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Nordic Girl Names

  • Alith

    A noble sort

  • Almeta

    A pearl

  • Annaliesa

    The one who is graced with God's bounty

  • Annelisse

    Combination of Anne and Liese; the gracious, loving one

  • Annemari

    God is gracious one and he has answered the prayers

  • Beadohild

    A battle fight

  • Ellika

    One who cannot be defeated

  • Gisla

    Gisla means Pledge, Hostage.

  • Gisllica

    Gisllica means The Rays of Sunchine

  • Gitte

    The name Gitte means To Help

  • Gitty

    Gitty means High, Mighty

  • Gjertrud

    The name means The Strenght of the Spear

  • Gun

    battle or fight

  • Gunda

    War, Female warrior and Fight

  • Gunel

    Mother of kings

  • Gunhild

    War and Battle, derived from the words gunnr which means 'war' and hildr means 'battle'.

  • Gunhilda

    Gunhilda version of Gunhild and means Battle War.

  • Gunilla

    Battle Maid.

  • Gunn

    The name Gunn originates from Old Nordic Mythology and an Old Nordic word 'gunnr' which means War or Battle.

  • Gunnell

    The Mother of the King or The Mother of the Ruler.

  • Gunneuare

    Woman Warrior

  • Gunnhild

    War and Battle

  • Gunnild

    Battle and War

  • Gunnilda

    Battle and War

  • Gunnilde

    Battle or War.

  • Gunnildes

    Battle or War.

  • Gunnilla

    Battle or War.

  • Gunnilt

    Battle or War.

  • Gunnora

    Wary in Battle

  • Gunnore

    Wary in Battle. It is a variation of the name Gunnora.

  • Gunnota

    Wary, Cautious in Battle. It comes from an old name Gunnvor. It is a variation of the name Gunnora and Gunnore.

  • Gunnote

    Wary in Battle. It comes from the Old Nordic name Gunnvor. The name Gunnote is primary used in English language and has many variation such as Gunnote, Gunnora and Gunnore.

  • Gunora

    Originated from Old Nordic Gunvor, which means Battle, Fight, War.

  • Hag

    A wrinkled old woman, a kind of the goddess or fairy, wrinkled old

  • Hilja

    Silence; Quiet; Calm

  • Jorine

    The name Jorine means Boar

  • Juheta

    Juheta name means Be Merciful

  • Juni

    Juni is a Scandinavian name meaning Young

  • Juska

    The name Juska means 'to give refuge'

  • Jutta

    Jutta is a Girl name meaning Land of The Jute

  • Kaari

    Kaari menas Rare Excelance, Precious Stone

  • Kaja

    Kaja name means in Old Nordic Chicken, In Estonian Echo and a Free man in German

  • Karin

    Karin means Pure

  • Karitas

    Karitas means Charity

  • Karly

    Karly means Womanly

  • Karni

    Karni means My Horn

  • Karoline

    Karoline means Joy

  • Karriana

    Karriana means Of Pure Heart

  • Karrie

    Karrie means The Pure One

  • Karrigan

    Karrigan means She who is Pure

  • Katariina

    The name means Pure or Each of the Two

  • Katen

    The name means Pure One

  • Katha

    Katha means True, Real

  • Katla

    The name means Cauldron, Helmet

  • Katrena

    The name means Clear, Pure

  • Katri

    Katri means Pure

  • Keki

    Keki means From the Ship's Island

  • Kelda

    Kelda menas Spring, Fountain

  • Kels

    Kels means Island, Beautiful Island, Shipping Harbor

  • Kelson

    Kelson means From the Ship's Island

  • Kelsye

    The name means Valiant, Strong

  • Kemma

    Kemma means Stronger than You

  • Kervin

    The name Kerttu means Warrior

  • Kiersten

    Kiersten means Flower of God

  • Kiira

    Kiira means Lord of the Sun

  • Kikkan

    Kikkan means Lord of the Manor, House Owner

  • Kindle

    Kindle means Spring

  • Kindra

    Kindra means The Champion who is the Greatest

  • Kirsi

    Kirsi means Frost

  • Kjellaug

    Kjellaug means Coundron of the Holy Oath

  • Kolka

    Kolka means Stain, Spot

  • Kortnee

    Kortnee means Person with a Short Nose

  • Laila

    Laila means Night

  • Langliva

    She who has been gifted the long life

  • Laurina

    Nordic name meaning bay tree

  • Leea

    Woman with healing powers

  • Leofa

    Nordic name meaning dear friend

  • Lif

    Life, To exist

  • Liia

    My god is a perfiction

  • Lilja

    Scandinavian name for flower lily

  • Lill

    Nordic short version for Elisabet, meaning God is my oath

  • Lis

    Scandinavian name meaning God is my oath

  • Lisabeta

    Norse variation of name Elizabeth

  • Lisbet

    Nordic variation of the name Elizabeth

  • Liselott

    She devoted herself to God

  • Liseth

    Nordic variation of the name Elizabeth meaning pledged to God

  • Liv

    An Old Norse word that means Life

  • Lollie

    Nordic name for sorrow

  • Lotta

    Short from Charlotte; free woman

  • Lotti

    Little womanly person

  • Louiza

    Nordic name for warrior

  • Lova

    Swedish for promise, vow

  • Lovisa

    A woman who is a famous warrior

  • Lynae

    A small blue flower

  • Lynnae

    A lime or linden tree

  • Madicken

    A pearl

  • Madlen

    A town with a tower

  • Maj

    One from the sea

  • Malin

    One from Magdala

  • Mans

    One who is great

  • Mareta

    One who is like a pearl

  • Margarit

    Norse name meaning pearl

  • Marharyta

    A variation of the name Margaret meaning pearl

  • Marit

    From Persian name Margaron meaning perl

  • Marith

    A defiant woman

  • Marne

    She who is shinig bright

  • Millay

    A flower with good scent

  • Mille

    A decent scented flower

  • Otta

    A philosopher and creative individual

  • Raegan

    One who makes good decisions

  • Ragna

    A Goddes or a warrior

  • Ragnell

    Goddes of war

  • Ragnhild

    Adviser in a battle

  • Raija

    One who radiates light

  • Randii

    A lovely Goddess

  • Ranveig

    A house woman

  • Rønnaug

    House of the battle

  • Saffy

    A wise one

  • Safie

    A wise woman

  • Saija

    From Hebrew Sarah, meaning princess

  • Saime

    A woman who is fasting

  • Salla

    One who is righteous

  • Salli

    Norse varitation of the name Sarah, means princess

  • Sanna

    She who is truthful

  • Sanny

    The new truth

  • Savea

    The swedish nation

  • Segrid

    A beautiful victory

  • Seija

    A cloudless sky

  • Selvie

    A happy home

  • Senija

    One sho is hospitable

  • Seri

    Slender and delicate girl

  • Sessa

    Blinded by the light

  • Tellervo

    Finnish Goddess of the forest

  • Terican

    A complete ruler

  • Thora

    Thunder Goddess

  • Thurid

    A beautiful thunder

  • Thyra

    Feminine form of Tyr, God of war

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