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List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Kru

Baby Names Starting With Kru

  • The following names are associated with Gemini Rashi
  • Krunal Boy

    Companionate person, Kind to others

  • Krupa Girl

    Grace, Favor; grace, favour

  • Krupal Girl

    Ruler of the world

  • Krupali Girl

    Who always forgives

  • Krupavathi Girl

    Grace, Peace

  • Krusha Girl


  • Krushan Boy


  • Krushi Girl

    Hard work

  • Krushika Girl

    Hard worker to reach goal

  • Krutarth Boy


  • Kruthahan Boy

    The one who born in Krutha Yugam, the era within a four age of cycle

  • Kruthi Girl

    Novel, Creation

  • Kruthik Boy

    It is An Indian star name. Krithika nakshatra. God Subramaniam born in this Nakshatra

  • Kruthika Girl

    Star, Nakshatra

  • Kruthn Boy

    Own of books

  • Kruti Girl

    Novel, Creation; Creation

  • Krutika Girl

    Star, Nakshatra

  • Kruttika Girl


  • Kruban Boy

  • Krubashini Girl

  • Krubika Girl

  • Krupana Girl

  • Krupasankari Girl

  • Krusanth Boy

  • Krushalini Girl

  • Krushansh Boy

  • Krushiha Girl

  • Krushitha Girl

  • Krushna Boy

  • Krushngi Girl

  • Krushoth Boy

  • Krushotha Girl

  • Krutansh Boy

  • Krutha Boy

  • Kruthan Boy

  • Kruthana Girl

  • Kruthanan Boy

  • Kruthayan Boy

  • Kruthiga Girl

  • Kruthvik Boy

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