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Portuguese Girl Names

  • Aitana

    High honor

  • Analia

    A combination of name Ana and Lia; A variant transcription is Analiyah

  • Balei

    It symbolizes being inquisitive and intelligent.

  • Belmira

    A beautiful woman

  • Benedita

    A blessed woman

  • Branca

    One who is white and fair in complexion

  • Brunilda

    A protector in the battle

  • Carlotte

    Her strenght is like a man's

  • Cascata

    Like a waterfall

  • Cesaria

    The head of hair

  • Conceicao

    Conception; the process of conceiving a baby; forming an idea

  • Desidéria


  • Dylla

    A self reliant individual

  • Efigenia

    The one who is born to be strong

  • Enia

    it means jewel or fiery

  • Enricua

    Female form of Enrique, meaning all powerful ruler.

  • Ermenilda

    a powerful warrior.

  • Ermenjart

    a warrior who was extremely powerful.

  • Evora

    She who lives near yew trees

  • Fabrizia

    A craftswoman

  • Folade

    The honor arrives.

  • Galenia

    Small, but intelligent one.

  • Galla

    One coming from Gaul.

  • Gijima

    A swift runner

  • Gilma

    Gilma is a Pourtugese female name and means The One Who Advances, The One Who Goes Forward.

  • Glaucia

    From the Latin word 'glaucus' and means Bluish Grey

  • Guia


  • Gulla

    Yellow or divine sea.

  • Gylda

    Value, sacrifice, knowing true

  • Heloísa

    A warrior, woman with a warrior spirit.

  • Immaculata

    One who is perfect and immaculate.

  • Iracema

    Honey lips

  • Isabel

    My God is an oath

  • Izabel

    Brazilian version of Isabel, meaning my God is an oath

  • Jacobella

    Feminine form of Jacob, meaning supplanter.

  • Jakinda

    One who is beautiful and attractive.

  • Joaninha

    The name means God is grcious. Joaninha is a Portuguese female name that originates from Hebrew name Yochanan.

  • Kamilly

    A variant of Camilla, meaning free born or noble.

  • Kiania

    The dawn

  • Lecia

    Joyful person

  • Lia

    A weary mistress or ruler

  • Ligia

    A woman with a shrill voice, name of the Sirens

  • Lygia

    A whistling voice

  • Miciela

    A blessed gift from God

  • Nadalia

    The person who was born on Christmas day.

  • Nelinha

    The gem in the ocean.

  • Neves

    Small ice flakes fall from white clouds.

  • Noemia

    Portuguese accent of Naomi -- pleasantness

  • Pedrina


  • Purificacion


  • Rute

    A friendly woman

  • Sabelia

    Name of an ancient tribe in Italy.

  • Smaragda

    A form of Esmeralda, meaning emerald.

  • Tristessa

    A hope or the hope to free from sadness

  • Uiara

    The water lady

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