List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Gya

Baby Names Starting With Gya

  • The following names are associated with Aquarius Rashi
  • Gyaan Boy

    One having exalted divine knowledge, Wisdom

  • Gyaana Girl

    Full of knowledge, A Devi name

  • Gyaanav Boy

    Wise, Learned, Knowledgeable

  • Gyan Boy


  • Gyan Karthik Boy

    Lord Shiva, Lamp of knowledge

  • Gyan; Gyan Singh; Giaan Boy

    Knowledge; One having exalted divine knowledge

  • Gyana Girl

    Full of knowledge, A Devi name

  • Gyanada Girl

    Goddess Saraswati, Giver of knowledge; Saraswati

  • Gyanav Boy

    Wise, Learned, Knowledgeable

  • Gyanavi Girl

    Knowledgable person

  • Gyanchand Boy

    Variant of 'Gyan'

  • Gyandeep Boy

    Lamp of divine knowledge

  • Gyandev Boy

    Lord of knowledge

  • Gyanendra Boy


  • Gyanesh Boy

    The God of knowledge

  • Gyaneshwar Boy

    God of wisdom; lord of knowledge

  • Gyani Girl

    Full of knowledge; intelligent

  • Gyanvi Girl

    Knowledgable person

  • Gyalini Girl

  • Gyanavee Girl

  • Gyaneshwari Girl

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