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Slovene Boy Names

  • ?rt

    Short form of ?rtomir, meaning peace, world

  • ?rtomir

    Peace, world

  • Alfonz

    Slovene form of Alfonso, meaning noble and ready.

  • Aljaž

    Derived from a Slovene surname.

  • AljoÅ¡a

    Slovene form of Alyosha, meaning helper or defender

  • Alojz

    Famous Warrior

  • Alojzij

    Slovene form of Aloysius, meaning a noble warrior.

  • Amadej

    Slovene form of Amadeus, meaning to love God.

  • Ambrož

    Slovene form of Ambrosius, meaning immortal.

  • Andraž

    Slovene form of Andrew, meaning manly.

  • Anej

    Slovene form of Aeneas, meaning praise.

  • Anze

    Variant of Janez, meaning God is gracious.

  • Avgust


  • AvguÅ¡tin

    Great and venerable

  • Blaž

    Slovene form of Blag, meaning 'pleasant or gentle'.

  • Bogomir

    God is great.

  • Bohumír

    God is great.

  • Bojan

    One who fights in battles

  • Bor

    Pine tree

  • Borut

    Diminutive of Boris, meaning snow leopard

  • Bostjan

    Short form of Sebastjan and means from Sebaste.

  • Bozo


  • BoÅ¡ko

    God given

  • Branislav

    Protection of the glory or fame

  • Budimir

    To make peace

  • Cvetko

    Masculine form of Cvetka, meaning blossom.

  • Damijan

    A tamer

  • Damjan

    Croatian form of Damian, meaning to tame.

  • Dimitrij

    Slovene form of Demetrius. It means mother earth.

  • Domen

    Slovene form of Dominic, meaning 'belonging to a lord'.

  • Enej

    Slovenian word for praise.

  • Erazem

    Slovene form of Erasmus, meaning 'beloved'.

  • Fabijan

    Slovene form of Fabianus, meaning bean.

  • Fran?iÅ¡ek

    Slovene form of Franciscus, meaning Frenchman.

  • Friderik

    Slovene form of Frederick. It means 'peaceful ruler'.

  • Gregorija

    To watch

  • Hedwig

    Fighter or warrior

  • Ignacij

    Slovene form of Ignatius. It means fire.

  • Ingvar


  • Izidor

    Slovene form of Isidore. It means gift of Isis.

  • Jadran

    One who is named after the Adriatic sea

  • Jernej

    Slovene form of Bartholomew and means 'son of Talmai'.

  • Klemen

    Slovene form of Clemens, meaning mild or merciful.

  • Lenart

    Slovene form of Leonard, meaning lion.

  • Lojze

    Short form of Alojz, meaning he who is famous in war or battle.

  • Lovrenc

    Slovene form of Laurentius, meaning from Laurentum.

  • Marijan

    Slovene form of Marianus, meaning male.

  • Matevž

    Slovene variant of Matthew, meaning gift of God.

  • Matic

    Slovene variant of Matthias, meaning 'Gift of the Lord'.

  • Matjaž

    Variant of Matthaios, meaning 'gift of God'.

  • Matuc

    A variant of Matthias; intellectual being

  • Metod

    Slovene form of Methodius. It means 'method'.

  • Miha

    Miha is the short form of Mihael and means 'Who is like God?'

  • Miklavž

    Slovene form of Nicholas, meaning 'victory of the people'.

  • Mirko

    A peaceful person, one who is very calm

  • Mladen


  • Nejc

    Pet form of Jernej, meaning 'son of Talmai'.

  • Ozbej

    Slovene form of Ozwald, meaning 'power or ruler'.

  • Ožbalt

    Slovene form of Ozwald, meaning 'power or ruler'.

  • Pribislav

    Broken glory.

  • Primož


  • Rihard

    Slovene form of Richard, meaning 'powerful or hardy ruler'.

  • Rok

    Rok is equivalent to the Italian name Rocco. It means 'rest'.

  • Sebastijan

    Slovene form of Sebastianus, meaning 'from Sebaste'.

  • Slavko


  • Stane

    Stand, become

  • Tadej

    Slovene form of, meaning heart.

  • Tilen

    Tilen is a pet-form of the Slovene name Egidij, meaning 'kid, young goat'.

  • Timotej

    Slovene form of Timothy, meaning honoring God.

  • Tinek

    Slovene diminutive of Martin, meaning from Mars.

  • Tjaž

    Short form of Matjaž, meaning 'gift of God'

  • Tomaž

    Slovene form of Thomas, meaning twin.

  • Urh

    Slovene form of Ulrich, meaning 'prosperity and power'.

  • UroÅ¡

    Man or lord

  • Vid

    Croatian form of Wido, meaning wood.

  • Vili

    Diminutive of Vilmos, which is a form of William. It means resolute protector.

  • Viljem

    Slovene form of William, meaning helmet protection.

  • Vilko

    Slovene form of William, meaning helmet protection.

  • Zdenko

    To build or create

  • Zdravomil

    Good and pleasant health

  • Žan

    Žan is Slovene form of John, meaning 'Jehovah has been gracious'.

  • Žiga

    Slovene form of Sigmund, meaning victory protector.

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