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Polish Boy Names

  • Adorjan

    Person from Hadria -- Latin Origin; A variant of Adrian

  • Adrean

    Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

  • Adriano

    Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

  • Adrianus

    Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

  • Adrien

    Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

  • Adrion

    Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

  • Adron

    Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

  • Aleksander

    Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander

  • Alohilani

    Bright sky

  • Anatol

    Old Greek - Sunrise; East; A variant form of name is Anatoli

  • Andrzej

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andrew and Andreas

  • Antek

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antoni

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antonin

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Arek

    Hebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; A variant of name Aaron

  • Artek

    Celtic - Stone, Bear; Germanic - Thor, The Eagle; A variant of name Arthur

  • Aurek

    A bold, blond person; golden haired

  • Aurelian

    An emperor who is golden colored; broadminded

  • Bakula

    One who says lies

  • Balint

    The name means strong and healthy.

  • Barley

    Woodland Clearing; Grower or Seller of Barley

  • Bartholomeus

    Farmer's Son

  • Basile

    Royal; Kingly

  • Bazyli


  • Bedrich

    A Peaceful Ruler

  • Bendek


  • Benedetto

    Blessed; Similar to Latin Benedict

  • Beniamino

    Right-hand Son; Similar to Benedict; Son of the Right Hand

  • Benoni

    Son of My Sorrow or Pain

  • Betzalel

    In God's Shadow

  • Binak

    Eye; Vision

  • Birger

    Rescue; To Save; To Help; To Protect

  • Bogdi

    Bogdi is a derivative of Bogdan and means given by God.

  • Bogumil

    One who is dear to God

  • Boguslav

    God's glory

  • Bolek

    To achieve great glory

  • Bonifacy

    A man whose faith is good

  • Borys

    One who is a short snow lepard

  • Brada

    An ukaranian surname; affectionate and compassionate being

  • Bronislaw

    A protector of glory

  • Casimir

    One who brought peace

  • Cezary

    Variant of Caesar; they are hairy and cut out of womb

  • Chestibor

    Battle honor

  • Czeslaw

    Glory; stable

  • Demian

    One who can be tamed and polished

  • Dobry

    In Polish the word Dobry means Good

  • Edek

    A guardian of property; owner of many spears

  • Edmunda

    One who has prosperity; name of a king

  • Emeryk

    this name has the meaning work power.

  • Eryk

    someone who is a ruler for eternity.

  • Eugeniusz

    a Polish word meaning high born or nobility.

  • Felicjan

    A man of good fortune

  • Feliks

    A lucky and successful man

  • Ferdynand

    One who stars a brave journey

  • Fil

    A person who loves horses

  • Furman

    A driver of a horse-cart for delivery

  • Gabryjel

    God is my shelter.

  • Genek

    Polish accent of gene -- upper class birth

  • Gerek

    Variant of Gerald -- ruling by spear

  • Gertrud

    Who holds a spear for hunting

  • Hainrich

    Ruler of a place, Home Ruler

  • Henio

    Little ruler of the estate

  • Holleb


  • Jacek

    Like a hycianth flower

  • Januarius

    One who is born in January

  • Janusz

    Variant of John, meaning God is gracious

  • Jazon

    One who gives medication in order to get well soon.

  • Jedrick

    Man or soldier; A strong Man

  • Jedrzej

    A manly warrior, brave

  • Jeny

    The farmer who owns a paddy field.

  • Jerzy

    Old Greek - Farmer; Earthworker; A variant name of George

  • Jezyk

    Tongue, gives taste

  • Jurek

    Old Greek - Farmer; Earth Worker; A variant form of the English George

  • Kaz

    Kaz means Vanity, Emptiness

  • Kazimierz

    The meaning of the name is To Destroy the Peace and the World

  • Klemens

    Klemens means Merciful

  • Kornel

    Kornel means a Man with Horns

  • Krysztof

    The name means He carries Christ in his Heart

  • Krzy

    Christ or the follower of Christ, short form of Christopher

  • Krzysztof

    Means he is a Christian

  • Kuba

    The name means Supplanter

  • Lanceor

    One who holds a spear in battle

  • Lazor

    God has helped

  • Leszek

    From the name of the Slavc tribe, a name of the founder of Polish people

  • Liuz

    A person whose inner light shines bright

  • Longin

    From Latin name Longinus, means long

  • Luboslaw

    He who loved the glory

  • Ludwik

    Polish name meaning brave, famous warrior

  • Luiz

    A warrior of fame

  • Magdalena

    Woman from Magdala a village on the Sea of Galilee

  • Maksymilian

    The greatest man

  • Mandek

    Polish name for worrior

  • Marceli

    Who is like the God Mars

  • Marcin

    A servant of Mars, God of war

  • Marek

    On who is warlike

  • Marus

    Hebrew - Sea of bitterness; Rebellious; Wished for child; to swell; A variant of Marian

  • Mateusz

    One who is a God's Gift

  • Matjas

    A gift of God

  • Mazur

    Polish surname, one from Mazovia

  • Melchior

    The ruler of the city, the sovereign of the kingdom.

  • Olek

    The one who gives orders and instructions.

  • Olgierd

    Fame, the state of being well-known

  • Oliwer

    A look-alike of Olive plant

  • Oliwier

    Same to the olive fruit

  • Patryk

    One who has a noble heart

  • PaweÅ‚

    A little and small person

  • Pawel

    One who is humble and small; interesting

  • Pawl

    A humble and small individual

  • Pollack

    A surname meaning a person who is from Polland

  • PrzemysÅ‚aw

    Thoughtful and glorious person

  • Rafal

    God's healer

  • Rawel

    A strong individual with a wise mind

  • Remigiusz

    One who is an oarsman

  • Renard

    One who is like a fox

  • Ryzard

    A ruler who is strong

  • Slawek

    He is a glorious one

  • Slawomir

    He who brings the glorious peace

  • Stanislaw

    He is going to become glorious

  • Szczepan

    He who wears a garland crown

  • Szymon

    A man who hears everything

  • Tanek

    He who is immortal

  • Tolek

    The prized gift from God

  • Tomasz

    A twin, one of the two born child

  • Tomek

    One who is born a twin

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