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Norse Girl Names

  • Aegelmaer

    A little spruce tree, daughter of grass snake

  • Aegileif

    Daughter of Hrolf Helgason.

  • Aelfdane

    One who earn or deserve elf powers

  • Aelfdene

    From the valley of mystical powers

  • Aelffled

    One who escaped from mystical powers

  • Aelfgeat

    A nymph from Gotland or Gothia

  • Aelfgiest

    A goat with mystical powers

  • Aelfgifu

    A gift of supernatural powers

  • Aelfgiuee

    A guide of mystical powers

  • Aelfgiva

    A mountain or hill of fairies

  • Aelfgyd

    A war of mystical powers

  • Aelfgyth

    A body with supernatural powers

  • Aelfheah

    The high mystical powers

  • Aelfhelm

    A mystical power from the shelter of animals

  • Aelfleda

    One who is led by the supernatural powers

  • Aelfmaer

    A little mystical nymph

  • Aelfnoth

    A mystical distress or need

  • Aelfsi

    One who is like an elf, or like nymph

  • Angerboda

    A giant.

  • Angerbotha

    One who is giant.

  • Anrid

    Wife of Ketil Fjorleifarson.

  • Aslaug

    One who is solely devoted to God

  • Astred

    An impulsive Girl with a divine strength

  • Astrid

    A Girl who is divinely beautiful

  • Asvor

    Wife of Asrod.

  • Asvoria

    One who is divinely prudent.

  • Audhilda

    Rich warrior woman.

  • Audhumbla

    Name of a giant cow that nursed Ymir.

  • Ã…shild

    A brave and fighting woman.

  • Bergliot

    Helpful light

  • Bergljot

    'Safe light', from Old Norse

  • Bifrost

    The bridge from earth to Asgard.

  • Birget

    A protecting woman.

  • Bodile

    A fighting woman.

  • Bodilla

    A variant of Bodile, meaning a fighting woman.

  • Borghilda

    Wife of Sigmund. A variant of Borghild.

  • Brisingamen

    Freya's necklace.

  • Bruna

    A brown-haired woman

  • Brunnehilde

    The armored and fighting woman.

  • Bryngerd

    The mother of Tonguestein.

  • Brynhild

    A fighter woman with an armor

  • Brynhilde

    The armored fighting woman.

  • Daggi

    A maid

  • Dagrun

    A secret lore

  • Dalla

    Dwelling in the meadow

  • Dalr

    From the valley.

  • Deity

    A hidden person; growing

  • Disa

    Younger form of Disa; a spirited individual

  • Diss

    One who is spirited .

  • Dordi

    A gift from God.

  • Dorte

    God's gift.

  • Eir

    Name of the goddess of healing.

  • Elin

    Light coming out and is the most beautiful one

  • Ellisif

    Consecrated to god.

  • Fjorgyn

    Mother of Thor

  • Frøydis

    A name of the Goddess Frøy.

  • Freyja

    A name given to the lady of love, beauty and death

  • Frieda

    Darling and dearest.

  • Frigga

    Sprit of wedding, goddess of marriages.

  • Frikka

    A peaceful ruler.

  • Fulla

    Either fuller or a young horse

  • Garthf


  • Geirbjorg

    Sister of Bersi, the godless.

  • Gerda

    Refers to attachment or insertion.

  • Gerrie

    The one who rules with mighty spear.

  • Gyda

    Warlike, aggressive in doing everything

  • Haldana

    A woman who is Half Danish.

  • Haldora

    One who is half spirited.

  • Halldis

    A firm helper

  • Hallfrid

    One who is half beautiful.

  • Hallgerd

    One who is half protected.

  • Haralda

    An army ruler

  • Heiritha

    A worthy woman

  • Hela

    Name of the goddess of the underworld.

  • Hildelida

    A woman who fights in war

  • Hildelith

    A brave warrior woman

  • Hlif

    Mother of Atli.

  • Hrodny

    Mother of Hoskuld.

  • Hvergelmir

    The home of Nidhug.

  • Hyndla

    A giant

  • Hyrrokkin

    Name of an ogre.

  • Idona

    Norse goddess of the apples of eternal youth.

  • Iduna

    She who is active in love

  • Idunn

    To renew nature or active in love.

  • Ingaberg

    Daughter of a hero.

  • Ingibjörg

    Protection or castle.

  • Ingigerd

    Name of Dagstygg's sister.

  • Lene

    Person who is destinguished

  • Lull

    Woman who is a legendary soldier

  • Magli

    Maria of the town Magdala

  • Magna

    A mighty, strong woman

  • Magnhild

    A mighty and strong one in the battle

  • Nanja

    One who is merciful, who favours

  • Nekisha

    A dearly loved person. Loved by all.

  • Odina

    Nap and impassiveness.

  • Ola

    A pleasant bright shining light.

  • Olaug

    The destroyer, a person who destroys or ruins or lays waste to.

  • Olesea

    Nimm is the name of a tree that gives harsh and unpleasant taste of fruits.

  • Ossi

    A strong willed and preserving person

  • Randalin

    A protecting shield

  • Ricci

    A woman who is ever-strong

  • Ricki

    One who is a peaceful and complete ruler of men

  • Riecka

    An eternal female ruler

  • Rika

    A woman who is going to stay strong forever

  • Runa

    A strenght of a man

  • Sóley

    The island of Sun

  • Sølvi

    A girl blessed with the strenght of the sun

  • Sia

    One who is victorious, one who won

  • Sidsel

    A woman with dim sight

  • Sif

    A name of the second wife of the Norse God Thor. Means wife.

  • Siv

    She who is a wife. In Norse mythology Siv is Thor's wife

  • Siya

    A woman sho always wins

  • Skadi

    A name of the Winter Goddess, a frost giant

  • Solbjørg

    One rescued by the Sun

  • Thordis

    Woman of Thor

  • Tora

    In Japanese it means a tigress. In Latin it refers to the victor or conqueror. In Norse it refers to Goddess of Thunder.

  • Toril

    A fighting inspired by the thunder God

  • Torri

    A form of tori

  • Torunn

    The love of thunder God, mother of Bishop

  • Trana

    A bird or a sorceress

  • Turid

    The master of natural thunder.

  • Valdis

    An Old Norse name, meaning goddess of the dead.

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