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English Girl Names

  • Aaget


  • Aamber

    a Precious Jewel or gemstone or it also has a meaning of warm honey color

  • Aaralyn

    An American name meaning with song; A woman with song

  • Abbatissa

    Its female form of abbās that is feminine head of an abbey

  • Abbigale

    Its root is Hebrew origins which means joy of my father. Also its version of abbigail with suffix -e.

  • Abbreithe

    One who is a lady's maid

  • Abelia

    Meaning Herdsman that is a person who looks for over a flock or her

  • Abelota

    An eager, able and balanced person

  • Abigaill

    The joy of my father

  • Abigaille

    The rejoice of my father

  • Abigale

    The Yahweh's rejoice

  • Abigayle

    The joy or happiness of Yahweh

  • Absidee

    One who impresses others and is elegant

  • Achethe

    A thoughtful, honorable and clever person

  • Adalee

    A noble wood or the nobility of wood

  • Adamaris

    An invented Enlish-American name which is a possible combination of Ada and Maris

  • Adda

    Ornament, beautiful addition to the family

  • Addileigh

    A Beautiful or pleasant wood

  • Addiliegh

    The wood which is pleasant

  • Addyson

    A form of Addison

  • Adlen

    One with the curly hair

  • Adut

    A complete and powerful person

  • Aedida

    A fairy or a nymph counsellor

  • Aediva

    A strife of wealth, rich of wars

  • Aefled

    A desirable and understanding person

  • Aeileua

    Unique, wonderful and energetic being

  • Aeilgyuu

    A rational, individualistic and approachable being

  • Aeldid

    A nymph counsellor

  • Aelfdane

    One who earn or deserve elf powers

  • Aelfrida

    One who has the mystical strength

  • Aelfsige

    The victory of mystical powers

  • Aelfwear

    A mystic power from water

  • Aelfwold

    A mystic person from the forests

  • Aelfwyn

    The friend of super powers

  • Aelfwynn

    A friend of mystic power

  • Aelgifu

    A gift of brightness, a bright gift

  • Aelgytha

    A bright shining gift

  • Aeluin

    A blue lake or pool, a mountain lake

  • Aeluuin

    A mountain lake of blue color

  • Aember

    An orange-yellow colored gemstone from fossil resin

  • Aemy

    A beloved person, to love

  • Aeria

    A specie of butterfly. Type of butterfly

  • Aerith

    Created Name; A variant of the name Aeris

  • Aerwyna

    One who is friend or companion of a sea

  • Aethelinda

    A noble female snake

  • Aethelmaer

    A little virgin noble snake

  • Aethelmaere

    The virgin daughter of a noble snake

  • Aethelreda

    A female counsellor noble snake

  • Aethelthryth

    Anglo-Saxon - Wife of King Ecgfrith; Old English name from 'Aethel' meaning noble and 'thryth' meaning strength

  • Aetti

    The female ruler of an estate

  • Aevryn

    A mystical counsellor

  • Aevyrie

    Ta counsel of mystical powers

  • Agacie

    One who is smart, pretty, poise, clever, intelligent, confident and kind hearted.

  • Agape

    The Greek meaning of Agape is 'Love'; loved by all or loving to everyone; spreading love; a person who is warm as love

  • Agase

    Agase means good in Greek. A uniquely apt name for a baby girl who is obedient, not stubborn, happy, cheerful and easy going.

  • Agenilda

    One who is courageous, cheerful, friendly, kind and generous

  • Agnes

    A chaste woman

  • Agnys

    A variation of Agnes, meaning the pure one

  • Agote


  • Ahuva

    Beloved, Liked, Favorite, much loved, darling

  • Ahzuro

    Potential to attain power and authority in their life

  • Aicusa

    Visionary, imaginative, creative

  • Aiessa

    to be obeyed

  • Aildreda

    Ethereal, heavenly

  • Ailed

    Powerful and complete

  • Aileth


  • Aileua


  • Aileve

    friendly, likeable

  • Ailfled

    Avalee, Hazelnut

  • Ailid

    solid, enduring in Hebrew

  • Ailiet

    noble gate

  • Ailill

    Irish baby name.

  • Ailina

    Messenger of God; Angel;

  • Ailiva

    friendly, likeable

  • Ailiyah

    A Great One and it Come Signify God

  • Ailla

    oak tree

  • Ailleth


  • Ailletha


  • Ailliva


  • Ailnoth


  • Ailova

    Nobel, kind

  • Ailufa


  • Ailynn

    Powerful and complete

  • Aimberi


  • Aimen

    Most Congratulated.

  • Ainara


  • Aindrila

    Female star

  • Aini

    Spring. Flower. Source

  • Ainsleigh

    Old English - Wood; Clearing; Meadow; Hermitage; Solitary; A derivative of the name Ainsley

  • Aintik

    Wise and powerful

  • Aisia

    A derivation of Asia, a place name

  • Aizlynn

    A girl who has the sweetest heart, is beautiful, stunning

  • Akelda

    One who comes from the spring with healing water

  • Alaqua

    Native American - Sweet Gum Tree

  • Alayne


  • Alaysha

    Great happiness; one who of noble kind

  • Alesha

    Defended by God; Protected by God; A variant spelling is Alicia

  • Alfreda

    Elf Counsel; Elf Strength; Inspired Advice; Old Peace; Supernatural Magical Counsel; A form of Elfreda

  • Alfrida

    Elf Counsel; Elf Strength; Inspired Advice; Old Peace; Supernatural Magical Counsel; A form of Alfreda

  • Alga

    Elf Spear; A variant of the name Algar

  • Alisceon

    She who is noble and kind

  • Alisha

    Protected by God.

  • Alissa

    Truth, Noble

  • Aliva

    Olive Tree

  • Allaire

    A variant form of the name Alair

  • Allayna

    A feminine form of the name Alain

  • Allearia

    English name for girls

  • Alleigh

    Old English Allah (wood, clearing, meadow), lee has the meaning dweller by the wood or clearing

  • Alleluia

    Greek form of Hallelujah, a Hebrew word meaning 'praise God'. In Christianityity it's considered a joyful word of praise to God.

  • Allfie

    Elf Power, Fairy power

  • Allfreda

    Elf Power, Goblin power

  • Allfredah

    Elf Power

  • Allfredda

    A small, often mischievous creature considered to have magical powers

  • Allfrie

    A lively, mischievous child

  • Allfrieda

    A usually sprightly or mischievous or sometimes spiteful person

  • Allfry

    Good counselor, From the Old English name Aelfthryth

  • Allfryda

    a feminine form of Alfred, meaning sage, or wise

  • Allfy

    elf counsel, elf advocate

  • Allric

    Old Leader

  • Allson

    Son of the Highborn

  • Allura

    Alluring; A variant transcription of Alura

  • Allure

    The Female's name Allure a-llu-re is a variant of Allura (Old French), and the meaning of Allure is 'to entice, attract'.

  • Alluryn

    Alluryn based on the word Alluring means Mesmerizing or Attractive

  • Allysanne

    Variants of Alice, Kind, Nobility

  • Allysyn

    North-American spelling variant of the name Alison which is a diminutive form of the Norman French name Alis (Alice).

  • Almalyn

    English name for girls

  • Aloe

    This name was inspired by the Aloe plant.

  • Alonza

    Prompt and practical leadership qualities in personal and professional dealings.

  • Aloria

    A rare name desiring the best filled with inspiring and sophisticated qualities.

  • Alot

    Resourceful by nature it represents a strong personality bestowing supremacy.

  • Alote

    An good elf counselor full of practicality and potential to reach dominance

  • Altessa

    American - Noble Reaper

  • Alura

    Alluring; A variant transcription is Allura

  • Alurea

    Divine Counselor; With God Like Adviser; Alluring; A variant transcription is Alura

  • Alvi

    Old English - Friend of Elves; White; Blond; Elf Friend; Noble Friend

  • Alvina

    Old English - Elf Friend; Noble Friend; Latin - White; Blond; Fair One

  • Alwyna

    A warm hearted young noble friend, a visionary often blessed with ingenuity and sagacious quality

  • Alyxia

    An honourable defender who is flowing with passion

  • Amberlie

    A forever, jewel-quality resin

  • Amberlin

    A combination of name Amber and Lynn which gets a meaning of Beautiful Gem

  • Amberr

    A warm honey coated jewel- quality resin

  • Ametta

    Power of an Eagle; Modern Variant of Amold; A variant of the name Amette

  • Amette

    Power of an Eagle; Modern Variant of Amold; A variant of the name Ametta

  • Amorica

    Ancient Name for Britain in England

  • Ande

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andrea

  • Anjanette

    Blend of Ann and Janet; Gift of God's Favor; Little Heavenly messenger; Derived from name Anne

  • Annabella

    An elegant one who is very valuable and lovable

  • Annabeth

    A combination of name Anna and Beth and it means grace of the house

  • Anne

    Variation of Hannah; a beautiful prayer

  • Anneken

    Sweetness of Face; Favor; Grace; A variant of Anna

  • Annele

    God is Gracious; Sweetness of Face; Favor; Grace; A variant of Anna; Pure; Chaste

  • Annelene

    Sweetness of Face; Favor; Grace; A variant of Anna

  • Annes

    God is gracious one and he has answered the prayers

  • Annierose

    Variation of Hannah; a beautiful prayer

  • Aprille

    Second; The Month April; Derivative of English name April

  • Apryl

    Second; The Month April; Spelling variant of English name April

  • Apryll

    Second; The Month April; Spelling variant of English name April

  • Arnia

    Strong as an Eagle; A variant form is Arnea and Arneah

  • Arykah

    A honorable ruler; limitless protector

  • Aryn

    Peace; resourceful and independent being

  • Arynn

    Ireland,Peace; a builder or a planner

  • Arysta

    They have a strong and majestic personality

  • Aseey

    A brave and bold being; modest one

  • Ashari

    A voracious and soft spoken person

  • Ashelee

    The meadow of ash trees

  • Asheliegh

    An enclosed space filled with a meadow of Ash trees

  • Ashiana

    Peaceful friend

  • Ashla

    Old English - Ash Wood; Meadow of Ash Trees; Ash Tree Clearing; Variant of the name Ashley

  • Ashlan

    Old English - Ash Wood; Meadow of Ash Trees; Variant of the name Ashley; A variant form of Ashlyn

  • Ashlea

    Old English - Ash Wood; Meadow of Ash Trees; Ash Tree Clearing; Variant of the name Ashley

  • Ashleah

    Old English - Ash Wood; Meadow of Ash Trees; Ash Tree Clearing; Variant of the name Ashley

  • Ashlee

    Meadow of ash tress

  • Ashleen

    One who is the meadow of ash trees

  • Ashleena

    Old English - Ash Wood; Meadow of Ash Trees; Ash Tree Clearing; Variant of the name Ashley

  • Ashleks

    Filled with aspirations; an imaginative and kind hearted individual

  • Ashlen

    Old English - Ash Wood; Meadow of Ash Trees; Ash Tree Clearing; Variant of the name Ashley

  • Ashli

    Old English - Ash Wood; Meadow of Ash Trees; Ash Tree Clearing; Variant of the name Ashley

  • Ashlie

    A meadow of Ash trees; undaunted

  • Ashliegh

    Old English description for ash wood

  • Ashlinn

    Old English - Ash Wood; Meadow of Ash Trees; Ash Tree Clearing; Variant of the name Ashley; Irish - Dream; Vision

  • Ashly

    Old English - Ash Wood; Meadow of Ash Trees; Ash Tree Clearing; Variant of the name Ashley; Irish - Dream; Vision

  • Ashlyn

    A name which means dream

  • Ashlynn

    Old English - Ash Wood; Meadow of Ash Trees; Ash Tree Clearing; Variant of the name Ashley; Irish - Dream; Vision

  • Ashlynne

    Old English - Ash Wood; Meadow of Ash Trees; Ash Tree Clearing; Variant of the name Ashley

  • Ashten

    Ash Tree Settlement; Town of Ash Trees; Ash Tree Town; Ash wood; A variant of the name Ashley

  • Aspen

    The Aspen Tree

  • Aspynn

    Aspen tree; flutter even in the slightest breeze

  • Asselyna

    A self-content, logical and amusing person

  • Astarinel

    One who is a like a star; gateway

  • Astoria

    Name of a place in Queens, New York

  • Astra

    Latin word for stars

  • Astrigis

    An active and pleasure loving individual

  • Astrobella

    One who is a shining star lover

  • Atena

    Goddess of Wisdom; Wise; Praise; A variant form of name is Athena

  • Atheleisia

    Infinite; they lack patience, are serious and idealistic

  • Atheleys

    A risk taker; one who has progressive and free thinking

  • Athelflead

    A lonesome, hopeful and energetic being

  • Athelinda

    One who guards and is immortal

  • Athelyna

    One who has eager personality; educated one

  • Athilda

    At the Elder Tree; From the elder tree grove; A variant of name Atilda

  • Athlyn

    One who is the friend of people; compatible being

  • Atilda

    At the Elder Tree; From the elder tree grove; A variant of name Athilda

  • Atlee

    Someone who lives near the woods

  • Attheaeldre

    Someone who is at the elder tree

  • Auberte

    A noble and a bright girl

  • Aubertha

    A generous and a bright girl

  • Auberthe

    A noble English girl

  • Aubreda

    They are disciplined and well organized

  • Aubrianna

    A noble person

  • Aubrie

    Rules with wisdom

  • Aubrieta

    Logical, fun loving and exciting person

  • Aubrin

    A golden meadow

  • Aubryn

    A golden horizon

  • Aubrynn

    A person who sits on the Golden hill

  • Auburn

    A reddish brown or golden colour

  • Aucella

    A little bird

  • Audelia

    Nobility or a person's strength

  • Audery

    Old English name for nobility and strength

  • Audey

    Noble strength

  • Audilee

    An old, wealthy and prosperous being

  • Audrei

    Servant of a high one; a capable

  • Audreigh

    Name of a saint

  • Audrey

    Old word meaning divine and strength

  • Audriegh

    A noble and a generous girl

  • Audrina

    The divinity,nobility, strength

  • Audrye

    The ultimate strength

  • Auelyna

    The holiest, patient and most magical

  • Augnete

    Amusing, good tempered and tidy being

  • Auice

    They are Elf counsellor; fortunate and healthy

  • Auicia

    A family oriented, loving and caring individual

  • Auisia

    A compassionate, hard working and good natured person

  • Auizia

    One who has a goal; sure footed and rigid

  • Auline

    A girl with a noble strength

  • Aulma

    A girl who is an Elf Counsellor

  • Aunflis

    A normal, forgiving and sharp witted individual

  • Aunitra

    One who has great inner peace; main pillars of family

  • Aunphelice

    A holy, sure footed and hard working person

  • Auri

    English - Aura; Golden

  • Auriah

    Morning star; aurora of beauty and wind; princess

  • Auryon

    English - A great huntress

  • Ausha

    A trusted human being; friend of the people

  • Aust?ja

    One who has strong mental growth and intelligence

  • Autiana

    An insightful, accurate and adorable person

  • Automne

    The fourth season of a year; naive and eager

  • Autumm

    A fall season; one who is born in the fall

  • Auxerre

    A divine person; they are advanced and mature

  • Avalielle

    The one who provides life and support

  • Avaline

    One who is sensitive, rich and humble

  • Avalon

    Name of a paradise island; an apple

  • Avalyn

    Name of a sweet singing bird

  • Avalynn

    A planner at heart; honest being

  • Avanell

    One who has many outlets for energy

  • Avarie

    A pretty,young and bright individual

  • Avariella

    English - Woman of great strength; Powerful; Small and Strong Woman; A variant of name Avarielle

  • Avarielle

    English - Woman of great strength; Powerful; Small and Strong Woman; A variant of name Avariella

  • Ave

    To hail or to bow down; interesting person

  • Avelen

    An easygoing and eager personality

  • Avelin

    One who is the Hazelnut tree

  • Avelyn

    A deserving individual; passionate

  • Avenable

    One who has a creative bend of mind

  • Avenlee

    One with a creative bend of mind; honest

  • Averie

    One who is born to rule the Elves

  • Averley

    One with noble strength

  • Avett

    A high rank born child; they are charismatic

  • Avic

    They are focused on the goals and dreams

  • Avigayil

    One who is a happy father and provides joy

  • Avilynn

    A planner; they have emotional security

  • Avira

    German name

  • Avis

    A bird who is desired by everyone

  • Avitoria

    Obedient and able person; rational

  • Avonlea

    A field near the river

  • Avrielle

    The fourth month; to blossom

  • Avril

    The month of April

  • Avrille

    Beautiful month of April; opening buds

  • Avynn

    They are many fortunate and happy

  • Avyril

    Opening buds of April; blossom

  • Awdrey

    A noble and kind being

  • Aybree

    Majestic and dignified human being

  • Ayled

    A successful Elf counsellor

  • Ayleisa

    A god who is oath

  • Ayleth

    A native person; naive and happy

  • Aylild

    One who is a blossoming flower

  • Ayliua

    An amusing, intuitive and caring person

  • Aylofa

    Assertive and youthful person

  • Aylufa

    A level headed, honest and lovely human being

  • Aynslee

    Old English - Wood; Clearing; Meadow; Hermitage; Solitary; A derivative of the name Ainsley

  • Azurine

    Sky-blue; A variant form of name Azure;

  • Baili

    One who can reach great heights and depths

  • Baily

    A hard working steward person

  • Bailye

    One who has the desire to uplift humanity

  • Baisley

    Paisley; unique and majestic

  • Baker

    One who keeps the communal kitchen

  • Baldehiua

    Means to be idealistic, generous and forgiving.

  • Baldehuia

    Means to be idealistic, generous and forgiving.

  • Baldeth

    It symbolizes wisdom and knowledge and an analytical mind.

  • Baldethiva

    It symbolizes enthusiasm and optimism.

  • Baldgiua

    A genuine and attentive person

  • Balethiva

    It means intelligent, valued and brilliant.

  • Baliegh

    The name means a bailiff or a law enforcer

  • Balthildis

    The name means responsibility and considerable.

  • Banana

    A tropical tree-like plant and it's edible fruit.

  • Barabara

    Right; Appropriate

  • Barberella

    A comic book by Jean-Claude Forest

  • Barbery

    Collective land of the Berber people

  • Barbeta

    a protective circular armour support for a heavy gun turret

  • Barbi

    Traveler from a Foreign Land; In Catholic Custom St Barbara is a Protectors Against Fire and Lightning; Strange; Foreign

  • Barita

    a person whose job involves preparing and serving different types of coffee

  • Barotha

    English naem for girls

  • Barr


  • Bashemath

    Means 'fragrance, sweet-smelling' in Hebrew.

  • Baterich

    English name for girls

  • Baubie

    Diminutive of Barbara; Strange; Foreign

  • Bayle


  • Baylea

    bailiff; berry wood

  • Baylee

    Bailiff, fine looking, attractive

  • Baylei


  • Baylie

    Public Official;

  • Beadda

    A battle maid

  • Beadu

    Warrior Maid

  • Beaduburg

    A fortress

  • Beaga

    English name for girls

  • Beage

    A little one

  • Bealda

    She who is beautiful

  • Bearda

    A river bank

  • Beatka

    Blessed, Holly,

  • Beatrix

    Provider Of Joy

  • Beatrixe

    Explorer through Life;

  • Beatriz

    Brings Joy

  • Beaue

    We like the fact that it sounds like David Bowie's last name.

  • Beauty


  • Beccy

    Short form of Rebecca

  • Beckie

    Captivating; Bound; Form of Rebecca; Tied; Joined

  • Becok

    A free spirited one

  • Beddis

    Surname, meanis widow

  • Bedeluue

    English name for girls

  • Bee

    Diminutive of Beatirce, meaning one that brojngs happiness

  • Begilda

    English name for girls

  • Bego�a

    A Basque name, shortened from Nuestra Seora de Begoa (Our Lady of Begoa), a Roman Catholic epithet of the Virgin Mary Begoa, Spain

  • Belanna

    A noble woman who is berautiful

  • Belet

    A free spirited girl

  • Belisma

    River Goddess

  • Bellini

    Derived From Belle

  • Belsant

    A bashful, nonchalant and tender individual

  • Belsante

    An understanding, positive and responsible individual

  • Bemma

    A variation of Emma, means an universal, whole person

  • Bencelina

    An easy going, simple and muscular individual

  • Beneatha

    Beauty, excitement and wonderment, curious, artistically inclined to make an impact on the world as we know it

  • Benet


  • Benigne

    Well Born; Kindly

  • Bennca

    One who is the servant of God; strong and brave

  • Bennelize

    One who is filled with high levels of energy and has sixth sense

  • Benthe

    A blessed girl

  • Bentlea

    Female Version of Bentley; Meadow of Grass

  • Bentlee

    Female Version of Bentley; From the Meadow of Grass

  • Bentleigh

    Meadow of Grass

  • Beocca

    A farm house or a farm place

  • Beoduca

    She who comes from teh place of cow barns

  • Beohha

    A form of beort, meaning bright and famous

  • Beonna

    She is a strong woman

  • Beorhthilde

    Shining Battle-maid

  • Beortbtraed

    Bright Counselor

  • Berangari

    Spear-bearer Maid

  • Berengaria

    Maiden of the Bear-spear; Maiden

  • Berenice


  • Berkleigh

    Birch tree clearing; a beautiful prayer

  • Berlin

    A place name, after the capital city of Germany

  • Bernadina

    Bear; Courageous; Feminine of Bernard

  • Berneice

    She who Brings Victory

  • Berniece

    A woman who brings victory

  • Bernita

    Bernita (Bear, or brave) has been said to be a blend of Bernice and Juanita; means 'harbinger (messenger) of victory'

  • Berrie

    Noble and Shining; Pale Green Gemstone

  • Berte

    Noble; Shining; Bright

  • Bertene

    Seems to be a feminine form of Berten; brave person

  • Berti

    Noble; Shining; Bright

  • Bessa

    A short from Elisabeth, meaning my God is my oath

  • Beste


  • Bethari


  • Bethia

    A person who is pious and worships God

  • Bethiar

    House of God

  • Beti

    A woman for whome the God is in her oath

  • Betiah

    Her God is her promise

  • Betryse

    A woman who is a blessed traveler

  • Betsi

    A name meaning God is my oath

  • Bett

    Pledged to God; God's Promise; God is My Oath

  • Bette

    Consecrated To God

  • Bettie

    Bettie is an alternate form of Betty Both can be used as a short form of Elizabeth, Bethanne, or Bethany, or as independent names

  • Bettylou

    A combination of the names Betty and Lou; it has quick and active mind

  • Beverely

    She who lives near the beavr's creek

  • Beverle


  • Beverley

    From the Beaver Meadow; Beaver Stream

  • Beverlie

    derived from a place name meaning 'beaver stream'

  • Beverly

    Near The Meadow Of The Beavers

  • Beverlye


  • Beverlyn

    She who dwells near the beaver stream

  • Bevlyn


  • Bevverlie

    beaver stream or meadow

  • Bevverly

    Variation ofbeaver stream or meadow

  • Bevvy

    Variant of Beaver-stream

  • Bianca

    Light; White; Shining; A Shakespearean baby name meaning Tragedy of Othello' Mistress of Cassio

  • Bibby

    She who made a pledge to God

  • Bibi


  • Biby

    A woman pledged to God

  • Bicca

    A variant of Becca, meaning a snare

  • Bilhah

    Shy, timid; One who is confused

  • Bilswith

    A woman of the farm

  • Bindy

    Pretty snake; A Diminutive of Belinda

  • Biniqua

    A diligent person; quick and understanding

  • Binny

    Form of Bianca; White; Blessed

  • Bird

    Unusual Nature Name

  • Birdelle

    Little bird

  • Birdey

    Unusual Nature Name

  • Birewar

    A responsible, deserving and technical individual

  • Birleana

    A happy, versatile and imaginative individual

  • Birsen

    You are Unique

  • Bisaria

    One who likes to be in association and has sense of duty

  • Bjaraja

    One who can appreciate life and find success

  • Blaisha

    A creative, sensitive and loving individual

  • Blake


  • Blakeley

    Pale-skinned; Dark

  • Blakely

    Pale-skinned; Dark; Pale Meadow

  • Blakelyn

    A dark-complexioned man sho shines

  • Blakemore

    From the Dark Moor

  • Blakenee

    Pale-skinned; Dark

  • Blakeney

    Pale-skinned; Dark

  • Blakeny

    Pale-skinned; Dark

  • Blakesly

    She who comes from the clearing of dark wolves

  • Blanaid

    Means 'blossom'.

  • Blanchefleur

    From the French, meaning 'White Flower'

  • Blayre

    Female Version of Blair; Flatland

  • Blenined

    An individual who likes devotion towards work and life

  • Blessin

    A woman who is blessed

  • Blessing


  • Blessy

    Blessing; Lucky Thing; Good Thing

  • Bletsung


  • Blima

    Yiddish name meaning 'blossom.'

  • Bliss

    Perfect Joy

  • Blita

    A very strong woman

  • Blitha

    Independant or blissfull or contented.

  • Blithe

    Happy; merry, glad and lighthearted person

  • Bliths


  • Blocca

    A woman who is craftsman who uses blocks

  • Blondene

    Fair-haired; Variation of the Spanish Blandina; Flattering

  • Blostm


  • Bluebell

    Flower Name

  • Bluesette

    A name of the instrumental jazz,blues song

  • Blysse

    Delight; Joy; Happiness

  • Blyth


  • Blythe


  • Boadicea

    A Queen of the Iceni Victory; Name of a Heroic Queen of Early Britain

  • Bobbee

    Bright Fame; Strange

  • Bobbette

    Bright Fame

  • Bobbey

    Bright Fame

  • Bobbi

    bright famous one; famously famous

  • Bobbie

    bright famous one; famously famous

  • Bocca

    A woman who is like a doe

  • Bokil

    A person who excels in every field; responsible

  • Bonajoia

    She who brings good joy

  • Boniface

    One with a good faith

  • Bontu

    A sensitive, unique and inspirational person

  • Boudica

    it is the name of a queen of the iceni tribe of the british empire.

  • Bracca

    female derivation of the name 'Braxton'

  • Braedin

    A name of a place; hailing from the Barley settlement

  • Braeleigh

    A broad, wide piece of land or field

  • Brailee

    The name of a place

  • Brailey

    A broad, wide hill that has got a lot of space

  • Bralynn

    A glorious and wise person

  • Brancu

    A version of the name Branca, means white and fair woman

  • Branda

    Fire or sword

  • Brande

    Derived from 'brandy' meaning an alcoholic beverage

  • Brandee

    Derived from Brandy, which is an alcoholic beverage

  • Brandice

    A beverage used as alcohol; an alcoholic beverage

  • Brandie

    Alcoholic spirit; an alcoholic beverage

  • Brandilyn

    A ruddy alcoholic beverage

  • Brandiwyne

    A distilled form of wine; distilled wine

  • Brandy

    An alcoholic beverage or spirit

  • Brandyce

    Derived from Brandy, an alcoholic beverage

  • Brandye

    An alcohlic beverage, or spirit

  • Brandywine

    The distilled form of wine

  • Brangwayna

    A raven that is fair

  • Brangwyne

    The raven; a black bird that resembles a crow

  • Branndais

    A liquor name; the name of an alcohol

  • Brannde

    An alcoholic beverage or spirit

  • Branndi

    The name of an alcoholic beverage

  • Branndie

    An alcoholic beverage name

  • Brantlie

    A fiery or burning sword

  • Braya

    Cheerful and free spirited

  • Brayli

    Coming from a broad hillside

  • Braylin

    Hailing from a broad hillside

  • Braytlee

    An independent, lively, religious and defined person

  • Br�gida

    A high and elevated woman

  • Breah

    Honourable, strong and virtuous

  • Breann

    One who is bold as a raven

  • Breeanna

    One who is strong and honourable

  • Breehan

    Hailing from the boundary line

  • Breehanna

    One who hails from the boundary

  • Breelyn

    A noble and exalted person

  • Breeze

    A wind that flows fast

  • Breezie

    Like a fast flowing wind

  • Bregeswith

    A well mannered, refined and target oriented person

  • Breguswith

    One who is an organizerm talented and reasonable person

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