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Russian Boy Names

  • Alek

    Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name Alec and Alexander

  • Aleksandr

    Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander

  • Aleksei

    Old Greek - Defender of Men; Defender; A variant of name Alexander

  • Alexei

    Old Greek - Defender of Men; Defender; A variant of name Alexander

  • Anastasiy

    Bulgarian form of Anastasius, meaning to resurrect.

  • Andrei

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andre

  • Andrej

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andreas

  • Andrian

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant of name Adrian

  • Andros

    A born warrior who is manly and brave

  • Antosha

    Russian - Invaluable; Priceless; Inestimable

  • Antosha

    Russian - Invaluable; Priceless; Inestimable

  • Artem

    Shorter version of Artemas; another name of Artemis

  • Balanchine

    Russian born United States dancer and choreographer noted for work in ballet.

  • Baranan

    Ram a Hindu Lord

  • Bogdan

    He who was given by God, a Godsent person

  • Bohdanko

    God's gift

  • Burian

    One whose home is near the weeds

  • Czar

    A born Emperor

  • Damir

    Provides peace

  • Dasha

    Gift sent from God

  • Demyan

    AA confident and super excited being

  • Dima

    They are very strong fighter

  • Dimitre

    An Earth lover who loves adventure

  • Dimitur

    Variation of Demeter meaning, earth.

  • Dimity

    An Earth lover who is concerned with fertility

  • Dmitriy

    Earth lover; Greek goddess of harvest

  • Duscha

    A virgin woman; they exist in the soul

  • Edik

    A healthy and weallthy guardian

  • Efim

    One who is well famed

  • Evgen

    One who was born good

  • Evgeni

    He who was born good

  • Evgeniy

    He who was born as a good person

  • Fedor

    A divine Gift of God

  • Feliks

    A lucky and successful man

  • Geni

    Refers to noble birth.

  • Gennadi

    Variant of Gennadiy -- noble or generous

  • Gennadius

    The person who is decent and well wisher.

  • Gennady

    One who cares for others.

  • Georgy

    Variant of Gerogiy -- farmer or earth worker

  • Gregori

    They love companionship and want to work in peace.They are scholars,philosophers and teachers.

  • Hedeon


  • Jasha

    A supplanter

  • Karik

    Karik means Ever Powerful Ruler

  • Karol

    Karol means Strong, Manly

  • Kazimir

    Kazimir means He Who Destroys the Wold

  • Kervyn

    Kervin means Ruler

  • Kiril

    Kiril means Noble

  • Kirill

    Kirill means Ruler

  • Kodiak

    Kodiak means Island

  • Kolya

    Kolya means Of the Conquering People

  • Krugan

    Krugan means burial mound

  • Lenin

    Russian - One who belongs to the river Lena

  • Lenya

    Russian word for lion

  • Lev

    Russian name for Lion

  • Levushka

    Russian version of the names with the meaning lion

  • Liev

    A person with a heart of a Lion, a very brave man

  • Makar

    A person who is blessed with great happiness

  • Makari

    Old Greek - Blessed; Derived from the element 'makaros' with the meaning blessed

  • Maks

    The greatest of men

  • Maksim

    A man who is greater than others

  • Matvei

    Russian name for a gift of God

  • Mavra

    A Dark individual

  • Melor

    The member of the communist party or a socialist who advocate communism.

  • Mitre

    Short form of Dimitar, meaning earth.

  • Naum

    Russian and Bulgarian accent of Nahum -- comforter.

  • Nikolai

    Victorious triumph of the people.

  • Nikolaj

    The victor among all

  • Okb

    A confident, reticent and comfortable human being

  • Oleg

    Filled with internal brightness, filled with inner nimble.

  • Pavlo

    A natty and intellectual person

  • Platon

    A broad-shouldered person

  • Pushka

    A gun or a cannon; One who is a barrel of a rifled gun; helpful

  • Pushkin

    An Artilleryman, one good with the cannon and the gun

  • Puskin

    A name that originates from Russian surname Pushkin, meaning the cannon

  • Radomir

    One who is peaceful

  • Rasputin

    A mystic

  • Renat

    A reborn man

  • Rodion

    A song of the hero warrior

  • Rostislav

    One whose glory grows

  • Rubal

    Russian Currency

  • Ruslan

    A Russian name for one who is like a Lion

  • Seryozha

    Diminutive of the name Sergei

  • Shasha

    A nickname. Mening one who is defending men

  • Shura

    He who defends people

  • Sidor

    One who is a gift goddess Isis

  • Slava

    Person of fame

  • Slavik

    One who finds glory in the army

  • Stepan

    One who is crowned with a crown

  • Stepka

    He who is crowned with laurels

  • Stesha

    A man who is crowned with laurel

  • Svyatopolk

    Celebrating people

  • Tahna

    Abbreviation of tatiana which is feminine in a roman family clan name Tatius

  • Tamryn

    Russian name meaning palm tree

  • Tanny

    A familiar form of Tanner

  • Tasher

    One who is born on christmas; energetic

  • Timofei

    The honour of god

  • Timofey

    One who fears from God in honour

  • Tolya

    One who belongs or come from the east

  • Wadim

    Romanian form of Vadim, probably meaning knowing one.

  • Zigfrids

    Victory, peace, protection, safety.

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