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English Girl Names

  • Tress

    A woman with long hair

  • Trevina

    A girl from the big farm

  • Treyce

    A mark left by he passing of someone, a trail left

  • Trillian

    A noble daughter of a bald man

  • Triniece

    The third niece, pretty

  • Trisa

    A noble girl. From high family

  • Tristian

    An agitated noise or outcry, Arthurian knight

  • Tristina

    A rhyming noise, full of sorrows

  • Tristine

    A virgin girl, a pure girl

  • Tristyn

    A virtuous pure virgin girl

  • Truely

    One with the truth of whole heart

  • Truly

    A person who always speak the truth

  • Tryssa

    A generous and friendly individual

  • Tsega

    A reticent, independent and intellectual being

  • Tulisa

    A persevering and diligent worker; leaping water

  • Tulun

    A reticent and studious human being

  • Tundra

    A large area in Northern lands with no trees

  • Tunnok

    Unsophisticated, original and naive person

  • Tunnoke

    A self assertive, nurturing ans untiring person

  • Turgiua

    One who is the Knight's companion; shield protector

  • Twilla

    Variation of an English name 'Twyla' which means Woven

  • Twillian

    It is derived from Lily; a beautiful flower

  • Twylla

    Dusk or nightfall.

  • Tyarra

    A young, tender and attractive person

  • Tycia

    Manifestation of God.

  • Tyenna

    A nonconforming and naive individual

  • Tyrianne

    The land of prayer

  • Udele


  • Verity


  • Veru

    Diminutive of Veronica. It means true image.

  • Viktoriya

    Bulgarian form of Victoria, meaning victory.

  • Wann

    A pale and fair woman.

  • Waynette

    The wagon maker.

  • Welsie

    A woman from the west.

  • Wenona

    The first born daughter.

  • Winter

    Winter season

  • Yaiiua

    Bright; Youthful; Vibrant person with youthful energy

  • Yaletha

    A variant of Oletha. It means light or nimble.

  • Yvonne

    Feminine of Ives, meaning archer's bow.

  • Zavi

    Archer; Yew Wood; Yew wood was used for bows;

  • Zillah

    Hebrew - Shadow;

  • Zipporah

    Hebrew - Bird; Derived from the element 'Tsippowr' which means bird. The name was borne by the wife of Moses in the Bible

  • Zoi

    Old Greek - Life; A variant form of name Zoe

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