Macedonian baby Girl names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.
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Macedonian Girl Names

  • Agelaeia

    She who belongs to a herd.

  • Athenais


  • Berenike

    One who brings victory.

  • Blagorodna

    A noble woman

  • Cynna

    One who is tough.

  • Dafina

    High worthy individual

  • Dusana


  • Eurydike

    Wide justice

  • Kleopatra

    A form of Cleopatra, meaning glory to father.

  • Krasomila

    Lover of beauty

  • Liljana

    Macedonian form of the name Lily

  • Marijana

    A graceful woman in the sea of bitterness

  • Petka

    Friday or preparation.

  • Rosa

    A woman who is like a dew

  • Rozalija

    A woman who is like the beautiful rose

  • Rumena

    Feminine form of Rumen, meaning ruddy or red cheeked.

  • Smaragda

    A form of Esmeralda, meaning emerald.

  • Stratonike

    Victorious army.

  • Thessaloniki

    Victory over Thessalians. Also a place name in Greece.

  • Thetima

    She who honors the God.

  • Trena

    A bunch of sweet flowers with thorns, sweet briar

  • Trenna

    A bunch of wild roses

  • Vangelija

    Macedonian form of Evangeline, meaning good news.

  • Voulomaga

    One who desires too much.

  • Zlatica


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