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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with I

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with I

  • The following names are associated with Aries Rashi and Krittika Nakshatra
  • Iaitheekan

    Admire, fidelity

  • Ibhan

    Lord Ganesh, The God having mouth of elephant

  • Ibhanan

    Elephant faced; Lord Ganesh

  • Ibhya

    Possessor of many attendants

  • Ibrahim; Ibraham

    Father of a multitude; a Prophet's name (Abraham); Earth

  • Ichaa


  • Idaspati

    God of rain (Lord Vishnu); God of rain (Vishnu)

  • Iddham

    Shining, Brilliant, Sunshine

  • Idhant

    Luminous, One who spreads light, Wonderful; Luminous

  • Idhayan

    Joy of heart

  • Idum


  • Iham

    Expected, Thin, Desire

  • Ihit

    Prize, Honor, Effort, Desire

  • Ihsaan

    Kindness, Beneficence, Highest level of Iman

  • Ijay

    Lord Vishnu

  • Ikrut

    One season

  • Ikshan

    Sight, Eye, Look, Care; Sight

  • Ikshit

    Desired, Done with intention, Visible, Beheld; Desired/ done with intention

  • Ilaamuthan

    Sweetest person

  • Ilaiyaraja

    Tamil Superstar Music Director Ilaiyaraja

  • Ilaiyavan


  • Ilakiyen

    Skilled in literature

  • Ilakkuvan

    It is the Tamil form of the name Lakshman, It also mean ambitious person, The one who has goal, Desire

  • Ilammurugu

    Young Lord Murugan

  • IlamParidhi

    Early Sun

  • Ilamparithi

    Early Sun

  • Ilamparithy

    Early Sun, small circle

  • Ilamporai


  • Ilampuli

    Young tiger (get exactly what they go after)

  • Ilamurugu

    Young Lord Murugan

  • Ilancheliyan

    Full of youthful potential

  • Ilandevan

    Young master

  • Ilango

    Prince, Author of Tamil masterpiece silappadhikaram

  • Ilanthiraiyan

    Young handsome fellow

  • Ilanthirayan

    Young Man whose influence extends beyond the seas

  • Ilapataye

    Lord of the earth

  • Ilashpasti

    Lord of the earth

  • Ilavalagan

    Young and handsome

  • Ilavarasan


  • Ilavenil

    Spring, Youthful

  • Ilayaraja

    Tamil Superstar Music Director Ilayaraja

  • Ilesh

    Lord of the earth, King of the earth; lord of earth

  • Ilisa

    King of the earth, Queen of the earth; King of the Earth

  • Illadchiyan

    Person who lives with a goal

  • Illadchiyavaenthan

    King of Goal

  • Illaiyon

    Youngest Child

  • Illakiyamynthan

    Son of literature

  • Illakiyan

    Meaning literature in "Tamil"

  • Illakiyavaanan

    Person with more skilled in literature

  • Illakiyen

    Skilled in literature

  • Illam Paruthy

    Young moon, early moon

  • Illam Valuthy

    Young moon, early moon

  • Illamagan

    Youngest son

  • Illamaran

    Youthful person

  • Illampooranan

    One who achieved fulfillment in very younge age

  • Illamuhil

    Youthful Cloud

  • Illan

    Youthful, youngest person

  • Illanillavan

    Young moon, early moon

  • Illanko

    Prince, he sacrificed throne for Tamil

  • Illankumaran

    Young Lord Murugan

  • Illankuyilan

    A young cuckoo

  • Illavaenil

    Spring season

  • Illavaenill

    Youthful Season

  • Illavaenthan

    King of Youth

  • Illayavan


  • Ilush

    Saffron, A traveller

  • Imon


  • Inakanta

    Beloved of The Sun

  • Inayavan

    Incomparable, matchless

  • Inbakavignan

    Happy poet

  • Inbanathan


  • Inbaselvam

    Happy and wealthy man

  • Inbashelvan

    Happy and wealthy man

  • Inbatamilan

    Happiest person in Tamil community

  • Inbavanan

    Happiest person

  • Indaresh

    Lord Vishnu, Lord of Indra

  • Indeevar

    Blue lotus

  • Indeevaraksh

    Lotus eyed

  • Indeevaras

    Blue lotus

  • Indeever

    Blue lotus

  • Inder Kant

    Indra devta

  • Inder; Indra

    The god of weather and war; Lord of the devas

  • Inderpal

    Protector of Indra; Variant of 'Inder'

  • Indivar

    Blue lotus; Lord Vishnu

  • Indra

    Excellent, First, God of the Sky, Soul, Generous best, Cloud, God of the atmosphere; God of the skies

  • Indraarjun

    Bright and brave Indra

  • Indradatt

    Gift of Lord Indra; gift of Indra

  • Indradhanu


  • Indradhanush


  • Indradutt

    Gift of Lord Indra

  • Indradyumn

    Splendor of Lord Indra; splendour of Indra

  • Indrajeet

    Conqueror of Lord Indra, One who got victory over Lord Indra

  • Indrajit

    Conqueror of Lord Indra, One who got victory over Lord Indra; Victor over Indra

  • Indrajith

    Conqueror of Lord Indra, One who got victory over Lord Indra

  • Indrakanta

    Lord Indra, Husband of Indra; Indrani ( Shachi )

  • Indran

    Lord Indra, The God of rain, The portion of spirit residing in body, Night, Best, Excellent

  • Indraneel


  • Indranil

    Another Name of Lord Shiva; Sapphire; Blue Stone

  • Indrarjun

    Bright and brave Lord Indra

  • Indrasen

    Eldest of the Pandavas

  • Indrasenon

    Heavenly, celestial

  • Indrashish; Indrashis

    Blessing from Indra (King of gods)

  • Indrasithu

    Heavenly, celestial

  • Indrasuta

    Son of Indra

  • Indratan

    As strong as Lord Indra

  • Indravadan

    Lord indras name

  • Indravathi

    Excellent, First, God of the skies

  • Indresh

    God Lord Indra

  • Indubhushan

    The Moon

  • Induhasan

    Like a Moon

  • Induj

    Mercury planet, Born of the Moon; mercury planet

  • Indukant

    The Moon, Like a Moon, Moon loved; moon

  • Indukanta

    The Moon, Like a Moon, Moon loved; wife of moon (night)

  • Indukanth

    The Moon, Like a Moon, Moon loved

  • Indulal

    Moons luster; moon's lustre

  • Indumal

    Lord Shiva, The one who wears the Moon as An ornament; Lord Shiva

  • Indumat

    Respected by Moon

  • Indus

    India, Star

  • Indushekhar

    Like a Moon; Shiva

  • Inesh

    A strong king; Lord Vishnu

  • Inganam


  • Ingini

    Goddess Parvathy , pronounce like "Ayngini"

  • Iniavelan

    Sweetest boy

  • Iniyan


  • Iniyavan

    Pleasant natured

  • Inkit

    To keep in mind. to point at something

  • Innilan

    The sweetest one in the land

  • Inniyathasan

    Happiest person, the one who likes to be happy all the time.

  • Inniyavan


  • Inniyen

    Sweet person

  • Innpachelvan

    Happiest Person

  • Innpakannan

    Happiest Person

  • Innpan

    Happiest Person

  • Inoday


  • Ipil


  • Ipsit


  • Iqbal


  • Iraaivan


  • Iraavanan

    Man who is very strong in his principles

  • Iraikumaran

    Son of God

  • Iraivan


  • Iraiyavan

    Blessed by the supreme

  • Iraj

    Lord Hanuman, Flower, Born of the primal waters, Another name for the Love God Kaama; Lord Hanuman

  • Irana

    Lord of braves

  • Irathan

    Refer to the elephant which carries god Indra, elephant of the clouds, the fighting elephant

  • Iravaj

    Born of water, Another name for the Love God Kaama

  • Iravan

    King of ocean, Filled with water, Sea, Cloud, Ruler; King of ocean

  • Iravat

    Rain clouds, Filled with water; Rain clouds

  • Irenpreet


  • Iresh

    Lord of the earth, another name for Vishnu and Ganesh; Lord of earth, Vishnu

  • Iri

    Another name of Lord Hanuman (, Son of wind God)

  • Irin

    King of warriors

  • Irish

    Lord of the earth, Another name for Vishnu

  • Irudayarasan

    King of heart

  • Irya

    Powerful, Agile, Vigorous

  • Isai amuthan

    Musically talented

  • Isaiah

    Gods helper

  • Isaiarasu

    King of music

  • Isaichelvan

    The one devote to music / musical expertise

  • Isaikannan

    Person who loves Music

  • Isaikoon

    The king of music

  • Isaimahan

    Son of music, musically talented, audiophile

  • Isaimani

    Gem of Music

  • Isainilavan

    The one who plays music in the moon light

  • Isaivaendhan

    King of Music

  • Isaivalan

    Skilled musician

  • Isaiyalan

    The one who devotes to music

  • Isaiyan

    Musicophile, Music lover

  • Isaiyanan

    Musicophile, Music lover

  • Isaiyarasan

    The king of music

  • Isayaalan

    Musically talented

  • Isayon


  • Ish

    God, Lord Vishnu, Divine, Master of the universe, Ruler, Virile, Pious, Compelling virile, Fast, Avestan wish; Lord Vishnu

  • Isha Kritik

    Son of Lord Shiva

  • Ishaan

    Lord Shiva, The Sun, Vishnu, Agni and Surya, Ruler, Generous, Causing prosperity; Lord Shiva

  • Ishan

    Lord Shiva, The Sun, Vishnu, Agni and Surya, Ruler, Generous, Causing prosperity; The lord of wealth

  • Ishananthan

    Devotee of Lord Shiva

  • Ishank

    Peak of the Himalaya, Lord Shiva and Gauri (Goddess Parvati)

  • Ishanth

    Lord Shiva

  • Ishat


  • Ishayu

    Full of strength

  • Ishi

    Goddess Durga, Goddess Durga, Rock, Salvation; Goddess Durga

  • Ishik

    Light, Desirable

  • Ishir

    Another name for agni

  • Ishit

    One who desires to rule, Desired; one who desires to rule

  • Ishmit

    Lover of God, Friend of God

  • Ishtar

    The babylonian Goddess of Love, Desired, Dear

  • Ishuk


  • Ishuka

    Arrow like, An Apsara or celestial nymph

  • Ishwa

    Spiritual teacher

  • Ishwar

    Powerful, The supreme God

  • Ishwara Priya

    Gods beloved

  • Islet

    Arrow, Light, Brilliant

  • Islunin

    Fast, Spontaneous

  • Issaimaran

    Affinity with music

  • Issaipriyan

    Person who loves music

  • Issan

    One Mountain

  • Isyutha


  • Itan


  • Ithayan

    Heartful person

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