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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with F

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with F

  • The following names are associated with Saggitarius Rashi
  • Faatin


  • Fadwa

    Name derived from self-sacrifice

  • Faisal

    Decisive; Sword

  • Faiyaz


  • Faiz

    Gain; Victorious

  • Fakaruddin

    Pride of religion; Glory of the faith

  • Fakeer; Fakir

    A saintly person

  • Fakhruddin

    Glory of the faith; Pride of religion

  • Falaagam

    Producer of fruit

  • Falak

    Star; heaven

  • Falgu


  • Falgun

    Arjun, Born in the snowy season on a day belonging to both uttara- and purva-phalguni; name of a Hindi month

  • Falgun; Faalgun

    A month in the Hindu calendar; Born in Falgun - a Hindu month

  • Faneesh

    Lord Shiva, The cosmic serpent Shesh

  • Fani


  • Fanibhusan

    Lord Shiva, The one who wears a serpent as An ornament; Lord Shiva

  • Fanibhushan

    Lord Shiva, The one who wears a serpent as An ornament

  • Faninath

    Lord of serpents

  • Fanindra

    The cosmic serpent Shesh; king of gods

  • Fanindranath

    Lord Vishnu

  • Fanish

    Lord Shiva, The cosmic serpent Shesh

  • Fanish; Phanish

    The cosmic serpent - Sheshnag

  • Fanishwar

    Lord of serpents, Vasuki; king of serpents

  • Faraz

    On the top; Above; Equitable

  • Farbod

    Right; Orthodox

  • Fardeen; Fardin

    One who has triple strength; First month of the Parsi year when the sun is in Aries

  • Farhad

    Happiness; An Iranian musician and singer

  • Farhat

    Happiness; Delight

  • Farid

    Unique; Matchless; Wide

  • Fariel


  • Farjad

    Excellent; Eminent in learning

  • Farooque; Farokh

    Power of discrimination; Fortunate; Variant of 'Farukh'

  • Farrokh

    Happy; Fortunate

  • Farshad

    Soul of the sphere of Mercury

  • Farukh

    Power of discrimination; Fortunate; Happy

  • Farvardin

    First month of Iranian calendar

  • Farzad

    Splendid birth

  • Farzan


  • Farzin


  • Fateh

    The victorious one; Victory

  • Fatehpal

    The protector of victory

  • Fatik


  • Fazel

    Learned; Decisive

  • Fenil


  • Ferdows; Firdows


  • Feroz

    Name of a king; Winner; Successful

  • Fhulendu

    Full moon

  • Firdaus


  • Firouz

    Victorious; Name of a Sassani King

  • Firoze; Firoz

    Gift; Winner; Victorious; Name of a king

  • Firyal


  • Francis

    Free, From france

  • Fravash

    Guardian Angel

  • Faneemdra

  • Farzam

  • Frany

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