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English Girl Names

  • Jelise

    Mixture of jean (Gift from God ) and Lisa (promise of God).

  • Jelissa

    A type of insect, honey bee.

  • Jellion

    Variant od Giles; one who is desirable

  • Jemarica

    Combination of Jessica and Marcus

  • Jemina

    The one who uses her right hand always.

  • Jen

    Pet for Jennifer that means a fair one

  • Jenae

    The God has answered

  • Jenai

    God has answered my prayers.

  • Jenalie

    The white enchantress

  • Jenalynn

    Variation of jenny (God has been gracious).

  • Jenarae

    Diminutive of Jenny (God has been merciful).

  • Jenay

    God has heard my prayers.

  • Jenaya

    God is gracious

  • Jenaye

    The Answer from the God

  • Jendra

    A fair point or a fairer person

  • Jenea

    God's grace endures forever.

  • Jenean

    God's mercy sustains forever.

  • Jeneane

    The mercy of God is forever

  • Jenee

    God endows his mercy upon mankind.

  • Jeneefer

    The white colored girl

  • Jeneen

    God bestows his grace upon me.

  • Jenefer

    Bright, tender, kind and gentle.

  • Jeneil

    The winner of all hard waves.

  • Jenell

    The one who is forgiving, reasonable and warm.

  • Jenene

    The person who is impartial in her spirits.

  • Jenessa

    The girl who is easy going, soft and fine looking.

  • Jenetta

    Person who is just and upright.

  • Jenianna

    A graceful or favourable lady

  • Jenibeth

    The oath of a white lady

  • Jeniefer

    A lady with the fair complexion

  • Jenifar

    The fairer of all

  • Jenilee

    Blend of Jenny(God is merciful) and Lee (green field).

  • Jenilyn

    A benevolent and merciful

  • Jenilynn

    The one who is benevolent, without malicious intent.

  • Jennabel

    The girl who is just of peace.

  • Jennabelle

    A girl who is just and true

  • Jennarae

    The girl who is just in her spirits.

  • Jennasee

    Latest variation of Jenny (God is gracious) and Jennifer (just and reasonable).

  • Jennavieve

    One who possess good spiritual moralities.

  • Jennay

    God has given his blessings to me.

  • Jennelle

    God's grace is adequate to all of us.

  • Jennessa

    Combination of Jennifer and Vanessa

  • Jenneva

    Variant of Genevieve (Race of women)

  • Jennex

    One who is attractive and good looking

  • Jennyann

    Variation of Jenny (God is graceful)

  • Jennye

    God has been fair and yielding

  • Jenralyn

    Refers to an intelligent and bold girl.

  • Jentrie

    Nobility or aristocracy

  • Jentzie

    A noble born or a high born

  • Jeorjia

    The girls who works in a farmhouse.

  • Jeovana

    Refers to precious talent from God.

  • Jeovanna

    God is full of mercy and tender care.

  • Jeraldeen

    One who is a king with spear

  • Jeralyn

    Mixture of jerry (ruler hold the spear) and Marilyn (wishing for a baby).

  • Jerelyn

    Girl who is having clever mind and daring.

  • Jerilene

    Feminine of gerald; One who is good at spear

  • Jerilyn

    Rules with spear

  • Jerilynn

    A spear warrior

  • Jerline

    Your mother's son; Female version of john

  • Jerrilyn

    Modern blend of jerry and marilyn; Waterfall

  • Jeselle

    Fair and smooth

  • Jesmynda

    A variant of Jasmine, a fragrant flower

  • Jessame

    The one who is rich in properties.

  • Jessamy

    A jasmine flower

  • Jessika

    A character in shakespeare's the merchant of venice

  • Jeva

    Easy to give forgiveness

  • Jewel

    An accessory used as a decoration on oneself

  • Jewelia

    Jupiter's child

  • Jewelianne

    Latin feminine form of julianus, which is a derivation of julius the first down the chin, downy-bearded

  • Jewell

    A precious stone

  • Jewelle

    Derivative of the breton name judicael which was used in honour of the 16th century bishop of salisbury, john jewel

  • Jezabel

    Oath of God; Lord Baal; A variant form of Jezebel

  • Jifinder

    One who has an amazing and mesmerizing personality

  • Jilian

    Jilian means youthful person who loves to enjoy her youth part of life.

  • Jillaine

    Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jillana

    Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jillanne

    Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jillayne

    Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jille

    Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jillene

    Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jillesa

    A varient of name Jill. Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jillet

    A varient of name Jill. Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jillian

    A varient of name Jill. Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jilliana

    A varient of name Jill. Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jilliane

    A varient of name Jill. Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jilliann

    A varient of name Jill. Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jillianna

    A varient of name Jill. Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jillianne

    A varient of name Jill. Young Person. In simple words powerful and full of life person.

  • Jilly

    In English the importance of the name Jilly is: Abbreviation of Jillian or Gillian. Jove's tyke.

  • Jillyn

    In English the importance of the name Jillyn is: Abbreviation of Jillian or Gillian. Jove's tyke.

  • Jimena

    Calm, focused, patient and are complex in nature. People with this name are highly organized and curious to know new things or learn new things in life

  • Jinni

    people with this name have urge to help other people and humanity. They are creative and wants to acquire knowledge. They are highly I maginative and visionary.

  • Jiselle

    it means prettiest girl on earth. Girls with this name are cutest and fun loving. They have good sense of humour and creative.

  • Joanie

    The name Joanie is a female name that means God is gracious. It has many variations that originate from a Hebrew name Yochanan. Joanie is a version used mostly in England.

  • Joann

    Joann is an English female name that means God is gracious. It is a variant of the name Joan, and originates from the Hebrew name Yochanan.

  • Joanne

    Joanne is a female name and means God is gracious. It has many variations that all originate from Hebrew. This version of the name is mostly used in England or France.

  • Joannee

    Means God is gracious. Female name that originates from a Hebrew name Yochanan. This variant of the name is moslty used in England.

  • Jocelyne

    The name means A Person who belongs to a Gauts Tribe

  • Joellen

    Feminine of Joel ,al powers belongs to the God he is the real Lord

  • Joetta

    Gracious, Jeovah is God emotional, fragile and capricious dreamer woman

  • Johamma

    Asssociated form of name Johannese means God is mild and good hearted

  • Johana

    God is merciful and gracious,God has favoured

  • Johnavon

    God has favoured ,he is merciful benovlent ,kind and gracious

  • Johnette

    God has given ,he has regarded and considered,he is merciful and kind hearted

  • Joiha

    Originated from the old word joy meaning happiness and pleasure

  • Jois

    Associated form of the name Joyce meaning liveliness, charm and bless

  • Jolean

    it means gracious, pretty and merciful. Expressive, fun loving and have good sense of humour. They are creative and happy persons.

  • Joleane

    it means He (God) will increase. People with this name always seek the quality of life and desire to get the best. They are sensitive in nature.

  • Jolee

    it means cheerful and pretty. Such people are kind hearted and generous. They love helping people and making friends. They are more obliged towards their families.

  • Joleen

    it means something well established. People with this name are organized and love making friends. They have bold and mature attitude.

  • Joleicia

    honest, brilliant, high of inspiration people. they posses the leader quality and believe in law and methodical behaviour in every thing.

  • Joli

    countly and cheerful are the owrd meanings. People with this name have desire for loving companions. They tend to be leaders and are focused towards their goal.

  • Jollene

    such people are powerful and are focused towards their aim. They attain good wealth in their life. If they will implement their ideas, they will surely be successful.

  • Jonet

    the name means rejoicing, people with this name love to travel and are involved in many social activities. They are active and fast.

  • Jonina

    it means cheerful or joyful. People with this name are charmful, youthful and natural in personality.they are truthful and easily captivate others.

  • Jonix

    the name means cheerful or merry. They are flexible in nature and easily adapt new changes in life. They enjoy their life and love everlast.

  • Jonjay

    these people work in temples, cathedrals or temples because they have responsible attitude and love helping other people. intelligent and good advisers.

  • Jonquil

    From the Flower Name

  • Joyann

    the name means rejoicing, people with this name love to travel and are involved in many social activities. They are active and fast.

  • Joyceanne

    it means cheerful or joyful. People with this name are charmful, youthful and natural in personality.they are truthful and easily captivate others.

  • Joycelynn

    the name means cheerful or merry. They are flexible in nature and easily adapt new changes in life. They enjoy their life and love everlast.

  • Joyceta

    these people work in temples, cathedrals or temples because they have responsible attitude and love helping other people. intelligent and good advisers.

  • Joylynn

    Combination of two words 'Joy' and 'Lynn' where Joy means happiness, delight or great pleasure and Lynn is an English surname which was derived from Welsh llyn 'lake'

  • Juet

    The name means Gift from God

  • Juete

    Juete name means The Lord is Gracious

  • Juetta

    The meaning of the name is Merciful

  • Juhota

    Juhota name means One Who is Merciful

  • Juicia

    A capable, practical and versatile being

  • Julene

    the word means youth. These people prove to be very lucky and natural in their attitude. They do not bear fake personalities.

  • Juliane

    young and fearless.such people are easy going and have urge to seek knowledge. They have a lot of qualities and love their family and friends.

  • Julianna

    it means young and youthful or Joves child. These people are abundant, organized, full of ideas and useful for others.

  • Juliany

    they are the great listeners and advicers. They take care of their physical appearance and prove to be youthful. They listen to their hearts.

  • Julienna

    they live their life with full luxury and have neatness . Their social circle is very big and easily inspire others.

  • Julitta

    people with this name are old fashioned and have hidden talent. they are able to make themselves ideal and are loyal.

  • Juna

    Juna means Young Person

  • Junifa

    A patient and reserch oriented being

  • Juniper

    Juniper is an English name and represents a small, evergreen shrub bearing berries

  • Jurnee

    Jurnee is a variation of the word Journey and bears the same meaning

  • Justise

    Old English - Justice; Just

  • Juthwara

    Juthwara means 'Aud the Virgin'

  • Juwete

    An imaginative, creative and friendly person

  • Jyl

    Jyl name means Jove's (Jupiter's) Child

  • Kaci

    Kaci means Vigorous

  • Kacibrel

    Kacibrel means Alert

  • Kacie

    The name Kacie means Vigilant in War

  • Kacy

    The name Kacy means Alert, Alarm

  • Kadi

    Kadi means Rhyming

  • Kadian

    Kadian means Pure,Rhytmic

  • Kadieann

    Kadieann means Rhyming, Pure

  • Kadienne

    Kadienne means a rhythmic flow of sounds

  • Kadynce

    The mane means 'A melodic or harmonic pattern that signals the end of a phrase'.

  • Kaeleigh

    The name means Keeper of the Keys

  • Kaelene

    Kaelene means Keeper of the Keys, Pure

  • Kaeley

    The name means She who has the Keys

  • Kaeli

    Kaeli means Pure, Keyholder

  • Kaelia

    Kaelia means Holder of the Keys

  • Kaelie

    Kaelie means Pure, Keeper of the Keys

  • Kaelyn

    The name means She Who holds the Key

  • Kaesha

    Kaesha means Vigorous

  • Kaianna

    Kaianna means Victory of the People

  • Kailan

    Kailan means Keeper of Keys, Pure

  • Kailee

    Kailee means Keeper of the Keys, The Pure One

  • Kailey

    Kailey means Each of the Two

  • Kailin

    The name means Keeper of the Keys

  • Kailyn

    The name means The Pure Keeper of the Keys

  • Kailynn

    Kailynn name means Meadow, Waterfall

  • Kailynne

    Kailynne means She who has the Keys

  • Kalee

    Kalee name means Fair, Pure, Keeper of the Keys

  • Kallima

    Kallima means The Name of the Butteerfly

  • Kallita

    Kallita name means From the Woods

  • Kalmia

    Kalmia is a name of the Flower

  • Kalyn

    Kalyn means Keeper of the keys

  • Kalynn

    Kalynn means The One who Keeps the Keys

  • Kalynne

    The name means Keykeeper

  • Kambria

    Kambrian means Wales

  • Kamlyn

    A combination of name Kama and Lynn

  • Kamrin

    Kamrin name means Crooked Nose

  • Kandee

    Kandee name means Ethiopian Queen

  • Kandi

    Kandi means The Queen Mother

  • Kandice

    Kandice The Queen of Ethiopia

  • Kandie

    The name The Mother Queen

  • Kandis

    Latin - Pure; English - Candy; Modern variant of Candace

  • Kandiss

    Kandiss means Ethiopian Queens

  • Kandy

    Latin - Pure; English - Candy; Modern variant of Candace

  • Kandyce

    The name means a Title Used by Ethiopian Queens

  • Kansate

    A reserved, poised and gracious being

  • Karaleigh

    The name means Pure and Fair Waoman

  • Karmina

    Karmina means Orchard

  • Karolyn

    Means Free Woman

  • Karyn

    A pure individual

  • Kasen

    A dame of purity

  • Katale

    Katale name means Strogner than You

  • Katara

    Katara means Blessed

  • Kataya

    Kataya means The Unsullied one

  • Katelin

    The name Katelin means Pure, Clear

  • Katelina

    Katelina means the Clear One

  • Katelinn

    Means the One who is Pure

  • Katelinne

    Katelinne means The Clear, Pure one

  • Katelynn

    Katelynn means Clean, Clear

  • Katerin

    Katerin means Torture

  • Kateryna

    Kateryna means Pure, Simple

  • Kateryne

    Kateryne means Plain, Clear

  • Katharyn

    The name means Transparent, True, Clear

  • Kathee

    Kathee means Pure, Natural

  • Kathi

    Kathi means Clear, Clean

  • Kathia

    Kathia means Pure, Natural

  • Kathian

    The name means True, Plain

  • Kathie

    Kathie means Pure, Unadulterated

  • Kathire

    Kathire means Clear, Plain

  • Kathleen

    Means Pure, Flawless

  • Kathlyn

    The name means Pure and Simple

  • Kathryne

    Means Plain, Pure, Clear

  • Kathy

    Kathy means Bright, Authentic, Pure

  • Katilynn

    The name means Clear, Transparent

  • Katin

    Katin means Daughter with Power

  • Katrianna

    The name means Pure, Neat

  • Kay

    Kay means Flames, Fire

  • Kaydra

    The name means She keeps the Keys

  • Kaye

    Kaye means She holds the Keys

  • Kaylen

    Kaylen means She Keeps The Keys

  • Kayley

    Kayley means She Holds The Keys

  • Kayli

    Kayli means The Pure one who holds the keys

  • Kayliegh

    Kayliegh name means Female Keeper of the Keys

  • Kaylil

    The name means The Key Keeper

  • Kaylyn

    Kaylyn means She that is Pure

  • Kaylynn

    The name means She is Pure and Virginal

  • Keatlyn

    Keatlyn means She is Pure, Bright and Chaste

  • Kelcie

    Old English - Ship; Victory; A spelling variant is Kelsey

  • Kellsie

    Kellsie means Brave

  • Kelsa

    Kelsa means Brave

  • Kelsie

    Kelsie means Daring, Fearless

  • Kelsy

    Kelsy means Heroic, Brave

  • Kelva

    Kelva means I am Stronger Than You

  • Kenabeth

    Kenabeth means Solid, Steady

  • Kenadona

    Kenadona means Clean Water

  • Kenadone

    Kenadone means Clear, Pure Water

  • Kencil

    An intensive and emotional being

  • Kenda

    Kenda means Child of Clear,Cool Water

  • Kendahl

    The name means The Valley of the River Kent

  • Kendal

    Kendal means The bright valley, Valley of Kent River

  • Kendale

    Kendale means the Kent River Valley

  • Kendall

    Kendall means From the Bright Valley of Kent River

  • Kendyl

    Kendyl means Spring Valley

  • Kendyll

    Kenyll means Kent Valley

  • Kenede

    Kenede means Child of clear Water, Kent River

  • Kenisha

    The name means Clean Water

  • Kenisha 'a beautiful life'

    The name means Royal Obligation, Beautiful and Prosperous

  • Kenlea

    Kenlea meansShe is from the Royal Medow

  • Kenlee

    Kenlee means King's Meadow

  • Kenleigh

    Kenleigh means She is from the Meadow of the Kings

  • Kenlyn

    Kenlyn means Girl from the Royal Meadow

  • Kennedi

    Kennedi means Helmet on the Head

  • Kennedy

    Kennedy means Helmeted Chief

  • Kennice

    The name means Beauty

  • Kennis

    Kennis means She posesses Beauty

  • Kennita

    Kennita means From the Bright Valley of the River Kent

  • Kensley

    Kensley means The Spring Glade

  • Kenya

    Kenya means Mauntain of Whiteness

  • Kenzington

    Kenzington is a place name, of the English town Kensington

  • Kenzinton

    The name means place name, from British town Kensington

  • Kerbie

    The name means From the Church Village

  • Kerem

    Kerbie means Church Village

  • Kerenza

    Kerensa means Love

  • Keri

    Kerenza means The One who Loves

  • Kermeilde

    A woman covered in a thin layer of gold. a gilded lady

  • Kermilda

    The name means A Gilded Woman

  • Kermilla

    The name means Gilded

  • Kermillie

    Kermilla means She who is Gilded

  • Kermit

    The name means The Guilded One

  • Kersey

    A dry land in watery areas specially marsh

  • Kessler

    The name means Ship and Siege

  • Ketty

    Ketty means Ruler

  • Keyma

    Keyma means Stronger than Others

  • Kharlia

    Kharlia means Free man

  • Kherington

    The name means She is Sprung from the Fire

  • Khloe

    Khloe means Greenery

  • Khloee

    Khloee means Blooming

  • Khloei

    Khloei Green Shoot

  • Kiarn

    A righteous and keen individual

  • Kimbecc

    A assertive, humble and positive person

  • Kimber

    Kimber means Royal Fortress

  • Kimberiee

    Kimberiee means From the Royal Fortress Meadow

  • Kimberieigh

    Name means Royal Meadow

  • Kimberle

    Means From the Royal Forest

  • Kimberlea

    The name means From the Royal Meadow

  • Kimberlee

    Means Royal Forest

  • Kimberleigh

    Means Cyneburga's royal forest

  • Kimberley

    Kimberlez means From the Royal Fortress

  • Kimberli

    Kimberli means One from the Royal Meadow

  • Kimberlie

    Kimberlie means Girl From The Royal Meadow

  • Kimberlin

    Means Cyneburg's field

  • Kimberly

    Means From the wood of the royal forest

  • Kimberlyn

    Kimberlyn means From the Royal Woods

  • Kimberlynn

    Means From the Royal Forest

  • Kimbery

    Kimbery means Royal Woods

  • Kimbra

    Kimbra means From the royal fortress meadow

  • Kimbria

    A royal fortress or a meadow

  • Kimbriella

    A person who is truly devoted

  • Kimbro

    Kimbro means From the Royal Field

  • Kimbrough

    The name means From the royal meadow

  • Kimby

    One who came from the wood of the royal forest

  • Kimery

    Kimery originates from a name of the place called Kyme

  • Kimm

    Kimm means Cyneburg's field

  • Kimmy

    Means From The Meadow Of The Royal Fortress

  • Kinda

    Kinda means Valley of the Kent River

  • Kindal

    Kindal name means Comes from the Valley of Kent River

  • Kindall

    Kindall means Valley of the River

  • Kindness

    Kindness means She,who is Kind

  • Kineburga

    Kineburga is an old English name, Means the Daughter of Christian faith

  • Kingslea

    Kindslea means King's meadow

  • Kingsleu

    The name means The Meadow of Kings

  • Kinsey

    Kinsey means The Victory of the King

  • Kinslea

    Kinslea means She Comes from the Meadow of the King

  • Kinslee

    Kinslee means Woman of the Royal Meadow

  • Kinsley

    Kinsley name means The Field of the King

  • Kinslie

    Kinslie means King's Field

  • Kirklie

    the name means Meadow by the Church

  • Kirsey

    Kirsey means Dry Land in Marsh

  • Kirstal

    a clear colourless glass, used as a gemstone

  • Kisha

    Kisha means Great joy

  • Kitena

    One who is pure and unsullied

  • Kitty

    Kitty means She is Pure and Fair

  • Kitzi

    Kitzi means Beautiful and Fair Girl

  • Kiyle

    Kiyle means Narrows

  • Kiyrah

    The name means The Black and Dark Person

  • Kizzie

    Kizzie means Cassia, a Yellow Flower

  • Kizzy

    The meaning of the name refers to Yellow Flower, Cassia

  • Klaire

    Klaire means Bright and Clear

  • Klimentina

    Klementina means Kind and Sparing

  • Kogon

    Kogon means a Woman with Confidence

  • Kohita

    One who is like a wildflower

  • Kolbie

    Kolbie means Coal Town

  • Kolour

    Kolour means Color

  • Kolynn

    One who is responsible and stable minded

  • Koral

    Koral means Coral, Deep Pink

  • Korin

    Korin means a Warrior with a Spear

  • Korina

    Korina means Spear Warrior

  • Korinna

    The name means Woman Warrior with a Spear

  • Korinne

    Korinne Woman With a Spear

  • Korrine

    Korrine means She who Fights with a Spear

  • Koti

    One with stable and content mind

  • Kotihoma

    One with easy going and pleasant personality

  • Kreeli

    Kreeli means a Girl with Charms and Beauty

  • Krichia

    Krichia means She is of Noble Born

  • Krie

    Krie means I am Stronger than You

  • Krispy

    Fresh, super crunchy, Spell variant of crispy

  • Kristi

    Kristi means Christ's Follower

  • Kristia

    Kristia means She Who Follows Christ

  • Kristiane

    Kristiane means A Christian. One Who Loves Christ

  • Kristine

    A woman whose relgion is Christianity

  • Kristyn

    A follower of Christ

  • Kristyne

    A christian girl

  • Krystabelle

    Sparkling; K from the Greek Spelling of Krystallos; Krystal is a variant form of Krystabelle

  • Krystal

    The name means She Follows Christ

  • Krystalyn

    The name means Her Faith is Christian

  • Krystalynn

    The meaning of the name is She of Christian Faith

  • Krysten

    Krysten means Woman who is Christian

  • Krystian

    Krysian means He Who belongs to Christian Faith

  • Krystiana

    The name means She sho belongs to Christian Faith

  • Krystianna

    The name means Woman of Christian Faith

  • Krystin

    Krystin means the one Faithful to Christ

  • Krystina

    Krystina means Her Faith lies in Christ

  • Krystle

    Krystle means Clear Glass with No Colour

  • Krystyn

    The name means Her religion is Christianity

  • Krystyna

    Krystyna means The Follower of the Christ

  • Kylillah

    A versatile and intuitive being

  • Kylyne

    A philosophical, narrow minded and charming individual

  • Kylynn

    A name for sweet and spiritual person

  • Kym

    Kym means Royal Hill

  • Kymberlee

    The name means Cyneburg's field

  • Kymberly

    Kymberly means from Cyneburg's field

  • Kymme

    Means Brave King, Bolde

  • Kynborough

    A royar fortress, or a royal stronghold

  • Kyndal

    Kyndal means Ruler of the Valley

  • Kyndall

    Kyndall means The Royal Valley, refers to place Kent in England

  • Kyndra

    Kyndra means High Hills

  • Kynley

    The name means She is from the Royal Meadow

  • Kynnley

    The meaning of the name is She comes from the Royal Fortress

  • Kyrsten

    The name means She is the follower of Christ

  • Kyrstin

    Krystin means She Who holds Christ in her Heart

  • Laaek

    Laaek means Still Water

  • Laara

    Laara means Famous Woman

  • Lady

    A woman who is young and beutiful

  • Laekyn

    Cheerfull and Happy Woman

  • Laeppa

    Old English word meaning A thorn's end, the pointy end of the thorn

  • Lagliua

    The name means By The Lake

  • Laguia

    Laguia means Close to the Lake

  • Laidey

    One who belongs to the hill by the rapids

  • Laina

    Laina means Path, Lane

  • Laineigh

    Means Path from the Meadow

  • Lainie

    Lainie means Bright Shining One

  • Lakeesha

    Lakeesha means Happy

  • Lakesha

    Joyful, Happy

  • Lakeshia

    Joyous, Lively

  • Lakeysha

    Alive and Well; Cassia tree

  • Lakisha

    A woman who is full of joy and happiness

  • Lakken

    A person who comes from the still waters

  • Lakona

    A woman who lives near still waters

  • Lakyn

    She who comes from the lake or a body of water

  • Lalaine

    A woman who works hard for her independence

  • Landree

    The one who comes of the rough terrain

  • Landrie

    Name that describes people who live on rough terrain

  • Lanelle

    Version of the name Lane, meaning path, long meadow

  • Lanette

    Fair, good looking woman

  • Laney

    Roadway, path from the meadow

  • Langhiue

    Lasting Life, the one who is tall

  • Langhuie

    Long life, the lasting one

  • Langleigh

    From the old meadow

  • Lanice

    Good-looking, fair one

  • Lanie

    Roadwat, path

  • Lanisa

    the Heavenly one

  • Lanna

    Precious and valued person

  • Lanore

    One who is bright and light

  • Larkspur

    A spurshaped blossom flower of blue colour

  • Larya

    She who is crowned with Honor and Fame

  • Lassie

    A Girl who is small, slender and pettite

  • Latesha

    One who is high spirits, happy and joyous

  • Laticia

    Joyous, happy Girl

  • Latisha

    Person filled with joy

  • Laua

    A laurel tree or a bay tree

  • Lauden

    English cognate from the Latin town Laurentis

  • Laudina

    From the Arthurian Legend, character Laudine, the lady of the Fountain

  • Lauracy

    One who lives by the laurel tree

  • Laurah

    Laurel Tree; Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and Victory

  • Lauraine

    Name meaning Laurel tree. Has many variations

  • Laural

    Laural tree, sweet bay tree

  • Lauralee

    Laural tree, sweet bay tree

  • Lauralin

    Symbol of honor and victory; Laurel tree

  • Lauralyn

    Sweet bay tree, simbol of honor

  • Lauralynn

    Laurel tree, symbol of honor and victory

  • Laurana

    Crowned with laurels

  • Laurynn

    A laurel tree that is a symbol of glory and fame

  • Lavender

    A flower with purple leaves, a Color of the Lavender flower

  • Lavina

    A Woman of ancient Rome

  • Lavonda

    Various sieces of jew trees and shrubs

  • Lavonne

    Jew trees and shrubs

  • Laylon

    Names Lacey (lace-like) and Dyllon (loyal) put together.

  • Leaann

    Beautiful woman

  • Leah

    Weary, tired person

  • Lealand

    From the meadow land; Pasture ground.

  • Leanna

    From Gaelic name Helen meaning beautiful, light woman

  • Leanne

    Compound of words wood and grace

  • Leatrice

    Combination of Leah and Beatrice

  • Lecelina

    Diminutive of Lece meaning cheerful, joyous

  • Lecie

    From French nobleman surname Lacey

  • Ledora

    Variation of the name Laurel, laurel tree

  • Leean

    Form of Irish name Helen meaning beautiful

  • Leeann

    Combination of names Lee and Anne

  • Leelou

    Dweller by the wood

  • Lefchild

    Composed of the words dear and child

  • Leffeda

    Woman of dear beauty

  • Leffquen

    Woman of beauty and dear personality

  • Legna

    Derived from Angel - a messenger of God

  • Lehanna

    Combination of names, means a gracious one who lives by the wood

  • Leigb

    A patch of land that is grassy, a meadow

  • Leighann

    Combinig name, The graceful one who dwells by the woods

  • Leighanna

    A gracious and poetic person

  • Leighdyn

    A woman that llives by the field and is graceful

  • Leisa

    A person who has pledged his life to the God

  • Leisel

    Perfection lies within the God

  • Leisl

    A person who made an Oath to the God

  • Lena

    A short of Helen, meaning a torch, or Hindu for a Tender and devoted woman

  • Lenina

    Lion-like woman

  • Lenlie

    A clear lake or the clearing of lake

  • Lenora

    Bright shining light

  • Leoba

    The beloved one

  • Leofflead

    Beloved one with great beauty

  • Leofgife

    Beloved gift

  • Leofrun

    Beloved runes

  • Leofwaru

    Caring for the beloved one

  • Leofwena

    The beloved friend

  • Leogife

    Lovely gift

  • Leoline

    Little lion woman

  • Leoma

    The bright woman

  • Leomi

    Courageous woman

  • Lesli

    A garden where the holly tree grows

  • Lessie

    A sacred and spiritual garden

  • Lete

    A petitte but strong and cheerful woman

  • Letselina

    One who brings out the happiness in people

  • Leuare

    From the name Lory, means the bay

  • Leued

    From a Bohemian surname, means like a lion

  • Leuedaei

    A day of reconciliation

  • Leuedai

    A day when people will reconcile

  • Leueiua

    A reconciliantion day

  • Leueruna

    Restoring harmony and piece

  • Leuiua

    British name meaning beloved gift

  • Leurona

    Variant of the name Leofrun meaning Beloved secret rune

  • Leurun

    British name meaning the loved rune

  • Leuruna

    Love for the secret rune

  • Leveva

    Woman loved for her beauty

  • Levyna

    the meaning is Issh

  • Lewena

    British name meaning the friend we love

  • Lexann

    English version of name Alexandra, meaning the one who defends mankind

  • Lexi

    Short version of Alexandra, nickname

  • Lexie

    Short version of the name Alexandra which means defender of men

  • Lexus

    Short from Alexus, the one who protects men

  • Ley


  • Leyanna

    Combination of names Ley and Anne

  • Leydi

    One who has the abilities of a leader

  • Lezah

    From the name of the Hazelnut tree

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