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Nordic Boy Names

  • Assar

    Younger form of Answar

  • Audun

    A person who is a friend of wealth

  • Dalmar

    The one who is very versatile

  • Gisli

    Gisli means Ray of Sunshine

  • Gudmundur

    It is a modernized version of the old Nordic name Guðmundr. It means Gods protection or Protected by God, from the two words 'gudr' which means god and 'mund' which means protection.

  • Gunnar

    Fighter, Soldier and Attacker

  • Gunne

    Gunne is a male name of Nordic origins. Comes from the old Nordic word 'gunnr' which translates to War.

  • Gunner

    Bold Warrior or Battle Strong

  • Gunnor

    War Warrior. It is composed of two Old Nordic words: 'gunnr' which means war and 'arr' meaning warrior.

  • Hati

    the name of a mythical wolf in Grímnismál, Golden (Hindi)

  • Jalmar

    Warrior with a helmet

  • Jankin

    God is gracious

  • Jann

    A genie

  • Jannik

    Love of God

  • Jannis

    Nordic name meaning God's grace

  • Jar

    Iron field

  • Jari

    A fight or a quarrel

  • Jarl

    A highborn, nobleman

  • Jarle

    A noble warrior

  • Jarmo

    Uplifted by God

  • Jarno

    Assigned by God

  • Joar

    Old Nordic male name. Means The one with the Horse.

  • Jorik

    Jorik means Wild Boar

  • Jorn

    Name Jorn means Vigilant Watchman

  • Jorun

    The name Jorun means Love

  • Jorunn

    Jorunn means The One Who Loves Horses

  • Jorvik

    Jorvik is a Viking name, means From the Bear Estate

  • Juha

    Juha name means Be Merciful

  • Juhana

    Juhana name means Gracious

  • Juho

    Juho means Be Merciful

  • Junna

    Junna is Boy name and means To Give Refuge

  • Juuso

    Jusso means God will add

  • Jyri

    Jyri means earthworker

  • Kaapro

    Kaapro means Strong man of God

  • Kaare

    Kare name means Man of Heart

  • Kanut

    Kanut means Knot

  • Karlson

    Karlson means Son of a Free Man

  • Karlsten

    Karlsten means A Son of Karl

  • Karr

    Karr means Swamp, From the Marsh

  • Karri

    Karri means Pure

  • Karsten

    Karsten means A Man of Christian Faith

  • Kelbi

    Kelbi means Farm by the Spring

  • Kelcee

    The name means Brave

  • Kell

    Kell means From the Spring

  • Kelren

    Kelren means Clothes, Wearing

  • Kelsey

    Kelsey means He who is Brave

  • Kemonte

    Kemonte means Island of the Ships

  • Kerra

    Kerr means Spear

  • Ketill

    Ketill means kettle that is used to catch the blood of sacreficed animals

  • Kirbie

    Kirbie means From the Village

  • Kirjah

    Kirjah means Church, Monestary

  • Kite

    Kite means The One who Cuts Down

  • Kjartan

    Kjartan means the Humming sound

  • Kjell

    Kjell means Cettle

  • Knut

    Knut means to tie a knot

  • Knute

    Knute means The knot is tied

  • Kol

    Kol means Dark

  • Kolja

    Kolja means Victor of the People

  • Kon

    Kon means Bold, Experienced

  • Konsta

    Konsta means Steadfast

  • Kort

    Kort means A Short person

  • Krister

    Krister means Follower of Jesus

  • Kwinten

    The name means Fifht

  • Lambi

    Old Nordic name that means little doe, a lamb

  • Lambin

    Nordic name that means a Son of Thorbjorn and Feeble

  • Lamont

    Man of law, lawyer

  • Langlif

    The one who lives a long life

  • Lau

    Nordic name from a place name, Laurentum

  • Laur

    Nordic name the word bay

  • Laurist

    Nordic name meaning he who is from the bay

  • Laurits

    He who is from Laurentium

  • Leaf

    Norse word for Heir

  • Leevi

    One who is attached

  • Leonardus

    Nordic name meaning brave like a lion

  • Liffild

    The one who lives, a person who exists

  • Lifris

    A mighty way of existing and living

  • Lind

    Norse name for Lime tree, linden tree

  • Lippo

    The one who loves horses

  • Loke

    From name Loki, Norse trickster God

  • Loki

    Nordic God Loki, the trickster

  • Lott

    Man who is free

  • Lotte

    Man who has his freedom

  • Lov

    The one who vows

  • Lovis

    A famous warrior

  • Ludde

    He who is famous in war

  • Ludolf

    The one who has great love for wolves

  • Ludvik

    Nordic variation of the name Ludvig meaning mighty famous warrior

  • Lui

    A fighter of fame

  • Lydian

    He who is from Lydia town in Asia Minor

  • Lyell

    A wolf from the island

  • Mads

    A gift of God

  • Matthijs

    Nordic name for a gift from the Lord

  • Mikola

    The victory or a win of the people.

  • Mikolaj

    The victory of the mankind.

  • Odie

    The superman among human being.

  • Oska

    One who is an out-door lover and likes nature

  • Otso

    A powerful and brave Bear

  • Ottar

    A born fighter and is very powerful

  • Pave

    A person who stands permanent

  • Quimby

    From the woman's estate

  • Radulfus

    A shield wolf

  • Radulph

    A wolf consel

  • Raedwulf

    A red wolf

  • Ragenhild

    A warrior in a strong army

  • Raggi

    Norse name meaning shagginess

  • Ragnar

    A strong army

  • Randin

    A beautiful advice giver

  • Randulf

    Nordic name meaning edge of the wolf's shield

  • Rann

    Old Norse name meaning house

  • Rasmus

    He who is beloved

  • Ryden

    A horse rider

  • Sain

    Nordic surname

  • Salo

    He who brings luck and fortune

  • Salomo

    He who brings peace

  • Samme

    He who is a God's wish

  • Sascha

    Defender of man

  • Sebald

    A brave victory

  • Sebbe

    A victorious one

  • Sebbi

    A sea bear

  • Selmer

    One who finds happiness in fame

  • Serlo

    Man carrying armor

  • Tarald

    Power of the thunder

  • Tellef

    Descendant of thunder

  • Tem

    A famous man

  • Teobald

    A bold man

  • Terje

    Thor's spear

  • Teyte

    A cheerful person

  • Thor

    God of thunder

  • Thorald

    Follower of Thor

  • Thoralf

    A thunder

  • Thorbert

    He who is as glorious as Thor

  • Thorbjorn

    Thunder bear

  • Thord

    Son of a Viking

  • Thorfinn

    Strenght of a thunder

  • Thorgils

    Descendant of thunder

  • Thorin

    Brave as a thunder

  • Thorleif

    Descendant of Thor

  • Thormod

    Son of Odd

  • Thorold

    He who is under Thor's rule

  • Thorsen

    Son of Thor

  • Thorstein

    Thor's stone

  • Thorsten

    Stone of Thor

  • Thorvald

    Thor;s ruler

  • Thorvaldr

    A poweful thunder

  • Thryth

    He who is powerful

  • Thure

    Holy thunder

  • Thurman

    Men of thunder

  • Thurstan

    Surname, means thunder

  • Thurston

    Stone of Thor

  • Thurstun

    He who loves thunder

  • Tro

    One who has a strong sense of responsibities; dependable

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