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Slovak Girl Names

  • Aigneis

    She who is chaste, holy

  • Alžbìta

    A form of Elizabeth, meaning consecrated to God.

  • Alžbeta

    Consecrated to God

  • Andìla

    Angel, messenger

  • Barèinka

    Foreign, strange

  • Barka

    Foreign, strange. A form of Barèinka.

  • Barunka

    Foreign, strange. A form of Barèinka.

  • Bohumila


  • Branislava

    Glorious protector

  • Bronislava

    Glorious protector. A form of Branislava.

  • Daleka

    Distant battle

  • Dalenka

    Distant battle. A Form of Daleka.

  • Dalibora

    Distant battle

  • Dalka

    Distant battle

  • Drahomíra

    Precious peace

  • Drahoslava

    Precious glory

  • Dusanka

    Soul or spirit

  • Dusièka

    Soul or spirit

  • Duska

    A variant of Dusanka, meaning soul or sprit.

  • Evièka

    A form of Eve, meaning alive or living.

  • Evinka

    A form of Eve, meaning alive or living.

  • Evulka

    Alive or living

  • Evuska

    Alive or living

  • Irenka


  • Jarka


  • Jindoiska

    Ruler of the household

  • Jioina

    A form of Georgia, meaning earth-worker, farmer.

  • Kateoina

    A form of Catarina, meaning pure.

  • Kristýna

    Follower of Christ.

  • Kveta

    Flower blossom

  • Ladislava

    She who rules with glory.

  • Libena


  • Libuse


  • Lubomíra

    Love's peace

  • Maddie

    A woman with great strenght in the battle

  • Madlenka

    Of Magdala

  • Milania

    The humanitarian union

  • Miloslava

    Favor, or glory

  • Nadìžda

    A variant of Nadeja, meaning hope.

  • Nadeja


  • Nastenka

    A form of Natasha, meaning resurrection.

  • Nitra

    To cut or to burn. Name of a river

  • Otilie

    She who is wealthy.

  • Rostinka

    The usurper of glory.

  • Rostislava

    The usurper of glory.

  • Sárka

    Maiden who aids in battle

  • Sobìslava

    A form of Sobeska, meaning appropriate glory.

  • Sobeska

    Appropriate glory

  • Stìpánka

    Crown of laurels

  • Svìtla


  • Svìtlanka

    A form of Swetlana, meaning light.

  • Svìtluse


  • Svìtluska


  • Tatána

    Father's daughter

  • Valeska

    She who is glorious

  • Václava

    More glory

  • Vìra

    Faith or truth

  • Vondra

    The love of a woman.

  • Yarmilla


  • Zdìnka

    Of Sidon

  • Zenevieva

    White wave

  • Zitomira

    To live famously.

  • Zivanka


  • Zofie

    A form of Sofia, meaning wisdom.

  • Zorana


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