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Portuguese Boy Names

  • Abel

    Usually it means vanity or breath or tansitory

  • Abilio

    One who is able or an expert

  • Adao

    One who is the son of Adam

  • Anacleto

    Form of Anacletus; they are complicated and invoke God's mercy

  • Baltasar

    The name means ' Protected by God.'

  • Baptiste


  • Benedito

    He who is a blessed one

  • Beni

    Plait of Hair; Blessed

  • Bieito

    Blessed, a man with the blessings of the Almighty.

  • Bonifacio

    A man who has goof faith

  • Caetano

    One who is from Caieta

  • Celestino

    A heavenly person

  • Celio

    A heavenly body usually used as last name

  • Celso

    Variant of Celsus; active and majestic

  • Cosme

    Decree, order, sequence or pattern

  • Cruz

    Another name of cross

  • Davi

    An awesome being

  • Diamantino

    A pure and lovely individual; determined leader

  • Dinis

    They have a heart of gold

  • Diogo

    A wandering explorer; rich in gifts

  • Domingos

    One who is born on Sunday

  • Duante

    He who watches over the land

  • Duarte

    Protector of the Land; one who watches land

  • Elder

    One who has deep connection with the God

  • Elpidio

    A refined and peace loving person

  • Emilio

    someone who tries to emulate or a rival.

  • Ermenegildo

    Immense tribute

  • Estevao

    a Portuguese word which means crown.

  • Estevo

    Brazilian form of Steve, meaning crown.

  • Eustaquio

    a Spanish word meaning fruitful or productive.

  • Ferrão

    A man who is ardent for peace.

  • Fethee


  • Filipe

    A person who loves horses

  • Goncalo

    A man who is a genius in battles.

  • Goredenna

    Black cloud

  • Grau

    A brave spearman

  • Gualter

    Ruler of the Army, The one who rule the country or army. He will be with leadership qualities.

  • Henriques

    Ruler of the estate

  • Herculano

    Of the God Hercules.

  • Hermenegildo

    A tribute of gold

  • Horado


  • Humberto

    famous fighter

  • Inacio

    Internal fire

  • Indíbil

    One who is very dark-skinned.

  • Januario

    Devoted to Janus, a variation of January.

  • Joao

    Joao is a Portuguese male name that means Jehovah was been gracious, has shown favor.

  • Joaquim

    The name is a male Portuguese and Catalan version of the name Joachim. It originates from Hebrew and means Raised by Yahweh or Established by Yahweh.

  • Jo�o

    Portuguese name of Hebrew Origin, means Yahweh is Gracious

  • Jo�ozinho

    The name means Yahwen is Gracious or The God is Gracious

  • Jordão

    Descend, flow down

  • Jose

    Hebrew - Yahweh will add; God Will Multiply; God will rise; A variant of Joseph

  • Joseantonio

    A combination of Jose and Antonio.

  • Kadonkechi

    A bitter soup.

  • Kaua

    Sensitive, one who is sensitive by nature.

  • Keyton

    A place where the hawks fly.

  • Kito

    A precious stone.

  • Macerio

    A blessed soul.

  • Mancio

    A soothsayer or one who foretells the future.

  • Mariano

    A hostile warlike man

  • Marques

    One who actc like the Mars, the God of was

  • Marquese

    A man who is like Mars the God of War

  • Marquess

    A nobleman of the hereditary rank

  • Martese

    War like or martial

  • Mateus

    He is a like he Gift of God

  • Mauricio

    A dark skinned man

  • Nelio

    The creation of a tough job.

  • Neymar

    Not accessible or obtainable or offered.

  • Nicolau

    Brazilian variant of Nicholas, meaning victory of people.

  • Nuno

    The ninth grandfather; honoured

  • Pascoal

    A variant of Pascal, meaning child of Easter.

  • Paulo

    One who belongs to the people

  • Paulos

    One who does good things for people

  • Pires

    Son of Pedro, or son of the one who is like a stone

  • Quim

    Established by God.

  • Remigio

    A person who is a rower

  • Ronaldo

    One who advises with great power

  • Roque

    One firm as a rock is

  • Rudolfo

    A wolf who is a legend

  • Rufino

    A man who is of red hair

  • Rui

    He who is known for his power and fame

  • Rwakaikara

    God of the Banyoro people

  • Salomão

    One who likes peace, peaceable

  • Silvino

    He is a man from the forest

  • Tadeu

    Given by God.

  • Tarso

    Portuguese name for Tarsus, an ancient Asian city in Turkey

  • Tiburcio

    One who is from Tibur or Tivoli

  • Tome

    A twin baby Boy born

  • Tristao

    A variant of Tristan, meaning tumult or outcry.

  • Ulisses

    Angry or to hate

  • Umoja

    Unity or harmony

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