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Scottish Girl Names

  • Aberdeen

    A woman who is from city in northeast Scottish

  • Aberdine

    Woman from a city of Aberdeen; reliable

  • Ailsa

    Consecrated To God

  • Ailsi

    From Ailsa Craig, a rocky islet in the Scottish Firth of Clyde

  • Aisla

    From Ailsa Craig, a rocky islet in the Scottish Firth of Clyde.

  • Albe

    White Rock or a crag; stable and responsible

  • Alish

    Of A Noble Kin

  • Anabel

    A lovable person who solves problems

  • Anabell

    A lovable person who are problem solvers

  • Annabel

    A loving human being

  • Arable

    An angel who is the messenger of almighty God

  • Blair

    Field Or Plain

  • Blaire

    plain, field, battlefield

  • Bonelle

    A beautiful woman with good nature

  • Bonie

    A woman who is gorgeous, beutiful

  • Bonni

    A woman of many charms and great beauty

  • Bonnie

    An attractive and charming woman

  • Bonny

    SHe who is beautiful and very charming

  • Brichtrede

    A Scottish female name

  • Broca

    A Badger-like person

  • Caillen

    A potent and powerful person

  • Caitir

    She is of pure nature

  • Cauley

    She is like a relic

  • Colina

    A little dog; a pup; a young dog

  • Cora

    Boiling water that has foams; can also mean maiden, a young woman

  • Dallis

    One from the Dales

  • Daviana

    A beloved person who is everyone's favourite

  • Davida

    Adopted from Hebrew; beloved person

  • Davina

    Adopted from Hebrew; a divine person

  • Davita

    A unique cherished individual

  • Davonna

    A leader who shows the way and guides

  • Dolina

    It means ruler of the world.

  • Donaldina

    World Ruler; a great leader

  • Donella

    Elfin Girl who has Dark haired

  • Eara

    It means ' From the East' in Scottish .

  • Edine

    One who came from Edinburgh

  • Eisla

    Devoted to God; name of a river; a fairy rock

  • Elsea

    this means one who is devoted to god or is pledged to god.

  • Elsie

    this means noble by birth or god is bountiful.

  • Elspet

    this means someone who has been chosen by god or someone who is devoted to god.

  • Elspeth

    this is the Scottish form of the name Elizabeth which means god is my oath or chosen by god.

  • Emer

    this means someone who has been blessed by the six gifts of womanhood.

  • Eppie

    auspicious speech or good repute.

  • Erwina

    a feminized word meaning someone who is a beautiful friend.

  • Euna

    lamb or hunger.

  • Everallin

    a 3rd century historic figure.

  • Fia

    One who makes a dark peace. Also, means daughter in Italian

  • Fina

    One who shall add

  • Finnea

    Wood of the Ford

  • Galiene

    Refers to a woman or damsel.

  • Gara

    Short or little woman.

  • Gordana

    They love to lead,organize and supervise.They are powerful and wealthy

  • Jaimy

    He who replaces

  • Jaine

    A little girl who was a gift of God

  • Jamielee

    Scottish name for girls

  • Jamyah

    One who is replacing

  • Jannet

    Scottish name for girls

  • Jaymiee

    One with a beautiful face

  • Jesanie

    Under the blessing of gracious

  • Kamdyn

    The name means Valley

  • Kellina

    Kellina means Strong-Willed

  • Keltie

    The name means Clans of the Keltie

  • Kenina

    Kenina means Born from the Fire

  • Kenna

    Kenna means Born from the flames

  • Kilmeny

    Kilmeny means Monestary, Church

  • Kynlee

    The name means She is of Fair Skin

  • Leana

    Servant of Jonh

  • Leane

    She who is in service of John

  • Leann

    Servant of Jonh

  • Leith

    Skottish meaning is the river, while Celtic is meadow

  • Lesly

    A religious, sacred garden

  • Levene

    Place of the Flood

  • Lileas

    Scottish variation of name Lily

  • Lilias

    Rare variation of the name Lily, from flower name

  • Lilidh

    Scottish variation of name Lily, name of the flower lily

  • Lochellen

    The one from Ellen's lake

  • Maesie

    Scottish diminutive for Margareth meaning pearl

  • Maezie

    One who is beautiful like a pearl

  • Mairi

    She who is bitter, ful of bitterness

  • Maisy

    Scottish diminutive for Margaret, meaning pearl

  • Maizey

    Scottish name meaning pearl

  • Maizy

    Variant of the Scottish name Maisie meaning pearl

  • Makailyn

    A virginal, untouched young woman

  • Makiya

    A Scottish female name

  • Marcail

    A girl pretty as a pearl

  • Maysie

    Scottish diminutive of Margaret, means pearl

  • Mckenzie

    The fair one

  • Meribeth

    The utmost beautiful.

  • Mhairi

    The most dearly one.

  • Mhari

    The darling or much loved one.

  • Minnie

    Germanic - Will; Desire; Helmet; Protection; Faithful Guard; A variant form of Mina

  • Moira

    Hebrew - Sea of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished for Child; Celtic - Little Mary; A variant of Mary

  • Morag

    Hebrew - Sea of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished for Child; Celtic - Big; Great; A variant of Mary

  • Nairne

    From the river along alder trees

  • Neale

    Follower, cup holder, victor, fighter.

  • Nes

    A gentle person, from the headland

  • Osla

    One who came from a steep place

  • Paislee

    Scottish - Patterned fabric; From Paisley; Scottish; Man of the church; A variant of name Paisley

  • Paislee

    Scottish - Patterned fabric; From Paisley; Scottish; Man of the church; A variant of name Paisley

  • Parlan

    Ploughman; Farmer; Son of the plough

  • Parlan

    Ploughman; Farmer; Son of the plough

  • Pate

    One who is born with paws; a fighter

  • Peigi

    A peg; one who is governed by tradition

  • Puspamanjari

    A girl who is like the flower bud

  • Rhona

    Old English - Fame; Friend; Spear; Pike; White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Fair Haired; A variant transcription of Rhonda

  • Seonag

    Gaelic form of Joan, means God is merciful

  • Taye

    A short of taylor

  • Torrii

    A triumphant person, victorious

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