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List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Gha

Baby Names Starting With Gha

  • The following names are associated with Gemini Rashi and Ardra Nakshatra
  • Ghadir Boy

    A sword

  • Ghalib Boy

    Excellent; A great classical Urdu and Persian poet

  • Ghanaanand Boy

    Happy like clouds; happy like cloud

  • Ghanakumar Boy

    Knowledgeable one

  • Ghanamalika Girl


  • Ghananand Boy

    Happy like cloud

  • Ghanashyam Boy

    Lord Krishna, Solid dark, Of the color of the darkest cloud that will soon rain

  • Ghanashyamala Girl

    Name of a Raga

  • Ghanasindhu Girl

    Name of a Raga

  • Ghanasyaam Boy

    Another Name of Lord Krishna

  • Ghanavi Girl

    Singer, Melody

  • Ghanendra Boy

    Lord of clouds (Lord Indra)

  • Ghanesh Boy

    Lord Ganesh, Derived from ghan (Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati)

  • Ghanika; Ganika Girl


  • Ghanshyam Boy

    Lord Krishna or black cloud; Lord Krishna

  • Ghanshyam; Ghanashyam Boy

    Lord Krishna; Black clouds resembling a beautiful upcoming evening

  • Ghansyam Boy

    Lord Krishna or black cloud

  • Gharcheen Boy

    One who realizes the Home within

  • Gharchet Boy

    One who meditates on the Real Home within

  • Gharnikha Girl

    Please give me gharnikha meanings

  • Ghassedak Girl

    A flower (Dandelion)

  • Ghata Girl

    Changing weather

  • Ghatotkatcha Boy

    The son of Bhima and the raskshasi (demoness) Hidimbi. He became a leader of the Rakshasas and assisted the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war.

  • Ghayan Boy


  • Ghaiyathiri Girl

  • Ghaiyatri Girl

  • Ghajan Boy

  • Ghajana Girl

  • Ghajanaah Girl

  • Ghajevan Boy

  • Ghanahi Girl

  • Ghanalinga Boy

  • Ghanan Boy

  • Ghanapriyan Boy

  • Ghanavanth Boy

  • Ghaneshkumar Boy

  • Ghaneswari Girl

  • Ghanisska Girl

  • Ghantasala Boy

  • Ghauttham Boy

  • Ghaya Girl

  • Ghayasree Girl

  • Ghayathiri Girl

  • Ghayathri Girl

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