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Russian Girl Names

  • Abihail

    The rejoice of my Yahweh

  • Akilina

    Eaglelike; a person who is very powerful

  • Anastasiya

    Bulgarian version of Anastasia, meaning to resurrect.

  • Anastassia

    Estonian form of Anastasia. It means resurrection.

  • Aniyah

    A loving and concerned human being who is a favour from God

  • Aniyyah

    A loving and concerning favour from God

  • Annie

    Variation of Hannah; a beautiful prayer

  • Antanasia

    One who will be reborn, immortal.

  • Asja

    A form of Anastasia, meaning resurrection.

  • Avdotya

    One who is very difficult to resist and is relaxing

  • Bayusha

    A place name in Moldova

  • Bogdana

    A woman who is god-given

  • Borislava

    Feminine form of Borislav, meaning famous battle.

  • Calina

    A most beautiful young woman

  • Czarina

    A born Empress

  • Dinara

    A treasured individual; a sensitive person

  • Dunya

    Beautful and smart human being

  • Ekaterina

    One who is innocent and pure

  • Elizaveta

    A devoted individual; they are everywhere

  • Emiliya

    it means to work hard.

  • Esfir

    an ancient goddess.

  • Eva

    life or living one.

  • Evgeniya

    A woman who is good by burth

  • Fedora

    She is a divine, heavenly gift

  • Gala

    The person who is brave, happy and peaceful.

  • Haleena

    Of the light

  • Halene

    A dedicated woman

  • Helin

    The light of the sun

  • Helina

    Bright, vivid, Intelligent

  • Jalanea

    Form of Jelena, means shinig light

  • Jekaterina

    A Goddess from the far off

  • Jeneuer

    A fair complexion lady

  • Katenka

    Katenka means Torture or Pure

  • Katerina

    Katerina means The Pure and the Clear

  • Katia

    Katia means Clean, Pure, Plain

  • Katiya

    Katiya means Perfect, Pure

  • Katja

    Katja means Neat, Natural, Pure

  • Katrya

    Pure, a pure and chaste woman

  • Kira

    Kira means Far sighted

  • Klarika

    The name means Bright and Famous

  • Kseniya

    The name means Stranger

  • Laika

    Laika means Barker

  • Larisa

    A citadel, bastion or fortification

  • Larissa

    A safe protected place, like a citadel of a fortress

  • Levka

    Russian name for Lioness

  • Lidiya

    One who comes from ancient Lydia in Asian Minor

  • Lieve

    A Woman with a heart as brave as a Lion's

  • Liliya

    Russian cognate og Lily, folwer lily

  • Luba

    Slavic word for Love

  • Lubba

    A feeling of deep love

  • Luda

    Love of the people

  • Ludmilla

    The one who loves people

  • Lyuba

    The one who loves

  • Lyubov

    To love others

  • Lyudmila

    A dear person who loves and feels deeply

  • Makara

    A blessed person. Mostly used as a surname

  • Manya

    A bitter person

  • Marfa

    A mistress, a lady

  • Marina

    A woman of the sea

  • Marya

    A Russian variant of name Maria, meaning rebelliusness

  • Maryana

    A Russian form of the name Mariana, meaning pearl

  • Masha

    A Russian name meaning bitter

  • Milaslava

    One who likes or wants to be glorified

  • Mischa

    A variant of Michael, a messenger of the God.

  • Mischka

    The God's beloved and closest angel

  • Mishay

    The one who carries God's message

  • Mishaye

    One who carry the important message of the God

  • Mitya

    The god of Earth, mother of earth

  • Monja

    One who wished for a virgin mother

  • Nadege

    Being with full of hopes.

  • Nadejda

    Believing in the honesty and reliability of others.

  • Nadette

    Having the brave as a bear.

  • Nadezhda

    General feeling that some desire will be fulfilled.

  • Nadia

    The person who is full promises.

  • Nadiahope

    A hopeful promise to others

  • Nadine

    A trustful relationship.

  • Nadya

    The specific instance of feeling hopeful.

  • Nastashia

    A variant of Anastasia. It means resurrection.

  • Nastasia

    A martyr saint. Also name of daughter of Russian king Czar

  • Nastasya

    A saint who was a martyr and came alive

  • Nastenka

    A form of Natasha, meaning resurrection.

  • Nastia

    Arise from the dead

  • Nastya

    Act of resurrection

  • Natalya

    Christ birthday child.

  • Natalyah

    one who born on Christmas day

  • Natasha

    The day who came to this world.

  • Natasia

    Canadian version of Anastasia, meaning resurrection.

  • Natesha

    Celebration of date of birth.

  • Oksana

    Means the most beautiful women. Also a bright light.

  • Olenka

    Securely placed or fastened or set.

  • Olyssia

    One who protects the mankind

  • Orina

    Untouched or undefiled.

  • Oxana

    A stranger who bestows hospitality

  • Pavla

    One who undrstand and is little being

  • Polina

    Latin - Little; Humble; From The Name Pauline; A variant of Paula

  • Praskovya

    Preparation; A variant spelling is Praskovia

  • Raisa

    Latin - Rose; Hebrew - Ewe; A variant of Rachel and Rose

  • Raiya

    A Russian name meaning heaven

  • Rashel

    Hebrew - Ewe; A variant of Rachel

  • Rashelle

    Hebrew - Ewe; A variant of Rachel

  • Rayia

    A woman who is like a Heaven

  • Rayna

    Germanic - Counsel; Advice; Latin - Queen; A variant of Raina

  • Revekka

    Hebrew - Cattle Stall; To Tie; Variation of the name Rebecca

  • Roza

    One whose beauty is compared to one of the rose

  • Saasha

    A defender of mankind

  • Sabiba

    A sabine

  • Sakoiya

    A female name of Russian origin

  • Sashenka

    She who defends

  • Sashya

    A helper of mankind

  • Snezhana

    A snowy woman

  • Sofiya

    A wise woman

  • Sofya

    A woman who is wise

  • Songya

    A person who is wise and has wisdom

  • Stasia

    A short form of anastasia

  • Sueta

    She who brings light to the world

  • Sveta

    One who shines with the divine light

  • Svetlana

    She who shines brightly

  • Tahnee

    Female ruler of an independent state

  • Taisiya

    From the greek name thais which means witty courtesan

  • Tania

    Name in honour of an early Christianity martyr

  • Taniya

    Russian pet form of Tatiana; fairy princess

  • Tanya

    Russian diminutive of Tatiana

  • Tassy

    Variation of the Russian name Tassie, means born on Christmas

  • Tasya

    She who will be reborn, short from Anastasia

  • Tatána

    Father's daughter

  • Tati

    Short from Russian name Tatiana

  • Tatiana

    Queen of the fairies

  • Tiarna

    A graceful princess

  • Tonja

    One who is precious, priceless

  • Tyanna

    Disciple or devotee of Jesus Christ.

  • Zhenya

    Bulgarian diminutive of Evgeniya, meaning noble.

  • Zilya

    Old Greek - Hunter; Harvester; Guardian; Women from Therasia; A derivative of the name Theresa

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