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Slovene Girl Names

  • Alojzija

    War, battle

  • Antonija

    Another form of Antonia; the one who is worthy of praise and is priceless

  • Apolonija


  • Bojana

    She who is a fighter in the battles


    She who is Divine

  • Cirilla

    The mistress; lady; female term for Ciril

  • Cvetka

    Blossom, flower

  • Danijela

    God protects

  • Doroteja

    Gift of God

  • Dragica

    Precious, valuable

  • Engeleis

    Slovenian form of the word angel.

  • Enota

    it is a Slovenian word for someone born on easter.

  • Inesa

    She who is kind and innocent

  • Jadranka

    A woman named after the Adriatic sea

  • Jagoda

    A girl sweet as a strawberry

  • Jaka

    A very strong woman

  • Jerneja

    Slovene feminine form of Bartholomew. It means son of Talmai.

  • Jožica

    Slovene feminine form of Joseph, meaning he will add.

  • Katica

    Slovene form of Catherine, meaning pure.

  • Klavdija

    Klavdija means She who is Lame and a Cripple

  • Klementina

    A form of Clementine, meaning mild and merciful.

  • Lidija

    She who is from an ancient Kingdom of Lydia

  • Ljerka

    Lily flower

  • Marica

    A child who was wished for

  • Marija

    A woman of the sea of sorrowness

  • MaruÅ¡a

    Slovene form of Maria, meaning bitter.

  • Nevenka


  • Neža

    Short form of Agnes, meaning 'pure'.

  • Nives


  • Pepca

    A form of Jozefa, meaning God will increase.

  • Polona

    Belonging to Apollo

  • Radana

    Happy, willing

  • Razivia

    A form of Ziva, meaning alive.

  • Renatta

    A woman who was born again

  • Rosalija


  • Rozalija

    A woman who is like the beautiful rose

  • Silvija

    One of the woods

  • Stanka

    Standing In Glory

  • Stefka

    She who has the crown

  • Tajda


  • Tinkara

    A form of Tina, meaning 'river'.

  • TjaÅ¡a

    Name in honour of an early Christian martyr

  • Toncka

    Beyond praise or highly praiseworthy

  • UrÅ¡ka

    Slovene form of Ursula, meaning bear.

  • Vincencija

    Female form of Vincent, meaning to conquer.

  • Zarja


  • Zorka

    A form of Zora, meaning dawn.

  • Zvezdana


  • Å pela

    Å pela is a variant of Elizabeth and means 'oath of God.

  • Å tefanija

    Slovene and Croatian feminine form of Stephanie. It means crown.

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