalochan

    Lotus eyed

  • Padmam


  • Padman


  • Padmanaabhah

    He from whose navel comes the lotus

  • Padmanaban

    Padmanabhan comes from the Hindu word which means, Lotus navelled, A name of Lord Vishnu

  • Padmanabh

    One with lotus in his navel, Lord Vishnu

  • Padmanabha

    One with lotus in his navel, Lord Vishnu; Lord Vishnu

  • Padmanabhan

    One with lotus in his navel, Lord Vishnu

  • Padmapani

    Lord Brahma, Lotus-handed; Lord Bramha

  • Padmapati

    Lord Vishnu, Consort of Padma (Padma - Lakshmi); Lord Vishnu

  • Padmaraj

    Padma is Lord venkateshwaras wife padmas Raja is therefore Lord venkateswara hence Padma Raj is another name of him. alternate names include Srinivas, Balaji, Venkatesh and Govinda

  • Padmaroop

    Lotus hued

  • Padmesh

    Lord Vishnu, Consort of Padma; Lord Vishnu

  • Padminish

    Lord of lotus, The Sun; Lord of lotuses; Sun

  • Pagalavan

    The Sun

  • Pahalavan


  • Pakalon

    The Sun

  • Pakeran

    The Moon and the star

  • Paksha

    Symbolizing the phases of Moon; Symbolising the Phases of moon

  • Pakshaj

    The Moon, Produced in a fortnight.half a month

  • Pakshil

    Full of feathers, Full of logic, Name of sage, Vatsyayan, Bird, Practical

  • Pakshin

    Winged, Bird

  • Palak

    Eyelash; eyelid

  • Palakrishnan

    Lord Krishna in his childhood

  • Palaksh


  • Palanhaar

    One who protects everyone

  • Palani

    Abode of Lord Murugan

  • Palani Kumar

    Another name of Lord Murugan

  • Palani Murugan

    Another name of Lord Murugan

  • Palaniappan

    Another name of Lord Murugan

  • Palanichamy

    Name of a God

  • Palanisami

    Another name of Lord Murugan

  • Palanivel

    Another name of Lord Murugan

  • Palash

    A flowery tree, Greenery, Horse; Tree

  • Palashkusum

    The flower of Palash

  • Palashranjan

    Beautiful like a Palash

  • Palin

    Guarding, Protecting; Protecting

  • Palkesh


  • Pallab

    New leaves

  • Pallav

    Young shoots and leaves

  • Pallavan

    The king Pallavan who ruled Pallava dynasty

  • Pallavit

    To sprout, To grow

  • Palvish


  • Palvit

    Name of Lord Vishnu

  • Pambavasan

    One who lives in Pamba

  • Pamposh

    Lotus Flower

  • Pan-it

    Admired, Surrounded, Protected

  • Panav


  • Panay

    Sprout, Blossom, Prince, Youthful

  • Panchaanan

    Five eyed, name of Shiva

  • Panchajana

    Five eyed, Lord Shiva, Couch of Lord Krishna

  • Panchajanya

    Five eyed, Lord Shiva, Couch of Lord Krishna

  • Panchal

    Lord Shiva, A Prince of Panchal, A warrior tribe and their country in the north of India, Name of a Nagraj, Consisting of five, A style of singing, A name for Shiva; Lord Shiva

  • Pancham

    The 5th not of classical music, Musical note, Intelligent, Attractive

  • Panchanan

    Five eyed, Name of Lord Shiva

  • Panchavaktra

    Five faced, Lord Hanuman

  • Panchavati

    It means a place having five auspecious trees- Bel, Vat, Dhatri, Ashoka, Ashwatha

  • Pandalavasan

    One who lives in pandala place

  • Pandhari

    Lord vithobha

  • Pandi

    Lord Pandi

  • Pandian

    South Indian kings

  • Pandit


  • Pandita


  • Pandithurai

    Refer to expert in everything

  • Pandiyan

    King of Pandiya Kingdom

  • Pandu

    Younger brother of Dhritarastra; husband of Kunti; Father of the Pandava's born to Vichitravirya's widow queen Ambalika (by Vyasa).

  • Pandurang

    A deity, One with pale white complexion, Lord Vishnu

  • Panduranga

    A deity, One with pale white complexion, Lord Vishnu; with pale white complexion

  • Pandurangan

    A deity, One with pale white complexion, Lord Vishnu

  • Pandya

    South Indian dynasty

  • Panine

    A Sanskrit grammarian, The great scholar grammarian

  • Panini

    A Sanskrit grammarian, The great scholar grammarian; Skilful

  • Panju


  • Pankaj

    Lotus flower, Another name for Brahma; mud born, lotus

  • Pankajalochana

    Lotus eyed, Lord Krishna; Lotus Eyed. Lord Krishna

  • Pankajan

    Lotus, Lord Vishnu; Lotus; Lord Vishnu

  • Pankajeet

    Eagle Garuda; eagle (Garuda)

  • Pankil

    Mud with water

  • Pankit


  • Pankoj

    Sea, Ocean, Water

  • Panmoli

    Speaks sweetly

  • Pann Gesh

    King of serpents

  • Pannalal


  • Panngesh

    King of serpents

  • Panshul

    Fragrant, Another name of Lord Shiva, Anointed in sandalwood; Lord Shiva

  • Panth


  • Paraag

    Pollen, sandal wood

  • Paraashar

    A celebrated saint

  • Parabrahma

    The ultimate conscious being

  • Parabrahmana

    The supreme absolute truth

  • Parabrahmane

    Supreme godhead

  • Parag

    Pollen grains, Fame, Fragrant

  • Paraga

    Uplifter of the poor

  • Parakasha


  • Parakram

    Strength; strong warrior

  • Param

    The best, Pre-eminent; perfect, ultimate

  • Param Hans

    The supreme spirit, Supreme soul

  • Paramahans


  • Paraman

    Lord Shiva

  • Paramanand

    Supreme bliss

  • Paramananda

    Superlative Joy; supreme bliss

  • Paramantra

    Nirakartre acceptor of ramas Mantra only

  • Paramapurusha

    The supreme Man

  • Paramarth

    Highest, Divine truth

  • Paramartha

    Highest truth, Salvation; Highest truth

  • Paramasivam

    Lord Shiva, Param - supreme, Highest, Most excellent, Chief, Extreme, Distinguished, Name of Vishnu + Shiva - auspicious, Propitious, Prosperous, Fortunate, Thriving, Right

  • Paramasivan

    Devotion to Lord Shiva

  • Paramatma

    Lord of all beings

  • Paramatmane

    The supreme soul

  • Paramesh

    Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu; the supreme lord, Vishnu / Shiva

  • Parameshwar

    Almighty Lord; the supreme God

  • Parameshwara

    Almighty Lord

  • Paramhans

    Sadguru; the supreme spirit

  • Paramhansa

    The supreme spirit, Supreme soul

  • Paramjeet

    Highest success, Supremely victorious, The perfect winner, Ultimate victorious; Highest success

  • Paramjit

    The perfect winner; Ultimate victorious; Heroic Paranjay Varun

  • Parampurush

    Supreme personality

  • Paramvardaan

    Parmeshwar ka Vardaan

  • Paran

    Beauty, Glory, Ornament

  • Parandhama

    Lord Vishnu, She who is the ultimate resting place (Parandhama - Param - primary + dhama - abode

  • Parani

    A poem about a war hero who successfully destroyed thousands of elephant in the war field

  • Paranitharan

    Someone who rules the world

  • Paranjay

    Varun, Lord of the sea; Lord of the sea

  • Parantap

    Conqueror, Name of Arjun

  • Parantapa

    Conqueror, Arjun; conqueror; Arjuna

  • Paranthaaman

    Lord Krishna

  • Paranthaman

    Lord Krishna

  • Paranthap

    Conqueror, Name of Arjun

  • Paras

    The mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold, Healthy, Touchstone, Iron; stone that turns Iron to Gold

  • Parasara

    A powerful rishi, grandson of Vasishta, Father of Vyasa. Satyavati ferried the sage across a river and he was attracted by her beauty.

  • Parash

    The mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold, Healthy, Touchstone, Iron

  • Parashar

    An ancient name; A renowned saint

  • Parashaurya

    Vinashana destroyer of enemys valour

  • Parashuraam

    Brave, an ancient sage

  • Parashuram

    Sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu

  • Parashurama

    A rishi said to be an empowered incarnation of Vishnu. He is famous for having annihilated all the kshatriyas of the world after his father

  • Parashuraman

    Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

  • Parasmai Jyotish

    One with a supreme light

  • Parasmaidhamne

    Lord of vaikuntta

  • Parasmaijyotishe

    Most radiant

  • Parasmani


  • Parasme

    Most superior, Lord Rama

  • Parasuram

    Sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu

  • Paratpara

    Greatest of the greats

  • Parav

    Name of a sage

  • Paravasu

    Name of a sage

  • Paravidhyaparihara

    Destroyer of enemies wisdom

  • Parayantra

    Prabhedaka destroyer of enemies missions

  • Parbrahm

    The supreme spirit

  • Pardeep


  • Pardhu

    Arjun, Son of the earth king, Prince, Another name of Arjun, Derived from his mothers name Pritha (Kunti)

  • Parees

    To seek, Search for, Searcher; touch stone

  • Paresh

    The highest Lord, Another name of Brahma, Lord Rama, Supreme spirit, Lord of the lords; supreme spirit

  • Paresha

    The highest Lord, Another name of Brahma, Lord Rama, Supreme spirit, Lord of the lords; Lord of the Lords, Lord Rama

  • Pariamuthan

    The one who likes to feed horse

  • Parichay


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