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List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Au

Baby Names Starting With Au

  • The following names are associated with Aries Rashi and Krittika Nakshatra
  • Aubrey Boy

    Ruler of the Elves

  • Audrey Girl


  • Audvik Boy

    Light of Lord Shiva which never diminishes

  • Augadh Boy

    One who revels all the time

  • Auhna Girl


  • Aumnshi Girl

    Abbreviation of Hindu Lord Shiva Mantra aumn namah shivay

  • Auniket Boy


  • Aunsha Girl

    Refer to the birthstar "Anusham".

  • Aura Girl

    Air, Breeze, Wind

  • Aurav Girl

    Roman Goddess of dawn

  • Aurel Boy

    Golden Angel

  • Aurima Girl

    Bright Like Moon

  • Auronee Girl

    A firewood

  • Ausija Girl

    Renowned, Bright as the dawn

  • Austin Boy


  • Auguste Girl

  • Aumgaarapriyan Boy

  • Auradha Girl

  • Aurika Girl

  • Aurikan Boy

  • Aurjun Boy

  • Aushna Girl

  • Ausika Girl

  • Auxshay Boy

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