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Slovak Boy Names

  • Alexej

    Alexej is a form of Alexander and means defender of mankind.

  • Andìl

    Angel or messenger

  • Antonín

    He who is invaluable or priceless.

  • Bartolomìj

    A form of Bartholomew, meaning son of Talmai.

  • Bedoich

    A peaceful ruler

  • Bedrisek

    A form of Bedoich, meaning peaceful ruler

  • Benes

    He who is blessed.

  • Blažej

    One who talks with lisp.

  • Bohumír

    Peace of God

  • Bonifác

    Good destiny, fate

  • Cenck


  • Cenek

    A form of Cenck, meaning conquering.

  • Ctibor

    Battle of honor

  • Dalek

    Distant battle

  • Dobromil

    Kind, gracious

  • Drahomír

    Precious peace

  • Drahoslav

    Precious glory

  • Dusanek

    Soul, spirit

  • Dusek

    Spirit or soul.

  • Evžen

    He who is well born

  • Furman

    A driver of a horse-cart for delivery

  • Havel

    Slovak word for rooster.

  • Henrich

    Slovak form of the HENRY

  • Holic

    Slovak word for barber.

  • Honza

    God is gracious

  • Ignác

    Fiery, alight

  • Imrich

    Ruler of the household

  • Jindoich

    Ruler of the household

  • Jioí

    Farmer or earth worker. A form of George

  • Kajíèk

    Chicken, domestic bird

  • Kajík

    A form of Kajíèk. It means chicken.

  • Klement

    Klement means He is full od Mercy

  • Koloman


  • Kopecky


  • Kravino

    Kravino means The Goofy one

  • Krystof

    A form of Kristoff, meaning follower of Christ.

  • Leos

    A form of Leo, meaning lion.

  • Libor


  • Lubos

    Love's peace

  • Marik

    A form of Mark, meaning warlike, martial.

  • Matìj

    Gift of God. A form of Matous.

  • Matús

    Gift of God

  • Matous

    Gift of God

  • Metod

    Slovene form of Methodius. It means 'method'.

  • Mikolás

    A form of Mikula, meaning victory of the people.

  • Mikula

    Victory of the people.

  • Mikulás

    Victory of the people

  • Miloslav

    Favor or glory

  • Miro

    The one who loves peace, spread peace

  • Mstislav

    Vengeance or glory

  • Oehoo

    One who is watchful, vigilant.

  • Oeznik

    Slovak word for butcher.

  • Oldoich

    Prosperity and power

  • Ondoej

    A male warrior

  • Otakar

    He who is watchful of wealth.

  • Otokar

    A variant of Otakar, meaning watchful of wealth.

  • Radim

    Happiness and peace.

  • Radko

    A happy man

  • Rados

    Happy glory

  • Rene

    A reborn person

  • Rostek

    The usurper of glory

  • Siek


  • Silvester

    A man of the forest

  • Simeèk


  • Slavomír

    Glory and peace

  • Sobìslav

    Appropriate glory

  • Tibor

    He who comes from Tivoli

  • Upravda

    The upright one.

  • Vavrinec

    Of Laurentum

  • Václav

    More glory

  • Vìnceslav

    More glory

  • Vít


  • Vekoslav

    Eternal glory

  • Vilem

    The determined guardian.

  • Viliam

    A form of Vilem, meaning determined guardian.

  • Vinca

    To conquer

  • Vincenc

    To conquer

  • Vincenck

    A variant of Vincenc, meaning to conquer.

  • Vincislau

    Variant of the name Wenceslaus. It means more glory.

  • Vinck

    Short form of Vincenc. It means to conquer.

  • Vlastimil


  • Vlastislav

    Glorious power

  • Vojtìch

    A happy soldier

  • Wenceslaus

    Great glory

  • Zdenìk

    Of Sidon

  • Zdislav

    Here is glory

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