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Polish Girl Names

  • Augustyna

    Polish form of Augustina

  • Beatris

    Voyager through Life

  • Berna

    Bear; Courageous; Brave Like a Bear; Strong Bear

  • Bernardette

    Strong; Brave Bear

  • Bernhardina

    Brave Like a Bear; Strong Bear

  • Bianka

    White; Shining; Fair; House; God's Promise; God is My Oath; A Similar to the French Blanche

  • Blaithin

    Flower; Little; Blossom

  • Boguslawa

    She who brings glory to God

  • Bozena


  • Bronislawa

    A woman who protects the glory

  • Bronya

    A woman who gives protection

  • Bryda

    A holderof great power and strenght

  • Bryga

    The one who is exalted

  • Brygid

    A praised man

  • Brygida

    One who is highly esteemed

  • Casimira

    She who proclaimed peace

  • Daiya

    A gift from God

  • Dorota

    One who has bright mind

  • Edyth

    A rare and wonderful gift

  • Edytha

    A neat and wealthy present

  • Elwira

    this name means white.

  • Elzbieta

    this means my god is bountiful or god of plenty.

  • Eryka

    a feminized word which means someone who rules for eternity.

  • Ewa

    She who brings life to everything

  • Ewelina

    One who is desired

  • Fela

    A lucky woman

  • Felcia

    A lucky lady

  • Genowefa

    Polish accent of Genevieve -- Wave that reflects white color

  • Gertruda

    The person who is having power as a sharp spear.

  • Gizela

    Gizela means Plegde, Oath

  • Gosia

    They have responsible and reserve nature.They love music,litrature,drama and fun.

  • Halinka

    Calm, Peaceful

  • Heca

    A woman of many affairs

  • Henryka

    ruler of enclosure, home ruler

  • Jadwiga

    One who is war refuge

  • Jagienka

    Lamb of God; Diminutive of Agnieszka; A variant form of Agnes

  • Jannalee

    Wife of Janus

  • Jannina

    Yahweh is gracious

  • Jolanka

    Derivative of the word Jolan,meaning good girl,violet blossom

  • Jolanta

    The meaning of the name Jolanta is Violet

  • Kaleena

    Kaleena means is The Name of the Flower

  • Kalena

    Kalena is a flower name in Polish and Czeh

  • Kalene

    Kalene means a Name of the Flower

  • Karolin

    Karolin means Free Man

  • Katrine

    The name means True, Natural

  • Kazandra

    Kazandra means To Shine and Excel

  • Kazimiera

    The name means The Peace Destroyer

  • Klaudia

    The name means Crippled

  • Krysia

    The name means of Christian Faith

  • Krysta

    Kysta means She is a Christian

  • Ksenia

    Ksenia means hospitality

  • Lidia

    A person who is from Lydia, that is a Greek word for a region in Asia

  • Lila

    She who belongs to the people

  • Lilka

    Polish for name Lily

  • Lizann

    An ornament that shines bright

  • Lucja

    Polish name describing light

  • Ludwika

    A brilliant warrior

  • Luisa

    A famous battle maid

  • Luvyna

    A person with a bright mind

  • Malgorzata

    Polish variant of the name Margaret, meaning pearl

  • Manina

    A woman who is like a war

  • Manka

    A bitter, sorrowful sea

  • Margita

    A name for pearl

  • Marika

    A restless, rebellious woman

  • Marike

    A girl with a restless heart

  • Marjon

    A Polish name meaning bitter

  • Markie

    Nickname for Margaret, a pearl

  • Martyna

    A female warrior of the God Mars

  • Marzena

    A polish diminutive of Maria, a bitter one

  • Masia

    A person with a bitter character

  • Mela

    Darkness, the one who always can not see anything, gloomy & shady

  • Melka

    Black coated gorgeous, gloomy layer love.

  • Minka

    A strong person, strong-willed

  • Morela

    Sweet like a fruit of Apricot

  • Natasza

    Polish accent of Natasha, Birthday

  • Nataszja

    A birthday present from God

  • Naya

    An equal distant from the extremes.

  • Ola

    A pleasant bright shining light.

  • Olesia

    the person who is showing regard for others in manners, speech, behavior.etc.

  • Oliwia

    Bear a resemblance to live tree.

  • Ozella

    A patient and loving personality

  • Paula

    Latin - Little; Humble; From The Name Pauline; A variant of Paul

  • Pawlina

    A humble and little one

  • Poila

    One who has strenght

  • Pola

    From Apolonia, meaning a woman of strenght

  • Rasia

    Queen; Royalty; From the Royal Family; Regal; Latin - Rose;

  • Rebekah

    Hebrew - Cattle Stall; To Tie; Variation of the name Rebecca

  • Renata

    Latin - Born Again; Rebirth; Born Anew; A variant of Renee

  • Renia

    A little one who was reborn

  • Richenza

    A wealthy, rich female

  • Roksana

    She who is bright as a down

  • Rozalia

    Germanic - Horse Shield of Lime wood; Pretty Rose; Latin - Rose; A variant form of Rosalia

  • Ruta

    A woman friends

  • Silwa

    She who is of the forest

  • Sylwia

    She who is a lady of the forest

  • Tekli

    An eternal fame

  • Teodora

    God's gift

  • Teodozia

    God's gift

  • Terenia

    Polish variation o Theresa, means to harvest

  • Tomeka

    A baby girl born as a twin

  • Truda

    A girl who fights for her nation.

  • Zoja

    Old Greek - Life; A variant form of name Zoe

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