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Macedonian Boy Names

  • Aco

    One who helps or defends mankind

  • Admetos

    One who cannot be tamed.

  • Aeropos

    Male form of the name Aerope.

  • Alketas

    Strength, a strong man.

  • Amyntas


  • Androtimos

    One who is honest and brave.

  • Antigonos

    Like the ancestor

  • Antipatros

    Like the father

  • Archelaos

    Master of the people.

  • Argaios

    Glistening and shining.

  • Arridhaios

    Something that's too terrifying.

  • Autodikos

    The one who takes law in hands.

  • Axios

    A capable man.

  • Balakros

    One who is bald.

  • Bashkim

    Unity or alliance

  • Besart

    Golden oath

  • Blazhe

    A sweet and pleasant man who is blessed

  • Bogdanoff

    Gift of God.

  • Deinokratis

    A terrible ruler.

  • Dimitrov

    Macedonian form of Demeter, meaning earth.

  • Dimnos

    A term meaning I have fear.

  • Elisie

    My God is salvation

  • Hegelochos

    The one who always walks ahead.

  • Hephaistion

    Greek god of fire and ice.

  • Herakleides

    The key of Hera.

  • Jakle

    Macedonian form of Jacob, meaning supplanter.

  • Jakov

    May the God watch over you

  • Josif

    Macedonian form of Joseph, meaning God will increase.

  • Julijan

    Macedonian form of Julian. It means youthful.

  • Karanos

    Ruler, king or leader

  • Kassandros

    Shining upon man.

  • Kleitus

    Calling forth or summoned.

  • Kleocharis

    A famous man

  • Kliment

    One who is merciful and mild. A variant of Clement.

  • Koinos

    Something or someone common or usual.

  • Korragos

    Leader of the army.

  • Krateros

    One who is powerful.

  • Kritolaos

    The chosen of the people .

  • Laomedon

    The one who governs .

  • Lazar

    God will help

  • Leocharis

    Lion's grace.

  • Leonnatos

    One who is dashing like the lion.

  • Macedonia

    Adoration or burning

  • Matej

    One considered a God's Gift

  • Mateja

    He is a God' s Gift

  • Menelaos

    Withstanding the people .

  • Mitron

    The man who loves his mother.

  • Mojcej

    A form of Moses. It means to draw out.

  • Neoptolemus

    New war

  • Nikanor


  • Odisej

    To hate or to be grieved.

  • Parmenion

    The descendant of Parmenon.

  • Paskal

    A variant of Pascal, meaning one born during Easter.

  • Pausanias

    Name of a Spartan king. It means grief or sorrow.

  • Peithon

    The one who persuades.

  • Perdikkas


  • Petrov

    A form of Peter. It means rock.

  • Peukestas

    One who is sharp.

  • Philotas

    Ancient Greek word for friendship.

  • Philoxenos

    Friend of strangers

  • Polemon

    The one who is fighting in a war.

  • Polyperchon

    Much rush

  • Prepelaos

    One who is distinguished.

  • Ptolemeos

    One who is aggressive or war like.

  • Risto

    One who hears the Christ

  • Seleukos

    To be light or to be white.

  • Sostratos

    The safe army.

  • Theoxenos

    A good foreigner.

  • Timandros

    A man's honor.

  • Tlepolemos

    One who is brave in war.

  • Todor

    A beautiful an pleasant gift from God

  • ToÅ¡e

    A form of Theodore, meaning God's gift.

  • Traianu

    A form of Traianus. It was the name of Roman emperor.

  • Trenay

    A sweet briar or bunch of wild roses

  • Tyrimmas

    One who loves cheese.

  • Uril

    My light

  • Zeuxis

    To bind or join together.

  • Zoilos

    One who is vivacious

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