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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with A

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with A

  • The following names are associated with Aries Rashi and Krittika Nakshatra
  • Aaban

    Name of the Angel

  • Aabharan


  • Aabhas

    Feeling, Virtual

  • Aabhat

    Shining, Visible, Brilliant

  • Aabheer

    A cowherd, Name of dynasty; Cow herd

  • Aabheer; Abheer

    A cow herd

  • Aabher

    A cow herd

  • Aabi


  • Aabilesh

    Affection, desire, aspiration

  • Aabir


  • Aabishan

    Joyful, charming

  • Aabishayan


  • Aacharya

    A prominent religious teacher and spiritual guide, Teacher

  • Aachman

    Intake of a sip of water before a Yagya, Puja

  • Aachuthan

    Lord Krishna

  • Aadalalagan

    Lord Shiva, perfect dancer, talented

  • Aadalarasan

    Dancer, talented, active

  • Aadalazhagan

    Lord Shiva

  • Aadamya

    Apne Dam par

  • Aadanyan

    Derived from the name of King Cheran

  • Aadarko

    Lord Shiva

  • Aadarsh

    Ideal, The Sun, Principle, Belief, Excellence; Ideal

  • Aadarshan

    The one who gets to see the appearance of God

  • Aadarshanan

    The one who gets to see the appearance of God, theophany

  • Aadav

    The Sun, bright, powerful, intelligent

  • Aadavan

    The Sun

  • Aadesh

    Command, Message, counsel; command

  • Aadesh; Adesh

    Message; Order; Command

  • Aadhan

    Curious one

  • Aadhar


  • Aadhav


  • Aadhavan

    The Sun

  • Aadhi


  • Aadhiban

    The first existence

  • Aadhidev

    The SupremeBeing

  • Aadhikeshavan

    Lord Shiva

  • Aadhil

    The beginner

  • Aadhinath

    The first existence

  • Aadhiraiyan

    The first existence

  • Aadhiraj

    The ancient king

  • Aadhiran

    The first existence

  • Aadhirayan

    Lord Shiva

  • Aadhiren


  • Aadhisan

    The first existence

  • Aadhiseshwar

    Lord Shiva

  • Aadhish

    Full of wisdom, Intelligent, Commanded, Counselled

  • Aadhishankar

    Sri Shankaracharya; Founder of Adwaitha Philosophy

  • Aadhishwaran

    Lord Shiva

  • Aadhithan

    The Sun, Lord Shiva

  • Aadhithiya

    The Sun

  • Aadhithya


  • Aadhithya varman

    One of the ancient King

  • Aadhithyaa

    The Sun

  • Aadhityan

    The Sun

  • Aadhiyannal

    Lord Shiva

  • Aadhunik

    Modern; New

  • Aadhyatm


  • Aadi

    Adornment, Beginning, Perfect, Most important, Ornament, Unequalled, First; first; most important

  • Aadidev

    The Lord of the lords, The first God; the first God

  • Aadijay

    The first victory

  • Aadil; Adil

    Justice; Sincere

  • Aadim

    Entire universe, First, Foundation, Original

  • Aadimoolan

    Supreme Being

  • Aadinath

    The first Lord, Lord Vishnu; the first God

  • Aadipta


  • Aadish

    Full of wisdom, Intelligent, Commanded, Counselled

  • Aadishankar

    Sri shankaracharya, Founder of Adwaitha philosophy

  • Aadit

    Peak, Lord of the Sun, First; Peak

  • Aaditey

    Son of Aditi, The Sun

  • Aaditeya

    The Sun (Son of Aditi); son of Aditi

  • Aadith

    Peak, Lord of the Sun, First

  • Aadithya

    Aditis son, The Sun, Sun God

  • Aadithyakethu

    One of the kauravas

  • Aaditva

    Variant of aditya: the Sun

  • Aaditya

    Aditis son, The Sun, Sun God; The Sun

  • Aadiv


  • Aadvay

    Unique, One, United, With no duplicate

  • Aadvik


  • Aadyant

    Infinite from Adi to ant, From begining to end

  • Aadyot

    Praise, Brilliant

  • Aafiya

    Good Health

  • Aafreen


  • Aaftab; Aftab

    The sun

  • Aagash

    The sky, derived from Aagayam

  • Aageethan

    A music lover, refer to Hindu Holy book

  • Aaghosh

    Quiet, Soundless

  • Aagney

    Karna, The great warrior, One who is born from fire (Son of the fire); Son of Fire

  • Aagneya

    Karna, The great warrior, One who is born from fire (Son of the fire); Son of the fire

  • Aahaan

    Dawn, Sunrise, Morning glory, First Ray of light, One who is of the nature of time itself

  • Aahan

    Dawn, Sunrise, Morning glory, First Ray of light, One who is of the nature of time itself

  • Aahan; Ahan

    One who is of the nature of time itself

  • Aahanyan

    Dawn, sunrise

  • Aaharan

    Refer to Tamil first letter in an alphabet 'ah'

  • Aaharen

    Refer to Tamil first letter in an alphabet 'ah'

  • Aahil


  • Aahlaad

    Delight, Joy, Happy, Happiness; delight

  • Aahlaadith

    Joyous person

  • Aahlad

    Delight, Joy, Happy, Happiness

  • Aahnik


  • Aahva


  • Aahvan

    An invitation call

  • Aahwaanith

    One who has been invited; Wanted

  • Aairathan

    Refer to the elephant which carries god Indra, elephant of the clouds, the fighting elephant

  • Aaish

    Delight, Joy, Pleasure, God blessings

  • Aajeevan

    Soul of the cow

  • Aakaar

    Shape, Form

  • Aakaash


  • Aakampan

    Unshaken, Calm, Determined

  • Aakanksh

    Hope, Desire

  • Aakar

    Shape, Form; shape

  • Aakarsh


  • Aakarshak


  • Aakarshan

    Attraction, Charm; attraction

  • Aakash

    The Sky, Open mindedness

  • Aakashi

    The Sky, Universal, Atmosphere

  • Aakesh

    Lord of the Sky

  • Aakhyaan

    Legend story of famous person

  • Aakshat


  • Aalakshya


  • Aalam; Alam

    The whole world

  • Aalamarchelvan

    Devotedness to deity

  • Aalamb

    Sanctuary, Support

  • Aalan

    Lord Shiva the ruler

  • Aalap

    Musical prelude, Conversation; prelude to a raga

  • Aalay

    Home, Refuge

  • Aalee

    Sublime; High

  • Aalekh

    Picture, Painting

  • Aalhad

    Joy, Happiness

  • Aalim

    Religious Scholar

  • Aaliyan


  • Aalliyan

    Ocean, the one like ocean, strong, long living, Lord Shiva

  • Aalok

    Light, Brilliance, Vision; Light

  • Aalop

    That which does not disappear

  • Aamil

    Doer; Work man

  • Aamir

    Populous; Full; Prosperous

  • Aamirah


  • Aamish

    Honest, Trustworthy, Pleasing

  • Aamod

    Pleasure, Serenity, Fragrance; pleasure

  • Aamodh

    Pleasure, Serenity, Fragrance

  • Aamodin

    Happy, Sweet fragrant, Celebrated

  • Aamogh

    Unerring, Lord Ganesha

  • Aan

    The Sun

  • Aanand

    Joy, Happiness, Delight; joy

  • Aanandaswarup; Anand Swarup

    Full of Joy

  • Aanandit

    One who spreads Joy, Joyous, Full of bliss, Happy, Pleased

  • Aanandswarup

    Full of Joy

  • Aananth

    Infinite, Eternal, Godly, The earth, Vishnu, Shiva, Another name for Brahma, Endless

  • Aanantya

    Endless, Eternal, Godly

  • Aanathan

    Happiest one

  • Aanav

    Ocean, King, Rich, Generous, Kind, Humane

  • Aanay

    Consort of Goddess Radha, Another name of Lord Ganesh, Without a superior, Another name for Lord Vishnu

  • Aandaleeb

    Nightingale, The Bulbul bird; the bulbul bird

  • Aandi

    Lord Murugan

  • Aangat


  • Aanick

    Anything extremely small

  • Aanjaneya

    Lord Hanuman, Son of Anjana (Son of Anjani); Son of Anjani (Hanuman)

  • Aanjaneya; Anjaneya

    Son of Anjani; Name of Hanuman

  • Aanjay

    Unconquerable, Unbeatable

  • Aansh

    Portion, Day

  • Aantya

    Successful, Accomplished

  • Aanush

    Beautiful morning, Star, Following desire

  • Aapt

    Reliable, Trustworthy, Successful, Logical; trustworthy

  • Aapu

    Breath, Faultless, Virtuous, Divine

  • Aaqib


  • Aaqil


  • Aar

    Light bringer

  • Aaraadhak; Araadhak; Aradhak


  • Aaradhak


  • Aaradhy


  • Aaran


  • Aaranan

    Jungle, the one who likes jungle life

  • Aaranay

    Beginning, Starter

  • Aaranen


  • Aaranyan

    Jungle, Forest

  • Aarav

    Peaceful, Sound, Shout (Celebrity Parents Name: Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna)

  • Aaravamuthan


  • Aarif

    Acquainted; Knowledgable

  • Aariket

    Lord Ganesh, Against desire

  • Aariketh

    Lord Ganesh, Against desire

  • Aarish

    First Ray of Sun, Sky

  • Aarit

    One who seeks the right direction, Honoured, Admired, Beloved, Friend

  • Aariv

    King of wisdom

  • Aariz

    Respectable man; Intelligent

  • Aarjav

    Honest, Sincere, One whose steadfast in happiness and sorrow

  • Aarksh

    Of the stars, Celestial

  • Aarnab


  • Aarnav

    Ocean, Air, Sun, Wave, Stream, Sea; Ocean

  • Aarnavi

    Heart as big as ocean, Bird

  • Aarochan

    Shining, Bright, Name of the Sun, Brilliant

  • Aaron

    Light bringer, Exalted high, Enlightened, Lofty, Powerful mountain

  • Aarooran

    Lord Shiva

  • Aaroush

    Brave one

  • Aarpit

    To donate, To give or offer something, Offered, Dedicated

  • Aarpit; Arpit

    To donate

  • Aarsh

    Bright, Hero, Truthfulness, Dominion, Crown, Pure, Worshipped, Divine

  • Aarshabh

    Its An another name of Shri Krishna

  • Aarshin

    Almightys place, Pious

  • Aarth

    Meaningful, Meaning; Wealth

  • Aartheepan


  • Aarthikan


  • Aartraloon

    Cleaver one, smart one

  • Aarujan

    Clear, pure

  • Aarul

    Grace of God, Blessing of God

  • Aaruran

    Lord Shiva

  • Aarush

    First Ray of the Sun, Calm, Red, Brilliant, Another name for the Sun; first rays of Sun

  • Aarushan

    The rays of the sun

  • Aaruthan

    Lord Shiva

  • Aaruthra

    Lord Shiva

  • Aaruthran

    Lord Shiva

  • Aarvalan

    Curious person, inquirer, questioner

  • Aarya

    Honored, Noble, Goddess Parvati

  • Aaryaa

    Goddess Parvati, Goddess Durga, A noble lady, Honoured, Friend, Faithful, Wise, Benevolent, Auspicious

  • Aaryak

    Kind, Honourable, Noble, Wise

  • Aaryaman

    Noble-minded, Aristocratic, Noble, Belonging to the Sun, The Sun, Friend

  • Aaryamik


  • Aaryan

    Of the Aryan race, Ancient, Warrior, Speedy, Another name for Indra, Kind, Benevolent

  • Aaryan; Aryan

    Illustrious; Noble; Spiritual

  • Aaryav

    Noble person

  • Aaryaveer

    Brave Man

  • Aaryavir

    Brave Man

  • Aaryesh

    The king of Arya

  • Aaryik

    Respected, Masterful

  • Aasav

    Liquor, Essence, Distilled, Wine

  • Aashang

    Loyal, Affectionate

  • Aashank

    Faith, Fearless, Without hesitation or doubt

  • Aashay

    Hawk like

  • Aashif

    Bold; Courageous

  • Aashir


  • Aashirvad


  • Aashish

    Blessings; blessing

  • Aashish; Ashish; Asheesh


  • Aashlesh


  • Aashman

    Son of the sun

  • Aashray

    Shelter; dependable, helpful

  • Aashresh


  • Aashrith

    Somebody who gives shelter, One who gives refuge to others, God of wealth, One who protects others, Rite of dependency, Trust on God, One who is dependent on God), Subramaniam Swami

  • Aashrut


  • Aashu

    Active, Quick, Fast

  • Aashuinat


  • Aashutosh

    One who fulfills wishes instantly, Content, Happy, Another name for Lord Shiva; who is easily pleased

  • Aasif

    An able minister

  • Aasim


  • Aasit

    Black stone, Not white, Limitless, Dark, Calm, Self-possessed

  • Aaslunan


  • Aastha

    Faith, Hope, Regard, Support; faith

  • Aastik

    Who has faith in God, Believing in existence and God; who has faith in god

  • Aasvi

    Blessed and victorious, Little mare

  • Aatallan

    Cleaver one, smart one

  • Aathan

    Curious one

  • Aathangan

    Inquisitive person, curious one

  • Aatharan


  • Aatharshan

    The one who worships cow, which is a primary vehicle for Lord Shivan

  • Aathavan

    The Sun

  • Aathees

    Derived from Lord Shiva - Aatheeshan

  • Aatheesan

    Lord Shiva

  • Aatheesh

    Lord Shiva

  • Aathesh

    Lord Ganesh and King

  • Aatheshan

    Lord Shiva

  • Aathijeyan

    Lord Shiva, victorious

  • Aathikan

    Heavenly man

  • Aathikesan

    Lord Shiva, diving guidance

  • Aathikeyan

    Lord Shiva

  • Aathipan

    As kind as a cow, cow lover

  • Aathiraiyan

    The sixth lunar mansion, refer to 'Thiruvathirai' Naksathira

  • Aathiran

    Refer to the naksathram 'Thiruvathirai'

  • Aathirayan

    The sixth lunar mansion, refer to 'Thiruvathirai' Naksathira

  • Aathiruban

    Lord Shiva, a divine being

  • Aathisekan

    A thousand headed snake who gives shade to Lord Vishnu

  • Aathishaeshan

    A thousand headed snake who gives shade to Lord Vishnu

  • Aathishankar

    Lord Shiva

  • Aathisyan

    Lord Shiva, a divine supreme

  • Aathith

    Refer to the Sun

  • Aathithan


  • Aathiththyan

    Lord Shiva

  • Aathithyan

    Lord Shiva

  • Aathithyen

    Lord Shiva

  • Aathiyannal

    Lord Shiva

  • Aathrav

    Auspicious, Lucky

  • Aatif

    Kind Affectionate

  • Aatish

    Name of Lord Ganesh, Fire, Sacred, Purifying, Brilliance; explosive, dynamic person

  • Aatma; Atma

    Soul; Light of the lord

  • Aatma; Atmaram

    Soul; Spirit

  • Aatmaj

    Son, Born of the soul; Son, beloved to soul

  • Aatman

    Soul, Another name for Krishna

  • Aatmanand


  • Aatmaram

    One who is Happy in his own self

  • Aatmay


  • Aatmik


  • Aatrey

    An ancient name, Glorious, Able to cross the three worlds

  • Aatreya

    Name of a sage, Clever, Receptacle of glory; name of a sage

  • Aavansh

    Forthcoming generation

  • Aavanyan

    The one who born in august

  • Aavarthan

    In-line, diciplined

  • Aaveg


  • Aavesh

    Lord of the universe, Lord Shiva

  • Aavi


  • Aavish

    Ocean, Holy incarnation

  • Aayam


  • Aayan

    Someone who is religiously inclined, Gift of God

  • Aayansh

    The first Ray of light, Part of parents, Gift of God

  • Aayod

    Giver of life

  • Aayu

    Span of life; lifespan

  • Aayu; Aayush

    Span of life; Long life

  • Aayudh


  • Aayus

    Age, Man, Long lived, One with long life, Duration of life

  • Aayush

    Age, Man, Long lived, One with long life, Duration of life

  • Aayushmaan

    With long life

  • Aayushmaan; Aayushman

    With long life

  • Aayushman

    Blessed with long life

  • Aazim


  • Abaan

    Old Arabic Name

  • Abadhya

    Full of power, Invincible

  • Abay

    Father of a multitude

  • Abayan

    Person who gives shelter to others

  • Abbas

    Description of a Lion

  • Abbhinav

    New, Novel, Innovative

  • Abbir


  • Abbott


  • Abbud


  • Abbudin


  • Abdul

    Knowledge; Servant (of Allah)

  • Abdul Ali; Ali Mohammed

    Servant of God

  • Abdul Aziz

    Servant of the powerful; Servant of the beloved one

  • Abdul Gani; Abdul Ghani

    Servant of the Self-Sufficient; Servant of the generous one

  • Abdul Rahaman; Abdul Rahman

    Servant of the Beneficent

  • Abdul Raheem

    Servant of the merciful; Servant of the Compassionate one

  • Abdul Wahid

    Servant of the unique one

  • Abdullah

    Servant of God

  • Abdus

    Name of the narrator of one of the hadith

  • Abdus Salaam

    Slave of the Giver of Peace

  • Abdus Samad

    Slave of the Eternal; The Independent

  • Abdus Sami

    Slave of the All Hearing

  • Abdus Sattar

    Slave of the one who conceals faults

  • Abdus Shafi

    Slave of the Healer

  • Abdus Shahid

    Slave of the Witness

  • Abdus Subbooh

    Slave of the Extremely pure

  • Abdus-Sabour

    Servant of the Patient

  • Abdus-Salaam

    Servant of the Source of Peace

  • Abdus-Samad

    Servant of the Eternal

  • Abdus-Sameei

    Servant of the All-Hearing

  • Abdus-Shaheed

    Servant of the Witness

  • Abdus-Shakur

    Servant of the Appreciative

  • Abed


  • Abedin


  • Abeer


  • Abel

    Healthy, Vanity, Breath, Breathing

  • Abenayan

    Expressing the meaning by using body parts

  • Abezag

    Pure; Holy

  • Abhaidev

    Free of fear

  • Abhaijeet

    Victory over fear

  • Abharajithan

    One who born during the waning moon, the moon followed by full moon

  • Abhas

    Feeling, Virtual

  • Abhav

    Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva, Having the ability to be different

  • Abhay


  • Abhaya Prada

    Bestowed of safety, Another name of Lord Vishnu

  • Abhayam


  • Abhayan

    One of the kauravas

  • Abhayananda

    Delighting in fearless

  • Abhayankar

    Powerful and complete

  • Abheek

    Fearless, Beloved; fearless

  • Abheesht

    Lord Vishnu, provider

  • Abheet

    Jo kisi se na dare

  • Abhey


  • Abhibhava

    Overpowering, Powerful, Victorious

  • Abhicandra

    With a Moon like face, One of the seven Manus of the svetambara Jain sect

  • Abhichandra


  • Abhideep


  • Abhidharm

    Highest Dharma

  • Abhidi


  • Abhigyaan

    Source of knowledge

  • Abhihas

    Inclined to smile

  • Abhihita

    Expression, Word, Name

  • Abhijaat

    Well born with a pedigree

  • Abhijan

    Pride of a family, Noble

  • Abhijat

    Noble, Wise, Faultless, Transparent

  • Abhijath

    Noble, Wise, Faultless, Transparent

  • Abhijay

    Victorious, Conquest, Complete victory; victorious

  • Abhijaya

    Victorious, Conquest, Complete victory

  • Abhijeet

    Lord Krishna, One who is victorious (Abhijeet)

  • Abhijit

    Lord Krishna, One who is victorious (Abhijeet); victorious

  • Abhijith

    Lord Krishna, One who is victorious (Abhijeet)

  • Abhijun

    Expert, Skilled

  • Abhijvala

    Blazing forth

  • Abhik

    Fearless, Beloved; Beloved

  • Abhikam

    Affectionate, Loving

  • Abhilash

    Desire, Affection; desire

  • Abhilesh

    Immortal, Unique

  • Abhim

    Another name for Lord Vishnu, Destroyer of fear

  • Abhimaan

    Proud, Self-importance

  • Abhiman

    Proud, Self-importance

  • Abhimand


  • Abhimani

    Full of pride, Another name of Agni as the eldest son of Brahma; who possess pride

  • Abhimanuya

    The son of Arjun in Mahabharat

  • Abhimanya

    The son of Arjun in Mahabharat

  • Abhimanyu

    Self-respect, Passionate, Heroic, Arjunas son, Proud (Son of Arjuna and Subhadra, nephew to Krishna. He was slain in the battle of Kurukshetra when just sixteen years old.); son of Arjuna

  • Abhimanyusuta

    Son, Abhimanyu

  • Abhimath


  • Abhimoda

    Joy, Delight

  • Abhinabhas

    Renowned, Famous

  • Abhinand


  • Abhinanda

    To rejoice, To celebrate, To praise, To bless, Delight, Congratulation, Welcoming, Felicitous

  • Abhinandan

    To rejoice, To celebrate, To praise, To bless, Delight, Congratulation, Welcoming, Felicitous; congratulated

  • Abhinandan; Abhinandana

    Greetings; Felicitous; Welcoming

  • Abhinandana

    To rejoice, To celebrate, To praise, To bless, Delight, Congratulation, Welcoming, Felicitous

  • Abhinash


  • Abhinatha

    Lord of desires, Another name of Kama

  • Abhinav

    Innovative, Young, Modern, Fresh, Novel, A sakta notable for his great leaning and spiritual attainment, New; brand new, present

  • Abhinava

    Young, New, Novel, Innovative, Quite new, Fresh, Modern, A sakta notable for his great leaning and spiritual attainment

  • Abhinay


  • Abhineet

    Perfect, Acted

  • Abhinesh


  • Abhinit

    Perfect, Acted

  • Abhinivesh


  • Abhinu

    Brave Man

  • Abhipuj

    To adorn, Worship

  • Abhir

    A cowherd, Name of dynasty

  • Abhiraam

    Lord Shiva, The most handsome, Pleasing, Giver of pleasure, Wonderful

  • Abhiraj

    Fearless king, Regal, Bright; Fearless King

  • Abhiral


  • Abhiram

    Lord Shiva, The most handsome, Pleasing, Giver of pleasure, Wonderful; pleasing, Lord Vishnu

  • Abhirath

    Great charioteer

  • Abhiroop

    Variant of 'Abhirup'

  • Abhirup

    Handsome, Pleasant, Pleasing; Handsome

  • Abhisar


  • Abhisek

    Ritual, Purification, Shower of milk, Water over An idol, Anoint, Bathing to God

  • Abhisheik

    Ritual, Purification, Shower of milk, Water over An idol, Anoint, Bathing to God

  • Abhishek

    Ritual, Purification, Shower of milk, Water over An idol, Anoint, Bathing to God; an auspicious bathing ritual

  • Abhishekita

    Name of a novel written by Sumitranandan pant

  • Abhishrey

    Abhishrey the credit of good deed. the dawn of the good

  • Abhisoka

    Passionate, Loving

  • Abhisumat

    Radiant, Another name of the Sun, Mane of Lord Sun

  • Abhisumath

    Radiant, Another name of the Sun, Mane of Lord Sun

  • Abhisyanta

    Splendid (A son of kuru and Vahini)

  • Abhith


  • Abhivaadan


  • Abhivaadan; Abhivadan


  • Abhivadan


  • Abhivanth

    Royal salute

  • Abhivanth / Abivanth

    Royal Salute

  • Abhivira

    Surrounded by heroes, A commander

  • Abhjeet

    One who is victorious

  • Abhoy


  • Abhra


  • Abhrakasin

    With clouds for shelter, An ascetic

  • Abhram

    Steady, Purposeful

  • Abhranila

    Lord Basudev

  • Abhu

    Unborn, Nonexistent, Unearthly, Another name for Vishnu

  • Abhya

    Towards the fire

  • Abhyagni

    Towards the fire, A son of aitasa

  • Abhyan

    Literal meaning of ‘abhyan’ is to start a movement, A campaign or a firm resolution of An idea or belief

  • Abhyank

    Name of God

  • Abhypsit


  • Abhyuday

    Sunrise, Elevation, Increase, Prosperity

  • Abhyudaya

    Sunrise, Elevation, Increase, Prosperity; Luck

  • Abhyudev

    The Sun

  • Abhyudita

    Elevated, Risen, Prosperous

  • Abid

    Worshipper of God; Adorer

  • Abidin

    Worshippers; Adorers

  • Abijith


  • Abimanyu

    Self-respect, Passionate, Heroic, Arjunas son, Proud

  • Abinash

    Eternal, Immortal, Who has no death

  • Abinav

    Innovative, New

  • Abinay

    Lord Shiva, Histrionic representation

  • Abinayan

    Expressing the meaning by using body parts

  • Abinesh

    Eternal, Immortal, Who has no death

  • Abinish


  • Abiram

    My father is exalted

  • Abisali

    Warrior in Islam

  • Abishek

    Ritual, Purification, Shower of milk, Water over An idol, Anoint, Bathing to God

  • Abivanth

    Royal salute

  • Abjayoni

    Born of the lotus, Another name of Lord Brahma

  • Abjit

    Victorious, Conquering water

  • Abner

    Father of Light

  • Abninayan

    Expressing the meaning by using body parts

  • Abra


  • Abrad

    Hail; Mail

  • Abraham

    Exalted Father

  • Abrar

    A truthful person; Saint

  • Abrash

    Spotted; Speckled

  • Abrik

    Precious like God

  • Abu Bakr

    The companion of Prophet Mohammed

  • Abul Khayr

    One who does good

  • Abul-Hassan

    The Son of Ali

  • Acalapati

    Lord of the immovable, Lord of mountain

  • Acalendra

    Lord of the immovable, The himalayas

  • Acalesvara

    God of the immovable, Another name of Lord Shiva

  • Acanda

    Not of the hot temper, Without anger, Gentle

  • Acaryanandana

    Son of the teacher, Another name of asvatthaman

  • Acaryasuta

    Son of the teacher, Another name of asvatthaman

  • Acaryatanaya

    Son of the teacher, Another name for aswatthama

  • Acchindra

    Flawless, Uninterrupted, Perfect

  • Acchutan

    Lord Vishnu, The one who is without the six transformations, Beginning with birth

  • Achal

    Constant; constant, unshaked

  • Achalapati

    Lord of the immovable; Lord of Mountain

  • Achalendra

    The himalayas

  • Achalesvara

    God of the immovable, Another name for Lord Shiva

  • Achalraj

    Himalayan mountain

  • Achanda

    Not of the hot temper, Without anger, Gentle

  • Achapal


  • Acharya

    A prominent religious teacher and spiritual guide, Teacher; Teacher

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