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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with G

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with G

  • The following names are associated with Aquarius, Gemini Rashi and Dhanishtha, Ardra, Shatabhisha Nakshatra
  • Gaalav

    To worship, Ebony, Strong, A sage

  • Gadadhara

    One who has the mace as his weapon

  • Gadhadhar

    Name of Lord Vishnu; Vishnu, one with a mace

  • Gadhar

    Lord Narayan

  • Gadin

    Lord Krishna, One who is armed with a club, One who wields the mace; Lord Krishna

  • Gagan

    Sky, Heaven, Atmosphere; Sky, heaven

  • Gagandeep

    A lamp in the sky; A lamp in the sky.

  • Gaganjot; Gaganjyot

    Light of the sky

  • Gaganvihari

    One who stays in heaven

  • Gagnesh

    Lord Shiva, Ruler of the Sky; Lord Shiva

  • Gahan

    Depth, Profound

  • Gaish

    Tempest, Commotion

  • Gaj

    Polish, Origin, Aim, Elephant

  • Gajaadhar

    Who can command an elephant

  • Gajaadhar; Gajadhar

    One who can command an elephant; Elephant tamer

  • Gajaanan

    One with elephant face; Lord Ganesh

  • Gajaanan; Gajanan

    Elephant-faced; Lord Ganesha

  • Gajadhar

    Who can command An elephant

  • Gajakarna

    One who has eyes like An elephant

  • Gajamuhan

    God Ganesh

  • Gajan

    God Ganesh

  • Gajanan

    One with elephant face, Elephant faced Lord; One with elephant face

  • Gajanana

    One with elephant face, Elephant faced Lord

  • Gajananan

    Lord ganapathy

  • Gajanand

    Lord Ganesh, One with elephant face; Lord Ganesh

  • Gajananeti

    Elephant faced Lord

  • Gajanthan

    God Ganesh / Vinayaga / Pillayar / Ganapathy

  • Gajavakra

    Trunk of the elephant

  • Gajavaktra

    One who has mouth like An elephant

  • Gajbaahu

    Who has strength of an elephant

  • Gajbaahu; Gajabahu

    Who has strength of an elephant

  • Gajbahu

    Who has strength of An elephant

  • Gajdant

    Elephant teeth, Lord Ganesh; elephant teeth, Ganesha

  • Gajen

    God Ganesha

  • Gajendar


  • Gajender

    King of elephant and inderlok, Inderdev

  • Gajendra

    Elephant king

  • Gajendran

    God Ganesha

  • Gajendranath

    Owner of Gajendra

  • Gajinder; Gajendra

    King of Elephants

  • Gajkaran

    Like ears of elephant

  • Gajpati

    Master of elephant, Lord Ganesh; Owner of elephant, Ganesha

  • Gajpati; Gajpathi; Gajapati

    Master of elephant; Lord Ganesha

  • Gajraj

    King of elephant

  • Gajrup

    Lord Ganesh, One who looks like a elephant; Lord Ganesh

  • Gajvadan

    Name of Lord Ganesh; name of Lord Ganesha

  • Gajvadan; Gajavadan

    Name of Lord Ganesha

  • Galav

    To worship, Ebony, Strong, A sage

  • Gaman


  • Gambheer

    Deep, serious

  • Gambheer; Gambhir

    Deep; Serious

  • Gambhir

    Deep, Serious, Profound, Tolerant, Powerful

  • Ganadhakshya

    Lord of all ganas gods

  • Ganadhip

    Lord ganapathy

  • Ganadhyakshina

    Leader of all the celestial bodies

  • Ganak

    An astrologer, Mathematician; an astrologer

  • Ganak; Ganaka

    An astrologer; Mathematician

  • Ganaka

    One who calculates

  • Ganan

    God Ganesh

  • Gananath

    Lord Shiva, Lord of the ganas

  • Ganapathi

    Lord Ganesh, Lord of a group of close devotees, Who have reached the climax of devotion

  • Ganapathy

    God Ganesh

  • Ganapati

    Lord Ganesh, Lord of a group of close devotees, Who have reached the climax of devotion; Lord Ganesh

  • Ganapatizhankilai

    Lord Murugan, After Ganapati younger brother of Ganesh)

  • Ganapriya

    A person who loves to sing

  • Ganapriyan

    A person who loves to sing

  • Ganaraj

    Lord of the clan

  • Ganatheepan

    God Ganesh

  • Gandeevi

    The owner of gandeeva, His bow

  • Gandesha

    Lord of fragrance

  • Gandhaa

    Sweet smelling

  • Gandhamadhana

    Shailastha resident of Gandhamadhana

  • Gandhar


  • Gandharaj

    King of fragrance

  • Gandharin

    Fragrant, Sweet smelling

  • Gandharv

    Celestial musician, Singer, Divine musician, Another name for Surya; celestial musician

  • Gandharv; Gandharva

    Celestial musician; Master in music

  • Gandharva

    Celestial musician, Singer, Divine musician, Another name for Surya

  • Gandharvaraaju

    Variant of 'Gandharv'

  • Gandharvaraavu

    Variant of 'Gandharv'

  • Gandharvavidya

    Tatvangna exponent in the art of celestials

  • Gandhi

    An Indian family name; Perfume sellers, Father of Nation (India)

  • Gandhik

    Fragrance, Perfume seller, Aroma; Fragrance

  • Gandira


  • Gandiva

    The bow of Arjuna

  • Gandivdhanav

    Another name of Arjun

  • Ganendra

    Lord of a troop

  • Ganesa

    Lord Ganesh, Lord of the army; good luck

  • Ganesan

    Lord Ganesh, Lord of the army

  • Ganesh

    Lord Ganesh, Lord of the army (Son of Lord Shiva & Parvati); Son of Lord Shiva

  • Ganesh anand

    God Ganesh in a happiest mood

  • Ganesh kumar

    Lord Ganesha

  • Ganesh ram

    Lord Ganesha

  • Ganesha

    Lord Ganesh, Lord of the army (Son of Lord Shiva & Parvati)

  • Ganeshan

    God of most worshiped deities in the Hindu pantheon, eldest son of Lord Shiva

  • Ganeshanandhan

    God Ganesh in happy mood

  • Ganeshathas

    Devotion to God Ganesha

  • Ganeshathasan

    Devotion to God Ganesha

  • Ganeshathevan

    Lord Shiva

  • Ganeshbabu

    Lord Ganesha

  • Ganeshkannan

    The one under the shield of god Ganesh

  • Ganeshkumar

    Lord Ganesha

  • Ganeshram

    Lord Ganesha

  • Ganeshramaiyan

    Lord Ganesha

  • Ganeshwaran

    God Ganesh

  • Ganga; Ganga Ram

    The great holy river

  • Gangaadatt; Gangadatt; Gangadutt

    Gift of the Ganges

  • Gangaadhar; Gangadhar

    God Shankar; Lord Shiva

  • Gangaaraam; Gangaram

    Variant of 'Ganga'

  • Gangadatt

    Gift of the ganges

  • Gangadhar

    Holding the Ganga, Lord Shiva; Shiva

  • Gangadhara

    Lord of river Ganga, Lord Shiva

  • Gangadutt

    Gift of the ganges; Gift of Ganga

  • Gangaiarasan

    King of River Kanga

  • Gangaichelvan

    Son of Ganga River

  • Gangaimynthan

    Son of River Kanga

  • Gangaj

    Son of Ganga

  • Gangamaindan

    Lord Murugan, Son of Ganga

  • Gangasiruvan

    Lord Murugan, Gangas boy siruvan - boy

  • Gangavar

    Goddess Gangas boon

  • Gangesha

    Lord Shiva, Lord of Ganga; Lord of Ganga, Lord Shiva

  • Gangeya

    Of the Ganga; Son of river Ganga

  • Gangeyan

    Lord Murugan, Son of Ganga, Bheeshm, Also a metronymic of Skand, Nutgrass

  • Gangol

    A precious

  • Ganit

    Garden, Troop, Numerate, Honoured, Mathematics

  • Gannaath

    An epithet of Shiva

  • Gannaath; Gannath

    An epithet of Lord Shiva

  • Gannath

    An epithet of Lord Shiva

  • Gannon

    The God of silence

  • Ganpat

    Lord Ganesh, Lord of a group of close devotees, Who have reached the climax of devotion

  • Ganpati

    Lord of all ganas group of souls, Lord Ganesh

  • Ganthi

    Refer to the great Mahathma Gandhi, he was the preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement.

  • Gaoushik

    Lord Buddha, A patronymic of Vishvamitra, An epithet of Shiva, Love, Passion, An epithet of Indra

  • Gaousik

    Lord Buddha, A patronymic of Vishvamitra, An epithet of Shiva, Love, Passion, An epithet of Indra

  • Garg

    Name of a saint, Bull, A sage; name of a saint

  • Gargee

    The person who inspires to think, An ancient scholar

  • Gariman

    Heaviness, Weighty, Profound

  • Garishit


  • Garisht


  • Garjan

    Thunder; thunderous

  • Garjan; Garajan


  • Garud

    The king of birds, Falcon

  • Garud; Garuda

    The king of bird; Falcon; A large mythical bird

  • Garuda

    Eagel; King of winged creatures

  • Garul

    Facilitator, One who carries the great, Another name for the bird Garuda, The vehicle of the gods

  • Garv


  • Garveet

    Proud, Garv

  • Garvik


  • Garvin

    Rough, Rugged

  • Garvish


  • Garvit

    Proud, Garv

  • Gaspar

    The master of the treasure

  • Gati; Gatik

    Speed; Fast; Progressive

  • Gatik

    Fast, Progressive

  • Gatleen

    Merged in freedom

  • Gatnam

    Liberated through Naam

  • Gatsharan

    Liberated by taking shelter of Guru

  • Gaur

    Giving attention, White, Beautiful

  • Gauraansh

    A part of Gauri parwati

  • Gaurab

    Honor, Pride, Respect, Glory, Dignity

  • Gaurang

    Fair complexioned, Another name for Vishnu, Krishna and Shiva; Fair complexioned

  • Gaurang; Gauraang

    A fair one; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord Shiva

  • Gauranga; Gouranga

    Fair complexioned; Golden-limbed; Having a white or yellowish body; Cow coloured

  • Gauransh

    A part of Gauri parwati

  • Gaurav

    Honor, Pride, Respect, Glory, Dignity; Honour, pride, respect

  • Gauravanvit

    Making you proud

  • Gaureesh

    Lord Shiva, Lord of Gauri

  • Gaureeshankar; Gaurishankar; Gourishankar

    Lord Shiva; Peak of the Himalayas

  • Gauresh

    Lord Shiva, Lord of Gauri; A Name of Lord Shiva.

  • Gaurik

    Lord Ganesh, Mountain-born

  • Gaurikant

    Consort of Gauri, Lord Shiva; husband of Gauri (Lord Shiva)

  • Gaurikanth

    Consort of Gauri, Lord Shiva

  • Gaurinandan

    Lord Ganesh, Son of Gauri (Son of Gauri); son of Gauri (Lord Ganesh)

  • Gaurinath

    Lord Shiva, Consort of Gauri; Lord Shiva

  • Gaurish

    Lord Shiva, Lord of Gauri; Lord Shiva

  • Gaurishankar

    Peak of the himalayas, Mt everest; peak of the Himalayas

  • Gaurisuta

    Lord Ganesh, Son of Gauri (Son of Gauri); Son Of Gauri. Lord Ganesha

  • Gaurnandanan

    Lord Murugan, Son of Gauri

  • Gaurpriya

    Beloved of Lord

  • Gautam

    Lord Buddha, Remover of darkness, Full of life, One of the seven rishis, One who enlightens (Sage/Rishi who cursed her wife Ahalya to be a stone for her immoral conduct); Lord Buddha, enlightened

  • Gautam; Gautama; Goutam

    The name of the Buddha

  • Gautham

    Lord Buddha, Remover of darkness, Name of Buddha, One of the seven rishis (Celebrity Name: Namrata Shirodkar and Mahesh Babu)

  • Gavan

    Refer to Lord Krishna ' Ragavan'

  • Gaveshan

    Search; researcher

  • Gavin

    White hawk

  • Gavisht

    Abode of light

  • Gavist

    Abode of light

  • Gavy

    White Falcon, A forest in kerala

  • Gayak


  • Gayan

    Sky; Singing, The Sky

  • Geerthakan

    Heap praise on

  • Geerthan

    Derived from raaga geerthanam

  • Geerthanan

    Derived from raaga geerthanam

  • Geerthivasan

    The one likes fame

  • Geet

    Song, Poem, Chant; Song

  • Geetesh

    The Lord of the Geeta

  • Geeth

    Song, Poem, Chant

  • Geethan

    Krishna devotee, a music lover

  • Geethapriyan

    A person who admire Bhavath Geethai , a music lover, audiophile

  • Gemini; Gemine


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