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Norse Boy Names

  • Aegir

    A water giant, of a sea monster

  • Aeldiet

    One who is of fire

  • Aeldit

    Who belongs to he fire

  • Aelffrith

    Peace or protection from elf powers

  • Aelfgar

    A spear of the supernatural power

  • Aelfhere

    The army of mystical powers

  • Aelflead

    A mystical leader

  • Aelfled

    led by the mystical powers

  • Aelfraed

    a mystical counsellor or advisor

  • Aelfred

    A wise mystical person, advisor

  • Aeric

    One who is an eternal ruler

  • Aesir

    Of the Gods.

  • Aevar

    Name of Ketil's son.

  • Alfarin

    Name of Hlif's son.

  • Alfgeir

    Elfin's spear

  • Alfrothul

    Of the sun.

  • Alvis

    An all knowing wise person who is brilliant in every way possible and have strong emotional desires

  • Amund

    A bridal gift.

  • Andvaranaut

    Brunhild's ring

  • Andvari

    Name of a mythical treasure guardian.

  • Annar

    Father of the world.

  • Arkyn

    Eternal king's son.

  • Armod

    Name of Geirleif's blood brother.

  • Aros

    From the river's mouth.

  • Arvakl

    Name of a mythical horse.

  • Asbiom

    A divine bear.

  • Asgard

    Name of city of the gods in Norse mythology.

  • Asgaut

    Name of a mythical divine goth.

  • Askel

    A term used for divine cauldron.

  • Aslak

    A divine sport.

  • Aulay

    Someone of the ancestral heritage

  • Bakli

    Name of Blaeng's son.

  • Balder

    Means ' prince' or brave warrior or 'Son of Odin'

  • Baldr

    It means to be bold and brave. It also symbolizes a prince or a lord.

  • Baldur

    It means prince. It is also the name of the Norse gor related to love and happiness.

  • Balmung

    Siegfried's sword.

  • Baug

    Son of Raud.

  • Beini

    Name of a smith.

  • Bergthor

    Thor's spirit

  • Bersi

    Son of bakli.

  • Bionbyr

    Warrior's estate

  • Biorn

    Norwegian word for bear.

  • Biyn

    One who is strong.

  • Bjame

    Norwegian word for bear.

  • Bjolf

    Name of lodmund's blood brother.

  • Blesi

    A blessed man

  • Bodmod

    Name of Oleif's son.

  • Borg

    From the castle.

  • Bothi

    Herald or begin.

  • Broderick

    To be like a brother to someone

  • Brondolf

    Name of Naddodd's son.

  • Brun

    A man who is of brown hair

  • Bruni

    Son of Earl Harek.

  • Buri

    One who produces a son

  • Carr

    One from the marsh

  • Clotuali

    A cold one

  • Cnute

    Norwegian word for knot.

  • Danal

    God has ruled

  • Danb

    The one from Denmark

  • Danby


  • Danhy

    The one from Denmark.

  • Darbi

    Town for deer

  • Darrbey

    A farmstead

  • Davynn

    An intelligent fellow

  • Delling

    One with a shining personality

  • Dellingr

    Shining or brilliant.

  • Denby

    One who is from Danish settlement

  • Dikibyr

    One from the Dike settlement.

  • Duartr

    A rich guard.

  • Durin

    A mythical dwarf; magical and enchanting

  • Dyre

    A valuable and dear one

  • Eggther

    Guardian for the giants.

  • Egil

    One who inspires fright

  • Elvis

    this name means sage or elf or wise friend.

  • Eric

    ever or eternal ruler.

  • Eske

    Spear of the gods.

  • Evinrude

    A swift boat.

  • Eyfrod

    The one who was farmed at tongue.

  • Fasolt

    One who is killed by Fafnir

  • Fenris

    Name of a mythical monster.

  • Finnbogi

    Norwegian term meaning merchant.

  • Fjall

    From the rough hill.

  • Floki

    A heroic Viking.

  • Flosi

    Norwegian term meaning chieftain.

  • Forseti

    Name of Balder's son.

  • Freki

    Name of Odin's wolf.

  • Freyr

    Norse God of weather.

  • Frode

    The one who is very clever in his mind.

  • Frye

    Independent kernels or stones.

  • Full

    Not empty, always to the top

  • Gamble

    Refers to an elderly person.

  • Gandalf

    Fairies or sprites.

  • Ganger

    A founder of Normandy.

  • Garth

    The keeper of the garden

  • Gartheride

    One who is the owner of a place

  • Garthrite

    One who owns a place or enclosure

  • Har

    One who is high

  • Heidrun

    A goat who supplies mead to the Gods

  • Hildebeorht

    One whose light shines bright in the battle

  • Hildeburh

    He is a light in the battle

  • Hoder

    Name of Odin's blind son.

  • Hoenir

    Name of Odin's brother.

  • Holmstein

    The one who supported Flosi.

  • Hord

    Name of Ashjom's father.

  • Hoskuld

    Name of Thorstein's son.

  • Hrapp

    Name of Hrodgeir's father.

  • Hreidmar

    A dwarf king.

  • Hroald

    Brother of Eyvind Weapon.

  • Hrolf


  • Hrolleif

    Old wolf

  • Hromund

    Son of Thori.

  • Hrosskel

    Son of Thorstein.

  • Hugin

    One who is thoughtful

  • Hunbogi

    Son of Alf

  • Illugi

    Name of Aslak's son.

  • Im

    Name of a mythical giant.

  • Ingemur

    A famous son.

  • Ingharr

    Son's army.

  • Inghram

    Ing's raven.

  • Ingolf

    Ing's wolf.

  • Isleif

    Name of Isrod's brother.

  • Isolf

    Son of Hrani.

  • Isrod

    Name of Isleif's brother.

  • Magnar

    A Mighty leader of the army

  • Magne

    A magnificent fighter and leader

  • Merowald

    A king of rivers and forests, King of Hereford

  • Modthryth

    It is a short form of 'Maria' or 'Mary' formed in German language. A Virgin damsel.

  • Molde

    Plural form of Mold which means a soil which is fertile

  • Odd

    Persian variant of an Arabic that means one who is chosen.

  • Oden

    The dearest of human being.

  • Odin

    Daffodil yellow flowers

  • Oeric

    An eternal ruler, one and only, rules always

  • Ohthere

    A true champion. One who is a champ or ahead of all.

  • Olaf

    Mass of success, gathering of achievement.

  • Olaff

    The crowd who are experiencing the triumph.

  • Olan

    Very long lasting, not easily destroyed.

  • Olanda

    The one who is accumulated wealth in the form of money or jewels.

  • Olav

    Affectionate homegrown, sweet home.

  • Olave

    Orchad of shrub, the person who is capturing interest as if by a spell.

  • Ole

    A framework that supports climbing plants (Bower)

  • Olef

    God's dedications, God's kindnesses.

  • Olen

    Private spectator, secret observer.

  • Orm

    Nona means the ninth one in the family.

  • Osbarn

    A God bear or a God warrior

  • Osborn

    The warrior of God.

  • Osborne

    The warrior of God's army, the spiritual bear.

  • Osbourn

    The spiritual fighter of God's army.

  • Osfrith

    A god of the gods

  • Osgar

    Nooraniyah softly bright or radiant.

  • Osgarus

    God who rule the world

  • Osgyth

    The beloved god of love and peace

  • Oshern

    The god of peace and love

  • Oskar

    One with the fastness of a divine spear

  • Osmond

    A protectected human being

  • Ove

    Ancestors; one who is an Egg

  • Pollerd

    A short-haired man

  • Raud

    The father of the wolves

  • Roar

    A fighter of Heaven

  • Roscoe

    A man who was born in the forest of deers

  • Rothwell

    A man who lives near to a red spring

  • Royd

    He who lives in forest's clearing

  • Run

    A secret character of lore

  • Sceldwa

    The actual representator of kingship

  • Tankred

    A well tought advice

  • Tarald

    Power of the thunder

  • Tidhild

    The battle time, or the time of battle

  • Tor

    The God of Thunder

  • Torbjorn

    The bear of Thor

  • Tord

    The Thunder God

  • Torfi

    The turf, a layer of earth covered with grass

  • Torgny

    The noise of the Thunder God

  • Torhild

    The battle of thunder god

  • Torhtsige

    The victory of thunder God

  • Tormond

    The courage of thunder God

  • Tormund

    The mind or thunder God

  • Torold

    The rule of thunder God

  • Torphin

    A male descendant of Thor

  • Torvald

    The power of thunder God

  • Trig

    A trustworthy or a safe person, a true person

  • Tron

    one who is growing, ascending, increasing

  • Trym

    Refers to scream or shout.

  • Tuck

    An experienced and passionate individual

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