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Here is a list of Muslim Baby Boy Names along with their meanings.

Muslim Boy Names

  • Aaban

    Name of the Angel

  • Aadil; Adil

    Justice; Sincere

  • Aafiya

    Good Health

  • Aafreen


  • Aaftab; Aftab

    The sun

  • Aahil


    Rashi Aries   Nakshatra Krittika

  • Aalam; Alam

    The whole world

  • Aalee

    Sublime; High

  • Aalim

    Religious Scholar

  • Aamil

    Doer; Work man

  • Aamir

    Populous; Full; Prosperous

  • Aamirah


  • Aaqib


  • Aaqil


  • Aarif

    Acquainted; Knowledgable

  • Aariz

    Respectable man; Intelligent

  • Aashif

    Bold; Courageous

  • Aashir


  • Aasif

    An able minister

  • Aasim


  • Aatif

    Kind Affectionate

  • Aazim


  • Abaan

    Old Arabic Name

  • Abbas

    Description of a Lion

  • Abbud


  • Abbudin


  • Abdul

    Knowledge; Servant (of Allah)

  • Abdul Rahaman; Abdul Rahman

    Servant of the Beneficent

  • Abdul Raheem

    Servant of the merciful; Servant of the Compassionate one

  • Abdul Wahid

    Servant of the unique one

  • Abdullah

    Servant of God

  • Abdus

    Name of the narrator of one of the hadith

  • Abdus Salaam

    Slave of the Giver of Peace

  • Abdus Samad

    Slave of the Eternal; The Independent

  • Abdus Sami

    Slave of the All Hearing

  • Abdus Sattar

    Slave of the one who conceals faults

  • Abdus Shafi

    Slave of the Healer

  • Abdus Shahid

    Slave of the Witness

  • Abdus Subbooh

    Slave of the Extremely pure

  • Abdus-Sabour

    Servant of the Patient

  • Abdus-Salaam

    Servant of the Source of Peace

  • Abdus-Samad

    Servant of the Eternal

  • Abdus-Sameei

    Servant of the All-Hearing

  • Abdus-Shaheed

    Servant of the Witness

  • Abdus-Shakur

    Servant of the Appreciative

  • Abeer


  • Abid

    Worshipper of God; Adorer

  • Abidin

    Worshippers; Adorers

  • Abisali

    Warrior in Islam

  • Abra


  • Abrad

    Hail; Mail

  • Abrash

    Spotted; Speckled

  • Abu Bakr

    The companion of Prophet Mohammed

  • Abul-Hassan

    The Son of Ali

  • Adeela


  • Adeem


  • Adib

    Cultured; Well mannered one

  • Adil

    Just; Honest; sincere; just

  • Adnan

    Proper Name; Lion; Bravery; Old Arabic name; Ancestor of North Arabia

  • Aftab; Aftaab

    The sun

  • Afzal

    Best; Most Excellent

  • Ahad

    The one

  • Ahmad

    Commendable; Praiseworthy; Most highly adored

  • Aijaz

    Favour; Blessing

  • Aiman


  • Ajmal

    Pious; Holy; Beautiful

  • Akalmash


    Rashi Aries   Nakshatra Krittika

  • Akbar

    Powerful; Great

  • Akeem


  • Akhas

    A narrator of hadith

  • Akhtar

    A Star; Good man

  • Akif


  • Akmal


  • Akram; Akaram

    Most Generous; Excellent

  • Akshan


    Rashi Aries   Nakshatra Krittika

  • Ala

    Nobility; Excellence

  • Alaa Udeen

    Excellence of Religion

  • Alamgir

    The lord of the whole world

  • Aleem


  • Alhad

    Joy, Happiness

    Rashi Aries   Nakshatra Krittika

  • Alhasan

    The handsome; The good; Name of the Prophets grandson

  • Alhusain; Alhusayn

    Diminutive of the handsome; The good; Name of the Prophets grandson

  • Ali

    God; Excellent; Noble; Sublime

  • Alman

    Kind; Willing and wiseman

  • Almir


  • Altaf


  • Altair

    The flying eagle; Also refers to a first magnitude star in the constellation Lyra

  • Amaan

    Peace; The most lovelable; Peace

  • Amaanat


  • Amaar

    One who prays 5 times and fasts

  • Amam

    Safety; Protection

  • Ameer

    Commander; Prince; Khalifah

  • Amer


  • Amid


  • Amin; Ameen

    Divine grace; Faithful; Trustworthy

  • Amir

    Rich; Prosperous; Populous; Rich

  • Amjad

    More Glorious

  • Amzad

    More Glorious

  • Aneeq


  • Anees

    Intimate; Friendly

  • Aniq


  • Anis

    Close Friend

  • Anwar

    Rays of Light

  • Aref; Arif

    Knowing; Knowledgeable

  • Arshad

    Pious; Devout; Religious; Heavenly

  • Asgar


  • Ashraf; Asraf

    Without grief

  • Aslam


  • Ayub

    Messenger of God; A biblical prophet's name

  • Azeez; Aziz

    Friend; Dear one

  • Azhaar

    Flowers; Blossoms

  • Azhar


  • Baasima


  • Dina


  • Ekbal

    Dignity; one strength

  • Faatin


  • Fadwa

    Name derived from self-sacrifice

  • Faisal

    Decisive; Sword

  • Faiyaz


  • Faiz

    Gain; Victorious

  • Fakaruddin

    Pride of religion; Glory of the faith

  • Fakhruddin

    Glory of the faith; Pride of religion

  • Falak

    Star; heaven

  • Faraz

    On the top; Above; Equitable

  • Fardeen; Fardin

    One who has triple strength; First month of the Parsi year when the sun is in Aries

  • Farhad

    Happiness; An Iranian musician and singer

  • Farhat

    Happiness; Delight

  • Farid

    Unique; Matchless; Wide

  • Farooque; Farokh

    Power of discrimination; Fortunate; Variant of 'Farukh'

  • Farukh

    Power of discrimination; Fortunate; Happy

  • Fateh

    The victorious one; Victory

  • Fatik


  • Ferdows; Firdows


  • Feroz

    Name of a king; Winner; Successful

  • Firdaus


  • Firoze; Firoz

    Gift; Winner; Victorious; Name of a king

  • Firyal


  • Ghalib

    Excellent; A great classical Urdu and Persian poet

  • Ghulam; Gulam

    Slave; Servant

  • Gulam

    Slave; Servant

  • Gulsan

    A flower garden

  • Gulzar

    A garden with flowers; Rose Garden; An inhabited town; gardener

  • Habib

    Friend; Beloved

  • Habib-ullah; Habibullah

    Beloved of Allah

  • Hameed


  • Haroon

    A Prophet's name; Hope; Hope

  • Hasan

    Songs of worship, Famous, Prayer, Praise; Laughter

    Rashi Cancer   Nakshatra Punarvasu

  • Hassan

    Good; Handsome

  • Heer

    Powerful, Power, Diamond, Darkness

    Rashi Cancer   Nakshatra Pushya

  • Hiten

    The heart

    Rashi Cancer   Nakshatra Punarvasu

  • Humayu; Humayun

    Fortunate; the second Mughal Emperor

  • Hussain

    Islamic thinker; Islamic Saint

  • Ibrahim; Ibraham

    Father of a multitude; a Prophet's name (Abraham); Earth

  • Iqbal


  • Iravat

    Rain clouds, Filled with water; Rain clouds

    Rashi Aries   Nakshatra Krittika

  • Ishat


  • Ishayu

    Full of strength

    Rashi Aries   Nakshatra Krittika

  • Jamal

    Handsome; Being fair

  • Jamshed

    Shining river; An ancient king of Persia

  • Javed

    Immortal; Eternal

  • Kabeer; Kabir

    Name of a famous poet-saint; A mystic poet or poet sants of India

  • Kadir

    Ray of light; Shoot of grass; Green

  • Karim; Kareem


  • Khalil; Khaleel


  • Mahmood; Mahmoud; Mahmud

    Praised one; Praiseworthy; The Prophet of Islam

  • Malik

    Master; King

  • Mazhar


  • Mehaboob


  • Mehul

    Rain; A derivative of Mukul

    Rashi Leo   Nakshatra Magha

  • Mohd. Khaleel

    Variant of 'Khalil'

  • Mohd.Ibraham

    Variant of 'Ibrahim'

  • Mustafa; Mustaffa

    The chosen one

  • Nasir; Naseer

    Defender; Supporter; Success

  • Navid; Naved

    Messenger of happiness; Good News; Glad tiding

  • Nawab

    The powerful influencer; A governor in India during the Mughal empire

  • Nazir

    Observer; Supervisor

  • Omar

    First son; Disciple; Gifted Speaker; Famous; An era; Name of the second Caliph-(Khalifah); an era

  • Raheem; Rahim

    Compassionate; Merciful

  • Rasheed; Rashid

    Brave; Thinker: Counselor; Intelligent

  • Rehaman; Rehman; Rahaman; Rahman


  • Sahil

    Guide; Shore; River Bank; Leader, Ruler, Guide

  • Said; Sayyid


  • Sameer; Samir

    Early morning fragrance; Breeze; Wind; Entertainer

  • Sanam

    Beloved, Benevolence, Favour, Mistress, Image beloved

    Rashi Aquarius   Nakshatra Shatabhisha

  • Saroj

    Lotus, Born in lakes

    Rashi Aquarius   Nakshatra Shatabhisha

  • Shah Nawaz; Shahnawaz


  • Sohel; Sohail

    Moon Light

  • Tanmay


  • Umar

    Flourishing; Variant of 'Omar'

  • Usman

    Variant of 'Uthman'; Servant of God

  • Uthman

    A baby bustard bird; Name of the third Khalifah (Caliph) of Muslims; Muhammad's son-in-law

  • Wahid

    Singular; Exclusive; Unique

  • Aly Khan

  • Arbaaz

  • Arzan

  • Badruddin

  • Barkat

  • Hafeez

  • Haider Bux

  • Hassam-ud-Din

  • Hayee

  • Inayat

  • Karamat

  • Khader

  • Khalilur

  • Manzoor

  • Mazharul

  • Moidul

  • Muhammed Bachal

  • Muhammed Bux

  • Muzaffar

  • Nabi Bux

  • Najaf

  • Rafiq

  • Rasool Bux

  • Sajjad

  • Saleh

  • Waheed

  • Zul