Kenyan baby Boy names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.
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Kenyan Boy Names

  • Aasir

    One with a captivating and fascinating personality.

  • Absko

    Power and strength

  • Adamu

    A variant of Adam, meaning father of mankind.

  • Alamini


  • Alhaadi


  • Ashura

    Friend or the one who accompanies.

  • Barasa

    Kenyan term meaning meeting site.

  • Chege

    A Kikuyu people of Kenya

  • Chilemba


  • Chitundu

    Bird nest

  • Chiumbo


  • Darweshi


  • Fadhili

    Aid, favor, compassion, and kindness.

  • Feruzi


  • Feye

    The beginning

  • Gacoki

    He returns.

  • Gakere

    Small muscle, muscular.

  • Gakuru

    Elderly one.

  • Gatete

    Kenyan form for milk gourd.

  • Gathee

    Elderly one.

  • Gathii

    Traveler, wanderer

  • Gatimu

    A spear

  • Geteye

    My master

  • Gichinga

    A firebrand

  • Gicicio


  • Gikuyu

    Founder of the Agikuyu nation.

  • Githinji

    A butcher

  • Gitonga

    Wealthy one.

  • Jaali


  • Jimiyu

    Born during summer.

  • Keanjaho

    A mountain of beans.

  • Makalani


  • Mpenda


  • Mukami

    A person who milks cows.

  • Natori


  • Ndwiga

    Kenyan word for giraffe.

  • Obama

    The enchanting support to someone.

  • Obuya

    Born when the garden was overgrown.

  • Ochieng

    Born in the daytime.

  • Odikinyi

    One who was born in the early morning.

  • Odongo

    Second of twins.

  • Odour

    Born after midnight.

  • Ohon

    The name is preserved.

  • Ojwang

    One who survived despite neglect.

  • Okello

    One who was born after twins.

  • Okeyo

    One who was born during the harvest.

  • Oluoch

    One who was born on a cloudy day.

  • Omariba

    Kenyan word for clay.

  • Omondi

    He who was born at dawn.

  • Omwancha

    He who loves people.

  • Onkwani

    He who talks a lot.

  • Opiyo

    First of the twins.

  • Osogo

    The Osogo birth.

  • Othenio

    Give birth by night.

  • Othiambo

    One who was born in the evening.

  • Owiti

    One who was born after a misfortune.

  • Owuor

    One who was born mid morning.

  • Pili

    Second child

  • Reth

    The King, the Ruler

  • Riitho

    Kenyan term meaning an eye to see with.

  • Ruguru

    Comes from the west.

  • Ruhiu


  • Sarki


  • Seghen


  • Sokoro

    Lucky one

  • Thabiti

    A true man

  • Tumaini


  • Tuwile

    Kenyan term meaning death is invincible.

  • Wachiru

    Son of a judge

  • Waithaka

    Of the land.

  • Waitimu

    Born of spear.

  • Waiyaki

    Famous leader of the Agikuyu.

  • Wamai

    The one who came from the water.

  • Wambua

    Born during the rain

  • Wamugunda

    Of the land

  • Wamukota

    One who is left handed.

  • Wamwarav

    He who is intelligent.

  • Wangombe

    Of the cattle.

  • Wangondu

    Of the sheep

  • Wanjala


  • Wanjohi

    Kenyan word for brewer.

  • Waruhiu

    One who always bears a weapon.

  • Warui

    One who comes from the river.

  • Wasaki

    The Enemy

  • Waweru

    Born of plain.

  • Wekesa

    Born during the time the crops gather.

  • Yaro


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