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List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Poo

Baby Names Starting With Poo

  • The following names are associated with Virgo Rashi and Hasta Nakshatra
  • Poobalan Boy

    Morning melody

  • Poobalini Girl

    Morning melody

  • Pooja Girl

    Idol worship; Prayer, worship

  • Pooja; Puja Girl

    Prayer; Worship

  • Poojan Boy

    The ceremony of worshiping

  • Poojashree Girl

    Worshiper of god

  • Poojasree Girl

    Worshiper of god

  • Poojasri Girl

    Goddess Lakshmi, Worship

  • Poojit Boy

    Worshipped, Respected

  • Poojita Girl

    Prayer, Worshipped, Respected, A Goddess

  • Poojith Boy


  • Poojitha Girl

    To be worshipped

  • Poologan Boy


  • Poomaalai Girl

    Garland, decorating fresh flowers in a string

  • Poomagal Girl

    Daughter is like flower, fill the world with beauty, keep others happy

  • Poomahal Girl

    Flower like daughter

  • Poomakan Boy

    Flower like son

  • Poombavai Girl

    Flower like girl

  • Poombhavai Girl

    Young looking girl like a flower, youthful

  • Poomika Girl

    A person who loves the world

  • Poomozhi Girl

    Speak like falling flowers, calmly speak

  • Poompavai Girl

    Flower like girl

  • Poonam Girl

    Full Moon

  • Poongkulali Girl

    Flower like singing bird

  • Poongkundran Boy

    Flower bed mountain, pleasant man

  • Poongkunrran Boy

    Flower bed mountain, pleasant man

  • Poongkuzhali Girl

    The one has a long braid with full of flowers, flower like hair woman

  • Poongodi Girl

    The one with a narrow waist, gentle, soft, calm

  • Poongoothai Girl

    Gentle woman, flower like woman

  • Poongothai Girl

    Young looking girl like a flower, youthful

  • Poongulali Girl

    Gentle woman, a flower like woman

  • Poonguntran Boy

    Flower mountain

  • Poonguzhali Girl

    Person with a beautiful hair

  • Poonish Boy

    Lord of the pious, Man, The pupil of the eye, Brahman or the supreme spirit; Lord of the pious

  • Poonkathir Girl

    Flower like rays

  • Poonkoothai Girl

    Young looking girl like a flower, youthful

  • Poonkothai Girl

    Flower like woman

  • Poonkulali Girl

    Poo-flower, kulali-women's hair

  • Poonkullali Girl

    Flower like hair , gentle, beautiful, attractive

  • Poonkuzhali Girl

    Flower like hair

  • Poonthalir Girl

    Flower buds

  • Poonthamil Boy

    Tamil is a flower like language, pleasant, soft and comfortable

  • Poonthugil Girl

    Cloth made out of fresh flowers, sleeping on a flower bed

  • Poonthuraiyan Boy

    A flower like person

  • Poopalan Boy

    One of the melody sings to appreciate earlydawn

  • Poorab Boy


  • Poorajan Boy

    King of flowers, flower like king, soft-hearted

  • Pooran Boy

    Complete, Successors, Momento, Abundant; complete

  • Poorana Girl

    Full moon

  • Poorani Girl

    Tamil cine star

  • Poorbi Girl

    A classical melody, From the east; eastern

  • Poormathya Girl

    Equator, earthy

  • Poormisha Girl

    Earthy character

  • Poormishan Boy

    Earthy character

  • Poormitha Girl

    Hereditary woman

  • Poormithan Boy

    Hereditary man

  • Poorna Girl


  • Poornachandra Boy

    Full Moon

  • Poornachandrika Girl

    Full moon

  • Poornakamala Girl

    A blooming lotus

  • Poornalalitha Girl

    Name of a Raga

  • Poornam Girl

    Full moon

  • Poornamada Boy

    Complete, Whole

  • Poornamasi Girl

    Goddess Yogamaya

  • Poornamrith Boy

    Full of nectar

  • Poornan Boy


  • Poornanand Boy

    Complete Joy

  • Poornathva Girl


  • Poornaya Girl

    Like full moon

  • Poornendu Boy

    Full Moon

  • Poorni Girl

    Like a full moon

  • Poornika Girl

    Like a full moon

  • Poornima Girl

    Full Moon

  • Poornima; Purnima Girl

    Full Moon; The night of the full moon

  • Poornisha Girl

    Moon like girl

  • Poornitha Girl

    Tamil cine star

  • Poorthika Girl


  • Poorti Girl

    Supply, Satisfaction

  • Poorv Boy

    The east, Chanting voice from east at Sunrise; the east

  • Poorva Girl

    Earlier, One, Elder, East; earlier one, elder, east

  • Poorvabhadra Girl

    Name of a star

  • Poorvachandini Girl

    Hereditary woman

  • Poorvaganga Girl

    River Narmada

  • Poorvaj Boy

    Elder, Ancestors

  • Poorvaja Girl

    Elder sister, Complete; elder sister

  • Poorvans Boy

    The Moon

  • Poorvesh Boy


  • Poorvi Girl

    A classical melody, From the east; A classical melody

  • Poorvika Girl

    Orient, Formerly

  • Pooshani Girl


  • Pooshitha Girl

    Nourished, Defended, Loved

  • Poothini Girl


  • Pootrichselvan Boy


  • Poovaanan Boy

    Sky full of flowers

  • Poovaatha Girl

    Flower like girl

  • Poovai Girl

    Flower like girl

  • Poovan Boy

    Gentle man, flower like man

  • Poovarasan Boy

    Refer to the tree ' Poovarasam'

  • Poovarashan Boy

    Refer to the tree 'Poovarasam'

  • Poovazhagi Girl

    Pretty like flower

  • Pooveli Girl

    Flower like eyes

  • Poovendan Boy


  • Poovendran Boy

    King of flowers

  • Poovenen Boy

    Flower like man, gentle man

  • Pooventhan Boy

    King of flowers

  • Poovi Girl


  • Poovili Girl

    Flower like eyes

  • Poovitha Girl

    Flower like girl

  • Poovithazh Girl

    Flower petal

  • Poovizhi Girl

    Flower like eyes

  • Poobajini Girl

  • Poobana Girl

  • Poobathee Boy

  • Poobika Girl

  • Poobikan Boy

  • Pooja arthi Girl

  • Poojah Girl

  • Poojani Girl

  • Poojeetha Girl

  • Poomalai Girl

  • Poomalar Girl

  • Poomani Girl

  • Poomathi Girl

  • Poomathy Girl

  • Poomesh Boy

  • Poomethan Boy

  • Poomiha Girl

  • Poomija Girl

  • Poomisha Girl

  • Poomitha Girl

  • Poongathir Boy

  • Poongkodi Girl

  • Poongkulaly Girl

  • Poongundran Boy

  • Poonkodi Girl

  • Poonkularuby Girl

  • Poonkulavathany Girl

  • Poonthendral Girl

  • Poopesh Boy

  • Pooranachandran Boy

  • Pooranee Girl

  • Pooranesh Boy

  • Pooranika Girl

  • Pooranitha Girl

  • Poorhani Girl

  • Poorika Girl

  • Poork Boy

  • Poornachandran Boy

  • Poornakala Girl

  • Poornamathi Girl

  • Poornapratha Girl

  • Poornash Boy

  • Poornasri Girl

  • Poornavi Girl

  • Poornesh Boy

  • Poorniha Girl

  • Poornikaa Girl

  • Poornikha Girl

  • Poorthisha Girl

  • Poorvash Boy

  • Poorvashree Girl

  • Poorviga Girl

  • Poorvijha Girl

  • Poorvik Boy

  • Poorvikha Girl

  • Poorvith Boy

  • Poosani Girl

  • Poova Girl

  • Poovana Girl

  • Poovanan Boy

  • Poovanasri Girl

  • Poovannan Boy

  • Poovanraj Boy

  • Poovaragavee Girl

  • Poovarasi Girl

  • Poovarasu Boy

  • Poovarsi Girl

  • Poovathal Girl

  • Poovazhagan Boy

  • Pooveena Girl

  • Poovendiran Boy

  • Poovendra Boy

  • Poovendree Girl

  • Poovendri Girl

  • Pooventhra Boy

  • Pooventhran Boy

  • Pooventhree Girl

  • Pooventhri Girl

  • Poovesha Girl

  • Poovica Girl

  • Poovicaa Girl

  • Poovidha Girl

  • Poovika Girl

  • Poovikan Boy

  • Poovila Girl

  • Poovina Girl

  • Poovithal Girl

  • Poovithan Boy

  • Poovithana Girl

  • Poovizi Girl

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