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Japanese Boy Names

  • Aito

    sea, ocean combined with æ - - (to) that refers to a Chinesee constellation

  • Akio

    Bright Man, Manly, Hero

  • Asas

    Physician and a healer; a beautiful morning

  • Benjiro

    Enjoys Peace

  • Chibi

    Japanese - Short Person or Small Child

  • Chikafusa

    The close one

  • Chikao

    A clever and wise individual

  • Chiko

    A pledge

  • Chimon

    Gate of wisdom

  • Daichi

    From the earth

  • Daido

    The greatest way possible

  • Daiki

    The noble one; filled with radiance and light

  • Daisuke

    The large one

  • Danno

    Gathering; to put together

  • Denji

    One who has electromagnetic powers

  • Eito

    A very prosperous person; they are kind hearted

  • Enmei

    bright circle or life sustaining.

  • Fumihiro

    Refers extensive condemnation.

  • Genkei

    The one who deserves honour and integrity.

  • Giichi

    Giichi is a male Japanese name. The name means One Rule, The Righteous One.

  • Gin

    The meaning of th name Gin is Silver.

  • Ginjiro

    Ginjiro is a Japanese name and means Good Silver.

  • Gou

    Gou is a japanese name which means a person who is stron and powerful just like a mountain.

  • Habiki

    Echo, sound

  • Hachirou

    Eighth Son; A variant transcription is Hachiro

  • Hakaku

    White Crane

  • Haku

    White, Older brother (Japanese) lord, overseer in Hawai

  • Hansuke

    A very helpful friend

  • Haru

    Born In The Spring; Clear Up; Sun; Sunlight

  • Haruki

    Spring Wood; Clear Up Radiance; Sunshine;

  • Haruko

    Spring Child; Sunshine; Clear Up Radiance; First Born Child

  • Haruto

    Spring; Sunny; Clear Up Radiance; Sunshine; Sunlight

  • Hayate

    Fresh Breeze; Smooth

  • Hibiki

    Echo; Sound

  • Hideaki

    Bright, Excellent

  • Hideki

    Excellence, Esteem,Excellent

  • Hideo

    Excellent male child; Excellent Man

  • Hideyoshi

    Excellence, Esteem, Good Luck

  • Hiroaki

    Spreading brightness; Radiance and Gloriousness

  • Hirohito

    Plentiful benevolence or goodwill; Abundant Benevolence

  • Hiroki

    Large sparkle; Abundant Joy and Strength

  • Hiromichi

    Broad street; Wilde Street

  • Hiromitsu

    Large light; Extensive Radiance

  • Hironori

    Benevolent ruler; Tolerant Ruler

  • Hiroshi

    Generous; Benevolent; Tolerant

  • Hiroto

    Fly far; Big Flight

  • Hiroyuki

    A lot of happiness; Broad Happiness

  • Hiryur

    A dragon who flies; A versatile and spontaneous individual

  • Hisahito

    Virtuous; Calm and Everlasting

  • Hisao

    Story of life; Life Story

  • Hisashi

    Always with you; A long time intention

  • Hisato

    A long lived person; One with a long life

  • Hisoki

    Secretive; Reserved; A variant of Hisoka

  • Hitoshi

    Equal; Level; Even tempered

  • Hoshi


  • Hyousuke

    Japanese - Helpful soldier; A soldier who is very helpful; A derivative of Hyousuke is the English Hyosuke

  • Jiro

    Japanese - Jiro is Second Son; Next Son

  • Joben

    The name Joben is a Japanese male name and means Enjoy Cleanlies

  • Jobon

    Jobon is a male name of Japanese origin and means The one who enjoys cleanliness.

  • Jomei

    people with this name always bring joy and love music. They adopt passion for whole life and always show interest in others for friendship.

  • Jun

    Chinesee - Truth; Japanese - Obedient; Latin - Younger; Young Child

  • Junichiro

    Junichiro is a Japanese name, and its meaning is He Who Takes

  • Junpei

    Japanese - Pure; Genuine; Innocent; Considerate; Kind

  • Junpei

    Japanese - Pure; Genuine; Innocent; Considerate; Kind

  • Jurou

    Japanese - Tenth Son; A variant of Juro

  • Jurou

    Japanese - Tenth Son; A variant of Juro

  • Kaemon

    Keamon means Righhanded

  • Kage

    The name Kage means Shadow

  • Kaito

    Kaito means Sea, Ocean

  • Kaiyo

    Kaiyo name means To Forgive

  • Kamaye

    Kamaye means Enthusiastic

  • Kamin

    Kamin means The One filled with Joy

  • Katsuro

    Katsuro name means The Victory of the Son

  • Kazu

    Kazu means The First One

  • Kazue

    Kazue means The Favor of Harmony and Peace

  • Kazuo

    Kazuo means The First Born Child

  • Kazuya

    Kazuya means The Calm and Peaceful One

  • Kazz

    Kazz means He who makes Peace

  • Keiji

    Keiji means Respect, Two, or Governs with Discretion

  • Keitaro

    Keitaro means Blessed, Huge Gift

  • Ken'ichi

    The name means Healthy, Strong

  • Kenji

    Kenji means He is Strong and Vigorous, A Wise Second Son

  • Kentaro

    Kentaro means Big Man. Big Boy

  • Kenzou

    Means Strong and Healthy

  • Keola

    Kanzou means Wise and Three

  • Kioshi

    The name means Silent

  • Kiyoshi

    The name means He is Pure

  • Ko

    To plagh, or to cultivate

  • Koichi

    Koichi means Happines and One

  • Koji

    Koji means To Light the Way

  • Kojii

    Kojii means Abundance and Two

  • Kouichi

    The name means Happiness, One

  • Kouki

    Kouki means Light

  • Kousuke

    Kousuke means Clear and Inlet

  • Koya

    A clever and quick witted leader

  • Kuniko

    The Child from the Country is the meaning of the name

  • Kuraim

    The meaning of the name is Dark nad Gloomy

  • Kurapati

    Kurapati means A House of Treasures

  • Kuro

    The name means The Ninth Son

  • Kyosuke

    The name means With Respect

  • Lawliet

    Name of the character in the Japanese series Death Note. A made up name

  • Mareo

    He who is rare

  • Marise

    One who is infinite, endless

  • Maro

    A japanese name meaning myself

  • Maru

    Something Precious; Used to suffix in Japanese names;

  • Masa

    Japanese name meaning true sand

  • Masakazu

    First son of Masa

  • Masao

    A saint

  • Masaru

    Japanese word for victory

  • Masato

    Japanese name for justice

  • Matsu

    A pine tree

  • Michiaki

    road, path, way, lane, street.

  • Miki

    A Japanese name that means a tree.

  • Minoru

    The process of a tree when it bears fruit, when fruit grown on a tree

  • Namiko

    A child of the waves or a surfing child

  • Nao

    An honest person, who never lie

  • Naoki

    Truthful and open tree.

  • Naoyuki

    Straightforward and glee.

  • Naozumi

    Frank and cheerfulness.

  • Natsuo

    The one who came to this world during summer season.

  • Noboru

    Increase or rise or triumphant.

  • Noburu

    Getting wider or bigger.

  • Noritaka

    Commandment and devoted virtue.

  • Notin

    One whic is round and nothing less

  • Oshin

    A Japanese name from a famous television series

  • Raden

    God of thunder

  • Raeden

    Thunder God

  • Rai

    Thunder and lightning

  • Raiden


  • Raidon

    God of thunder

  • Raijin

    A spirit of thunder

  • Reiji

    Courteous Child; A well mannered baby; Kind and well behaved

  • Renzo

    The third son in the family

  • Riki

    A man of power and strenght

  • Rikuto

    A person of the land

  • Ringo

    One who is like an apple

  • Ruka

    Bright Blue Flower; Spiritual

  • Ryo

    One who is a survival. To Exceed, survive or excel

  • Ryota

    Clear, Refreshing or something Good

  • Ryoto

    A person who is like a dragon

  • Ryu

    To be mighty as a Dragon

  • Ryuu

    Japanese - Dragon; A variant spelling is Ryu

  • Ryuusei

    One who is reborn as holy and prosperous

  • Saburo

    Japanese name meaning brightness

  • Sachihiro

    A broad happiness

  • Samuru

    His name is God

  • Sasuke

    A helper

  • Seiichi

    A first born son

  • Seiua

    Name for an arrow star or the almighty pure father figure

  • Seto

    Surname, means white

  • Shichiro

    A seventh son

  • Shin

    A person who is real, genuine

  • Shinjiro

    One who is a pure and true person

  • Shinta

    A person who develops, cultuvates things

  • Shiro

    The four sons

  • Sho

    One who will soar

  • Shohta

    A thick, big person

  • Shoma

    A boz who is alwazs reaching for the truth in life

  • Shou

    One who saors and glides

  • Shouta

    A big person who soars

  • Shunsuke

    He who is a sagacious help

  • Shusuke

    One who learns to meditate

  • Souji

    One who is a general director

  • Souta

    A sudden sound of the wind

  • Suguru

    An eminent person

  • Suzu

    A man who lives long

  • Tadaaki

    Faithful light

  • Tadashi

    A servant that is loyal and faithful; Right one

  • Taemon

    One with good morals; Well behaved person

  • Taichi

    Means a thick or big one

  • Taiga

    Big and well-mannered person

  • Taiki

    Big, great tree; Full of brightness

  • Taji

    The yellow and silver color

  • Takahiro

    Abundantly respectful and loving

  • Takai

    The next world

  • Takashi

    Devoted piety

  • Takato

    Precious measure of exaltation

  • Takaya

    One who has much respect for someone

  • Takeo

    Warrior, one who fights for his kingdom

  • Taku

    Young, living just for a little time yet

  • Takuma

    An open truth

  • Tamaki

    A Boy who is a true gem

  • Taro

    He who is a big Boy

  • Tarou

    A big son

  • Tatsuya

    Sign of the dragon

  • Teijo

    A righteous Boy

  • Tetsuya

    An intelligent philosopher

  • Tohru

    A transparent person

  • Tokyo

    The capital to the east

  • Tomiche

    A wealthy and prosper person

  • Tomiichi

    One who is wealthy and prosper

  • Tomohiro

    A huge or broad wisdom or knowledge

  • Tomoya

    A wise or an intelligent person

  • Toshiro

    A talented or intelligent person

  • Tsukiya

    Resembles the white moon.

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