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Scottish Boy Names

  • Aaran

    The meaning of aaran is enlightened, mountain or strength

  • Abernathy

    This British name means beginning or starting point of the river

  • Abott

    The father or the priest

  • Addison

    The son of Adam, from the red earth

  • Agravain

    Brother of Gawain

  • Ailsie

    Devoted to God

  • Aklen

    A Scottish version of Alan. One who is a little rock

  • Alasdair

    Old Greek - Defender of men; A variant of name Alexander and Alistair

  • Alaster

    Old Greek - Defender of men; A variant of name Alistair

  • Alistair

    Gaelic form of Alexander

  • Aodh

    Celtic - Fire, Brightness, Splendour; Derived from the element 'Aed' which means Fire

  • Aonghas

    Celtic - One Choice; A variant of name is Angus

  • Aonghus

    Celtic - One Choice; A variant of name is Angus

  • Aran

    Hebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; exalted; A variant of name Aaron

  • Archibold

    Germanic - Truly Brave; A variant of the name Archibald

  • Athol

    From a surname derived from a Scottish language

  • Baird

    One who is the son of Bard

  • Bairn

    One who is a child at heart

  • Bedivere

    largely used in English and it is

  • Bellangere

    son of alexandre

  • Bercilak

    The green knight; mighty and powerful

  • Blane

    little yellow one, one who serves

  • Bowie

    yellow haired Boy or blond haired Boy

  • Brice

    A speckled Boy

  • Broc

    One who is like a badger

  • Brocagni

    He who is badger-like

  • Brodee

    A second-born male child

  • Broden

    One who comes from the Brodie Castle in Scottish

  • Brodie

    He is a second son

  • Brody

    A secon-born

  • Bruce

    One who comes from the French town Brix

  • Brysen

    A son of a freckled man

  • Bryshon

    He is a male child of the freckled man

  • Bryson

    A freckled man's son

  • Cadyn

    Cadan's male child

  • Cailean

    One who is a triumphant

  • Cailin

    A child who is modern

  • Calan

    A child that is contemporary

  • Calen

    People's victory

  • Caley

    A young child who is contemporary

  • Cam

    A man with a crooked nose

  • Camdyn

    One who comes from the winding valley

  • Carson

    A Scottish surname, unknown meaning

  • Chambers

    The one who is a servant

  • Chisholm

    Soft like Cheese

  • Christie

    Christianity; follower of Christ

  • Christy

    A Christianity; follower of Christianityity religion

  • Chrystal

    Crystal; a transparent clear solid

  • Clarion

    The name of a king in Arthurian Legends

  • Clarions

    Derived from the name of a king in the Arthurian Legends

  • Clellan

    Son of a follower of a Saint named Fillan

  • Coire

    A pool that is filled with froth or bubbles

  • Colen

    Triumph; win; victory; to defeat the opponent

  • Colin

    The triumph or victory of the people against the enemy

  • Cuddy

    A Donkey

  • Cuithbeart

    A famous and clever person

  • Curra

    Spear; Hero

  • Curran

    A dagger

  • Cyndeyrn

    A well- renowned Lord

  • Dallace

    The one from Dallas

  • Dallas

    Dwelling place

  • Darro

    The hard one

  • Darron

    Son of Oak tree

  • Darrow

    Brave hearted

  • Dave

    A happy and merry person

  • Dawe

    A lucky and beloved individual

  • Dearil

    Call of death; red haired

  • Dempster

    A shrine; a judge of character

  • Diarmad

    They have maturity and are free men

  • Dickenson

    Patronymic name; a beloved individual

  • Dickson

    Richard; strong ruler; a leader

  • Dierdre

    A raging person with a broken heart

  • Dixon

    Richard's son; a fighter who has courage

  • Doak

    A person who is quiet,clever is of systematic nature and inventive mind

  • Dobbin

    It is an ancient nickname

  • Domhnall

    Gealic form of Donald

  • Donell

    It means ruler

  • Donnell

    A detailed person; a great chief

  • Dougal

    A black colored stranger; they are nurturing

  • Doughlas

    A stream of dark river

  • Dougie

    A dark river or a dark stream of water

  • Douglas

    The origin of dark water

  • Douglass

    A dark river or a stream

  • Dove

    Dark and shady

  • Dow

    A dark haired individual; has a happy heart

  • Druman

    Scottish - Druid's Mountain; A variant of name Drummond

  • Drummond

    One who is at the ridge

  • Duglas

    Dark Stream or river

  • Dun

    Brown skinned soldier; fort

  • Eachann

    It means 'Horse-Lover' in Irish

  • Ear

    The Scottish meaning of the name Ear is 'From the East'.

  • Edan

    One who is born out of fire; is zealous; fiery; a delight

  • Edborough

    A prosperous administrator

  • Eideard

    They are the one who rule the universe

  • Ellar

    A stable and loving individual; Monastey's steward

  • Erv

    high cliff or fresh water.

  • Ervin

    fresh water or beautiful.

  • Ervine

    a beautiful friend.

  • Erving

    a descendant of Eiramhon.

  • Ervins

    green fresh water or beautiful friend.

  • Erwin

    a friend who is beautiful or fresh and green water.

  • Euan

    born of the Yew tree.

  • Even

    god is gracious or born of yew or youth.

  • Ever

    strong as a boar.

  • Everard

    wild boar or brave hardy.

  • Ewan

    A man born of the yew tree

  • Ewen

    One who is of the yew tree

  • Ewin

    He who is born of the yew tree

  • Ewing

    The children of the yew trees

  • Fang

    A pen for sheep

  • Farquhar

    A friendly and dear one

  • Feerouzah

    Reference to Turquoise, a semi-precious stone of Turkish origin

  • Ferris

    One who makes the best choices

  • Fie

    A darkness of peace

  • Fife

    A Scottish surname, meaning a man from the ancien Kingdom Fife

  • Firouzah

    Reference to Turquoise, a semi-precious stone of Turkish origin

  • Firoz

    A victorious and blessed individual; also refers to turquoise, the precious gem

  • Firth

    A small inlet or estuary of a sea

  • Fraser

    Men from the forest; strawberries; a man with curly hair

  • Frasier

    Variant of 'Fraser', it refers to forest men or a strawberry

  • Gardiner

    A person who protects the garden.

  • Gawen

    White color type of bird, hawk which used as a weapon in the battle field.

  • Geordie

    The person who is working in a farm.

  • Gib

    Gib is male name and means Servant of St.Bridget. It is a Scottish, German, English name that originates from an old German name Gil that means Bright Pledge.

  • Gibb

    Gibb is more commonly used as a surname. As a first name its more used variation is Gib, which means Servant of St.Bridges. It is a male name.

  • Gibbes

    Gibbes is a male name of both Scottish and German origin. In Scottish the name Gibbes means Bright Hostage, while its German meaning is Bright Desire.

  • Gilleabart

    Gileabart is Scottish male name. The meaning of the name is Pladge.

  • Gillean

    The name Gillean is a Scottish, Gaelic name and means The Servant of St.John

  • Gilleasbuig

    The meaning of the name is Sacred and Blood and is of Scottish origin. Gilleasbuig is a male name.

  • Gilmer

    Gilmer is a Scottish variation of the name Gilmar. It is a male name of English origin and means Sword Bearer.

  • Gordan

    They are dynamic,versatile and visionary.They are untidy and restless.

  • Gorden

    They are dynamic,versatile and visionary.They are untidy and restless.

  • Gowan

    People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths.

  • Graeham

    A Boy from the gray house. Gray is the sign of intelligence.

  • Graeme

    Graeme name means a farm home or a place to relax. In simple words a person with whom people feel relaxed

  • Graent

    Graent is the varient of name grant which means a great person. The name is normally used as surname.

  • Greig

    They are dynamic,restless and independent.They love to accept challenges.

  • Grier

    Fast and alert person or a person can watch everything very clearly and can act upon instantly.

  • Gus

    the most coolest kid ur ever met

  • Guss

    the most coolest kid ur ever met

  • Hacket

    Norman personal name

  • Hackett

    Scottish and Norman Persons name

  • Hackit

    The names of Scottish Personels

  • Hackitt

    Old name of Norman and scottish personal

  • Haddow

    One who came from Haddo; It is of medieval Scottish origin, a location name from Aberdeen

  • Hamel

    Home-lover's Estate, Hill with Grass

  • Hamish

    Supplanter; Derived from word 'Seumas,' a Scottish form of 'James.'

  • Hammill

    Scarred, Has wound marks

  • Hay

    One who is from a stockade

  • Hayee

    A person who lives in a stockade

  • Hendries

    Varian of Henry

  • Hogg

    A Scottish surname

  • Hume

    come from den

  • Jaimes

    A supstitude, a replacement

  • Jaimey

    One who is always a substitude

  • Jaimi

    One who is an aternate

  • Jaimie

    A man sho is a stand-in

  • Jickson

    Jickson is the varient of name jackson. It means God has been benevolent; has indicated support

  • Jock

    Jock is a Scottish verion of Jack. Means God is Gratious

  • Johnson

    From John's farm,wne who has a deep inner desire to create and express themselves

  • Kadon

    Kadon means From the Wetlands

  • Kaeden

    The name means Son of Cadan

  • Kai

    The Scottish and American meaning is Fire, The Hawaiian is The Sea, Welsh meaning is Keeper of the keys

  • Kamden

    Kamden means Winding Valley

  • Kameron

    Kameron means Crooked Nose

  • Keith

    The name means The wind or Wood

  • Kelti

    Kelti means Clans of the Keltie, Callander

  • Kinnon

    Kinnon name means He who is fair Born

  • Kirk

    Kirk means Church

  • Knox

    Knox means Around the Hill

  • Knoxx

    The name means From the Hill

  • Kyal

    The name means Narrow, a Strait

  • Laird

    Laird means Lord

  • Lamond

    Clan name, surname; Lawyer

  • Lanark

    Small town in Scottish; Clear space, glade

  • Lanrick

    A place name that reffesr to Lanrick Castle in Scottland

  • Laydon

    Muscular, sttrong male individual

  • Lean

    Name describing one who serves John

  • Leathan

    The name means River

  • Lelly

    A meadow or a clearing that is small

  • Lennox

    Someone who lives near elm trees

  • Les

    A gardn of holiness and sancity

  • Ligulf

    One who lives in the land of the fjords

  • Livingstone

    A place name refers to a person who is from Livingstone

  • Lochlan

    Lord of the lake

  • Lochlyn

    Warrior of the land of lakes

  • Lockie

    Scottish nickname for people from Norway

  • Lorne

    The name of an early Scottish chieftain and a place name.

  • Lundy

    A person from the island grove

  • Lyall

    A Scottish surname derived from the Old Norse given name Liulfr which means wolf

  • Mac

    Scottish and Irish prefix meaning son of

  • Macalister

    The son of Alasdair

  • Macall

    Son of the chief in battle

  • Macallan

    A son of a handsome man

  • Macallister

    Son of the defender of mankind

  • Macarny

    The name given to the son of Artan

  • Macarthur

    Gaelic - Son of Arthur;

  • Macaulay

    The son of Olaf, son of the battle chief

  • Maccaulay

    Son of righteousness

  • Macgregor

    A son of a shepard

  • Macintosh

    A son of the thane

  • Mackan

    The son of

  • Mackay

    A son of fire

  • Mackee

    A fair, favored one

  • Mackenzie

    A son of the fair man

  • Mackenzy

    A son of a favored man

  • Mackie

    Son of Coinneach, name of a Scottish clan

  • Mackinney

    God has heard me; Celtic - Son of Cionaodh; Gaelic - Son of Coinneach; Son of Kenneth;

  • Mackinnon

    Son of the fair born

  • Mackland

    Son of the land

  • Macklen

    The son of Flann

  • Mackynzie

    The son who has a handsome father

  • Maclaine

    Son of the lion

  • Maclaren

    Son of Laren

  • Maclay

    An amiable and youthful person

  • Maclean

    Son of a beautiful man

  • Macleod

    Son of an unattractive man

  • Macmillan

    Son of a bald man

  • Macrae

    A gracious son

  • Macwan

    A Scottish Surname which is found mainly in Scottish and Northern Ireland

  • Mak

    To be the son of someone

  • Makay

    A son of Kay, a Son of Fire

  • Malcolm

    A devotee of St, Colomba

  • Manson

    A Scottish surname, son of Mangus

  • Mata

    Gift of Yahweh; Gift of God; Gift of the Lord; A variant of Matthew

  • Matheson

    A bear's son

  • Maxwell

    One who lives by the Great stream

  • Mccauley

    Â Son of righteousness

  • Mckay

    A son of fire

  • Mcleod

    Son of an ugly man

  • Mctair

    A son of a carpenter of wright

  • Melville

    Clearance on unfruitful land, Defrayal on barren land.

  • Mingus

    An estate-owner, who lives in a manor

  • Mitchum

    An angel who is closer to the God

  • Nab

    Head minister of an monastery.

  • Naos

    One option or single opportunity.

  • Napier

    Tradesman of linen cloths.

  • Naughton

    Who has carry clean heart.

  • Neilan

    Victor, overcomer, defender, defeater.

  • Neils

    A person who has general authority over others.

  • Niven

    A small holy person, Little saint

  • Nygel

    A Hebrew word of something came out of the water.

  • Oban

    An Enchanting brave person who is infatuated for his bravery.

  • Ord

    A hammer or a point

  • Paton

    A royal and humble person; warrior's town

  • Peden

    One who is the son of Paidin

  • Pefen

    It has individuality and confidence

  • Puspabhusan

    A flower made ornament

  • Rabbie

    A bright flame

  • Raith

    Surname, means small fortress

  • Ranald

    Form of Ronale, one who rules with counsel

  • Ranulf

    Scottish name meaning a shield of wolf

  • Ranulph

    A shield-wolf

  • Reid

    A red haired man or someone with a ruddy complexion

  • Riderch

    A name of Scottish kings

  • Robeson

    The son of a famous and bright man

  • Rodric

    A man who is legendary for his good ruling

  • Rodrick

    A person who is notable for his rule

  • Ron

    A mighty counseler and ruler

  • Ronnee

    A mighty powerful conselor

  • Ronnie

    A ruler-counselor of might and power

  • Rory

    A person who is a Red Ruler of people

  • Ruairi

    A crimson-haired royal ruler

  • Ruarai

    A royal ruler with red hair

  • Ruskin

    One who is from the family of tanners

  • Seoras

    An occupational name, farmer

  • Steaphan

    One who wears the crown

  • Stew

    He who is someone's steward

  • Struan

    He who lives near the stream

  • Tavey

    Scottish name meaning twin

  • Tearlach

    A strong man

  • Tevis

    Scottish name meaning twin

  • Thayne

    The landholder

  • Thistle

    A name of a plant

  • Thomeson

    Scottish surname, son of Thom

  • Thorburn

    Scottish surname, thunder

  • Toran

    A watchtower over the hill

  • Toren

    A craggy hilltop used as a watchtower

  • Torquil

    A large pot or kettle of thunder God

  • Torrence

    One from the craggy hilltop

  • Trotter

    An occupational name for a messenger

  • Tulloch

    A name for hillock and a mound; interresting

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