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Japanese Girl Names

  • Ahmya

    In Japanese it means black rain. In Spanish it means higher ground

  • Aia

    One who is famous, ruler of the house

  • Aika

    Love song

  • Aiko

    love, affection

  • Ainu

    Goddess of Fertility; Human like;

  • Akane

    Madder; red dye

  • Akari

    Light; Brightness

  • Aki

    Japanese - Sparkle; Autumn; Bright; Clear; Morning Sun; Smart; A Short Form of name Akira

  • Akiko

    Clear, crystal or bright; sparkling and beautiful autumn season

  • Akira

    Bright, Clear and intelligent being

  • Asami

    Morning beauty

  • Asuga

    Swift like a wind

  • Asuka

    Perfume or the fragrance of tomorrow

  • Aya

    An angel who knows magic

  • Ayaka

    A coloured flower; scented

  • Ayame

    Iris; the one who can see perfectly

  • Ayane

    A colorful sound; they are wonderful

  • Ayeka

    They have quick and analytical mind

  • Bashira

    Joyful; Predictor of Good News

  • Chiaki

    Sparkling light

  • Chihiro

    Thousand springs

  • Chika

    Filled with wisdom and intellect

  • Chizue

    Long life or endurance or durability

  • Cho

    Butterfly; a flying insect that feasts on nectar

  • Chouko

    Butterfly; an insect that feeds on nectar of flowers

  • Chuya

    Something that is pure and clear like water

  • Emi

    this means smile that is beautiful and picturesque.

  • Emica

    this name means charming or blessed and beautiful.

  • Emiko

    this name means a prosperous and beautiful child.

  • Etsudo

    a Japanese name meaning joy and child.

  • Fuji

    Refers to prosperous objective or flourishing opinion.

  • Fumiko

    Academic or intellectual.

  • Haia

    Japanese - Nimble; Quick

  • Hana'

    flower, blossom

  • Hanae

    Japanese - Blossom; Flower; Blessing; Favour

  • Hanako

    Flower, Blossom

  • Hanami

    Flower Viewing, Flowery, Beauty

  • Haruhi

    Japanese name meaning Spring Day; Blooming and Flowering

  • Harumi

    Japanese - Spring; Beauty; Clear Weather

  • Hatsuko

    Japanese - First Born Child

  • Hatsumomo

    Japanese - First Born peach

  • Hide


  • Hikari

    Light; Shining Brilliance

  • Hinata

    Japanese - Sunflower; Facing the sun; Sunny Place

  • Hiro

    Japanese - Abundant; Generous; Tolerant; Prosperous

  • Hiroko

    Japanese - Rich Child; Magnanimous, Generous Child

  • Hisa

    Japanese - Long Lasting; Everlasting; From a long story

  • Hisano

    Japanese - Long Lasting; Everlasting; From a long story; Open Plain; A variant of Hisa

  • Hoshiko

    Japanese - star

  • Hotaru

    Japanese - Firefly

  • Julieanne

    people with this name are loyal, honest and kind. They are noble and have urge to live long life with peace.

  • Junko

    Japanese - Sincere Child; Obedient, Genuine, Pure

  • Kagami

    Kagami means Mirror

  • Kagome

    Kagome means Lost

  • Kaida

    Kaida means Little Dragon

  • Kairy

    Kairy means Sea

  • Kaiya

    Kaiya name means Forgivness

  • Kana

    Kana means The One who Has the Power, Powerful

  • Kasumi

    Kasumi means Mist, Mistical

  • Katana

    Katana means Honorable or Sword

  • Kaya

    Native American - Little but wise; African - Home; Japanese Yew

  • Kayda

    Kayda means Looks like a little Dragon

  • Kayo

    Kayo means The Beautiful Generation

  • Kazane

    Kazane means The Sound that the Wind Makes

  • Keiko

    Keiko means Child that is Celebrate and Respected

  • Keina

    Keina means Prosperity

  • Keon

    Keomi means Pure Beauty

  • Kerriann

    Kerria means Yellow Japanese Rose

  • Kiaria

    Kiaria means a Lot of fortune

  • Kiku

    Kiku means chrysanthemum

  • Kimi

    Kimi means Beautiful Story

  • Kimika

    Kimika means Noble

  • Kimiko

    Means Valuable Child

  • Kimmi

    Kimmi means Righteous

  • Kioka

    Kioka means Mirror

  • Kioko

    The name means Who Shares The Happiness With the World

  • Kirika

    Means Natural Beauty

  • Kita

    Kita means North

  • Kitiara

    The name means Blade from the North

  • Kiwa

    Kiwa means She is Born on the Borderline

  • Kiyoko

    Kiyoko means A Pure and Clean Child

  • Koge

    Koge means Scented Flower

  • Koharu

    Koharu means Late Summer

  • Kozue

    Kozue means Chinesee Black Pine, a Tree

  • Kumi

    Kumi means Forever Beautiful

  • Kumiko

    Kumiko means Companion Child

  • Kura

    The name means Treasure House

  • Kuri

    Kuri means Chestnut

  • Kyoko

    Kyoko means Mirror

  • Machiko

    A fortunate child

  • Maeko

    The child of truth

  • Maemi

    A truthful smile

  • Maho

    One who always tells the truth, an honest person

  • Mai

    A person who dances with great grace

  • Maiko

    A child that has a love for dancing

  • Maiya

    Japanese name meaning rice valley

  • Makaira

    One who brings Happiness

  • Makiko

    A child of the one who is true

  • Mako

    A woman who is grateful ant truthful

  • Mameha

    Name of the Geaisha

  • Mamiko

    She who is a daughter of the sea

  • Mao

    A real and genuine girl

  • Mariko

    A genuine person

  • Marri

    A ball, an elegant dance party

  • Masae

    One who is blessed with elegance

  • Masako

    A truthful, honest child

  • Masami

    One who will become beautiful

  • Masumi

    A woman of true purity and beauty

  • Mayuko

    A child of Mayu

  • Mayumi

    A girl of true beauty

  • Michiko

    the child with fantastic knowledge.

  • Midori

    one of the colors , Green.

  • Mie

    three way division.

  • Mieko

    the brightness of the light.

  • Mihoko

    child of shielded loveliness.

  • Mikan

    A Japanese word that means Orange or tangerine.

  • Mikasa

    A Nara Word that means three hats of Bamboo. Also means to resolve

  • Miku

    A beautiful sky, also means a beautiful time.

  • Minako

    A beautiful child, an apple tree

  • Minami

    The one who lived in the south region, one who is from South

  • Mio

    A beautiful cherry blossom, or a beautiful thread

  • Mirai

    The future, the time that yet to come

  • Misa

    A beautiful bud or a beautiful sand

  • Misaki

    The beautiful newly-grown flower

  • Misako

    A fascinating child, beautiful sea or sand

  • Mitsu

    A shiny reflection, a reflection of a shine

  • Mitsue

    A shining light, a bright ray

  • Mitsuki

    The gracious moon, the beauty of moon

  • Miu

    A beautiful feather

  • Miwa

    A beauty or harmony, also means three rings

  • Miya

    A sacred house, a beautiful temple

  • Miyah

    In French it means the pregnant virgin. In Japanese it means a sacred temple

  • Miyu

    A beautiful truth, or a beautiful gentleness

  • Mizuki

    The beautiful and pleasant moon, an auspicious hope

  • Moe

    It is a German reference to 'Mother Mary'; the holy virgin, an unmarried girl.

  • Momiji

    Red leaves, also referred to the maple tree

  • Momoka

    Hundreds of flowers

  • Momoko

    Numerous children, or hundreds of peaches

  • Morika

    A fragrance of the forest

  • Moriko

    A child that hails from the forest

  • Nagi

    A calm or a lull person

  • Namie

    Blessings or little help

  • Nanako

    The child of the greens

  • Nanami

    Seven seas or beautiful green vegetables

  • Naoko

    Respectful and submissive child.

  • Nara

    Extraordinary blossom from paradise, superior floret from dreamland.

  • Nariko

    A Gentle or soft child

  • Natsuki

    Green color fruits or plants or vegetables or bright moon.

  • Natsuko

    The one who was born in summer time.

  • Natsumi

    The one who makes summer season as pretty.

  • Ne

    Sound or a musical instrument

  • Nikaio

    Who belongs to Daimyo, Japan

  • Nisbett

    Reliable, dependable, trust worthy.

  • Nori

    The person who is resembling good moralities and principalities.

  • Noriko

    Commandments, instructions, rules, regulations.

  • Norita

    Tradition, law, act, decree.

  • Nozomi

    Reliable, dependable, trust worthy.

  • Nyoko

    Combination of two Sanskrit words 'Moha' means infatuation and 'Mad' means intoxicated. Thus, it means intoxicated in infatuation.

  • Oishi

    An Arabic word that means a noble, respected man. An excellent personality.

  • Okemia

    A variant of Cornelia that means a war horn. Also the mercy or pity.

  • Oki

    The Champion in all the fields, a master

  • Okimi

    The bright shining light

  • Ran

    An orchid flower

  • Rei

    A beautiful and lovely bell

  • Rie

    Japanese - Blessing; Value; A variant form of Ria

  • Rieko

    Japanese - Blessed Benefit Child;

  • Rikka

    Japanese - Dominant Ruler; Rich Powerful Ruler

  • Rikku

    Japanese - Dominant Ruler; Rich Powerful Ruler

  • Riko

    A daughter of the Jasmine

  • Rini

    One who is like a little sweet bunny

  • Rumi

    A beauty of the lapus lazuli

  • Ruqa

    One who is a bright blue flower

  • Ryoko

    A woman who is like the dragon

  • Sachiko

    The child of good luck and happiness

  • Sada

    The woman who is the pure one

  • Sadako

    The child that is chaste and of integrity

  • Saeko

    A serene child

  • Sai

    Japanese name meaning paint

  • Saiua

    A name which means a ripe fruit

  • Sajonara


  • Sakai

    To live in prosperity

  • Saki

    A blossom of new hope

  • Sakura

    A woman who is like a cherry blossom

  • Sakurako

    A child of the cherry blossom

  • Saori

    Color of sand

  • Saory

    A nicely woven cloth

  • Satoko

    Child of Sato

  • Satsuki

    Fifth month, May

  • Sayaka

    A clear one

  • Sayua

    One who is swift andf fast like an arrow

  • Seika

    Pure summer

  • Seiko

    A child that is sincere

  • Seiren

    A refined star, a smelt star

  • Shigeko

    A child that has everything it needs

  • Shika

    A gentle deer

  • Shiko

    A woman made of stone

  • Shiniqua

    A woman who is a victor

  • Shino

    A woman who is like a stem of bamboo

  • Shinon

    Japanese name of a type of flower, Aster tataricus. The meaning of the flower is remembrance

  • Shion

    A person who remembers, one who does not forget

  • Shiori

    To be a guide

  • Shoko

    A little child who is auspicious

  • Shynah

    She is a victor

  • Sora

    She is like the sky

  • Sueko

    She who is the youngest child in the family

  • Suki

    A beloved woman

  • Sumiko

    She is a beautiful child of goodness

  • Sumire

    A lovely violet

  • Sunako

    The sand child or the dark side

  • Sushi

    Japanese for a raw fish. A popular Japanese food

  • Taka

    Tall, honorable peregrine

  • Takako

    Child who is an aristocrat

  • Takara

    A piece to cherish, a jewel

  • Takarra

    Precious item, precious one

  • Taki

    Plunging waterfall

  • Tamami

    A woman who is a beautiful gem or jewel

  • Tamiko

    A child of great beauty

  • Tamiqua

    Japanese name meaning 'People'

  • Tamura

    Japanese name meaning rice village

  • Taney

    Japanese name meaning valley

  • Taree

    A branch that is bending

  • Tatsuo

    A female dragon

  • Taura

    Many lakes or rivers

  • Tomo

    Intelligence or a knowledge of a person

  • Tomoe

    A blessing in the form of friend

  • Tomoko

    A friendly or a knowing child

  • Tonica

    To the people, something to the race

  • Tora

    In Japanese it means a tigress. In Latin it refers to the victor or conqueror. In Norse it refers to Goddess of Thunder.

  • Toshiko

    An ancient or valued child

  • Tsubame

    Accept or believe.

  • Tsubasa

    Refers to section or extension.

  • Tsunade

    One who is like the young thunder; confident

  • Tsuru

    Stork greeting for a long last life.

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