Kenyan baby Girl names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.
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Kenyan Girl Names

  • Absco

    One with an inventive mind.

  • Abuya

    One who was born when the garden was overgrown.

  • Achieng

    One born during the day time.

  • Adimu


  • Adongo

    The second of twins.

  • Afaafa


  • Akello

    Baby girl born after twins.

  • Akeyo

    One who was born during the harvest.

  • Almasi


  • Aluna

    Kenyan term, literally meaning come here.

  • Aluoch

    One who was born during an overcast morning.

  • Aminifu

    A woman who is faithful.

  • Angavu

    Shining one

  • Angweng

    One who was born during the time of white ants.

  • Anyango

    One who was born during mid day.

  • Apiyo

    First of the twins.

  • Arogo

    One who nagged a lot during pregnancy.

  • Asilia


  • Atieno

    One who was born at night.

  • Awino

    One who was born with the cord around.

  • Barongo

    The younger of twin.

  • Bishara

    Good tidings.

  • Chausiku

    One who was born at night.

  • Chineye

    God lives

  • Chuki

    Born in a time of strike and hatred.

  • Dabiku


  • Dhakiya

    She who is smart.

  • Ducha

    Small or humble.

  • Duni


  • Durah


  • Durra

    A variant of Durah, meaning pearl.

  • Eidi

    Festival or feast day.

  • Elinah

    Shining light

  • Esiankiki

    Young maiden

  • Eucabeth

    One who is great.

  • Fanaka

    Prosperity or success

  • Faraja

    Comfort, relief or rest.

  • Farashuu

    Kenyan word for butterfly

  • Felistas


  • Firyali

    Unusual or extraordinary

  • Gakeri

    A small muscle. A variant of Gakere.

  • Gasira

    One who is brave.

  • Gathoni

    She is an in law.

  • Gheche


  • Hamisi

    One who was born on a Thursday.

  • Hanuni

    Happy and cheerful

  • Hashiki


  • Hawla

    One who is graceful like an antelope.

  • Hiari

    Free will

  • Huso

    Sadness of the bride.

  • Indusa

    Desire for a system.

  • Ingumba

    One who is easy going.

  • Jumapili

    Kenyan term, literally meaning Sunday.

  • Jumapili

    One who was born on Sunday.

  • Kaweria

    The loving one.

  • Kerubo

    Born on the plain.

  • Kioni

    The one who sees and finds things.

  • Kwamboka

    One who was born while crossing a river.

  • Machupa

    One who likes to drink.

  • Mandere

    Beautiful beads

  • Mugure

    Kenyan term, meaning already purchased.

  • Mukondi

    A dancer

  • Mumbi

    Creator or mother of the people.

  • Murigo

    This is a load.

  • Muthoni

    The shy one.

  • Mwassaa

    Kenyan term, meaning everywhere.

  • Nafula

    One who was born during the rainy season.

  • Nduta

    Teach me

  • Ngendo

    A traveler

  • Ngina

    One who serves

  • Njeri

    Daughter of a warrior.

  • Njoki

    She who returned.

  • Nyaguthii

    A traveler

  • Nyambura

    Born of the rain.

  • Nyanjera

    Born on the way.

  • Nyawira

    One who is hard working.

  • Nyokabi

    Of the Maasai people.

  • Sikudhani

    A pleasant surprise

  • Vatusia

    Kenyan term meaning they will leave us behind.

  • Visola

    Longings are waterfalls

  • Waceera

    The wanderer

  • Wairimu

    One of the nine founders of Agikuyu.

  • Waitherero

    The better one.

  • Wakiuru

    One of the nine founders of Agikuyu.

  • Walta


  • Wambui

    The singer of songs.

  • Wamuhu

    Born of ashes

  • Wamuiru

    A dark skinned beauty.

  • Wamweru

    One who is light skinned.

  • Wangai

    Born of God.

  • Wangari

    A leopard

  • Wangera

    A traveler

  • Wangu

    The one who gathers the firewood.

  • Wanja

    The one from without.

  • Wanjeri

    Born of Njeri.

  • Wanjiku

    One of the nine founders of Agikuyu.

  • Wanjiru

    One of the nine founders of Agikuyu.

  • Waseme

    Kenyan term meaning let them talk.

  • Winda

    Chasing for food.

  • Winta


  • Wokabi

    She is of the Maasai.

  • Xinavane

    Spread or propagate

  • Xolani

    Kenyan term meaning be at peace.

  • Yumna

    Lucky and fortunate child.

  • Yusra

    One blessed with a good fortune.

  • Zaafarani


  • Zahra

    Shining or flower

  • Zalika

    One who is well born.

  • Zarifa

    The one who is destined to be successful.

  • Zawadi


  • Zera


  • Zuwena


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