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Italian Girl Names

  • Aberesh

    Derived from medieval form of Albanian in southern Italy communities

  • Abriana

    Female variant of Abraham that means father of multitude

  • Adrina

    A short form of adriana

  • Aelda

    A warrior, one who fights war

  • Agnesina

    A pure and virginal woman

  • Agostino


  • Alcina

    A sorceress who rules over a magical, strongwilled

  • Aldina

    Old friend who deserves best in life

  • Allegro

    Brisk, sprightly; has a great sense of humour

  • Alonza

    Prompt and practical leadership qualities in personal and professional dealings.

  • Amaranta

    A flower which is everlasting and unfading

  • Aninata

    Graceful young girl

  • Anji

    They are happy, sensitive and are like angels

  • Anzia

    Begin at; One Armed

  • Areanna

    The one who is holy and pure

  • Assisi

    An Italian hill town

  • Assunda

    Italaian version of Susan

  • Audenzia

    Feminine version of Audenzio, meaning one who dares or one is who is fearless.

  • Avena

    Oatmeal; the one who grows grains

  • Bambina

    Italian - Little Girl; Baby Girl

  • Belisencia

    The sense of purity, whiteness

  • Belladonna

    beautiful woman

  • Bellarosa

    A beautiful rose

  • Bellefleur

    A beautiful flower

  • Betina

    A woman who finds God in her promise

  • Betony

    A Victorian botanical name; the betony plant is also known as 'woundwort'

  • Bina

    Melodious; nam for a classic musical instrument

  • Bivatigirni

    A woman who is a true and honest bauty

  • Blaca

    A white and shining woman

  • Bobina

    A little flame that burns brightly

  • Bobine

    She who is like a bright flame

  • Bona

    A woman who acts in a good manner

  • Brandi

    A fiery light set up as a warning

  • Byna

    A name means sabine

  • Byni

    A Roman cognomen meaning Sabine

  • Cadenza

    A rhythmic woman

  • Caelia

    One who is Heavenly

  • Calògira

    Sicilian form of Calogera. It means old man or elder.

  • Calcedonia

    Feminine form of Calcedonio, meaning from Chaldedon.

  • Calogera

    A beautiful elderly woman

  • Cameo

    A jewel that is sculptured

  • Candia

    She glows white

  • Canta

    A beautiful song

  • Capri

    A place in Italy

  • Capriana

    A woman from place Capri

  • Caprice

    A fanciful, capricious person

  • Capricia

    An erratic, capricious woman

  • Cara

    A dear one, a dear lady

  • Carana

    A beloved dear one

  • Carissima

    The most dear woman

  • Carlla

    She is a very dear girl

  • Carola

    She is strong like a Boy

  • Carolina

    A song of joy and happiness

  • Carolinne

    A woman who is like a happy song

  • Carra

    A dear, beloved lady

  • Carrabelle

    A dear and beloved beauty

  • Carrianna

    A dear noble wife

  • Catalda

    A variant of Catalda, meaning old.

  • Catarina

    Unsullied and genuine woman

  • Catena

    It's derived from Italian word catena, meaning chain.

  • Caterina

    A woman who is pure and genuine

  • Caterine

    She is an unsillied and innocent woman

  • Catrice

    She is the one that is pure and chaste

  • Cattia

    One pure and chaste girl

  • Cecca

    She was born a free person

  • Cellina

    A heavenly body

  • Cena

    Mud; also a follower of Neith

  • Cerelia

    The fertile one

  • Cesarina

    The head of hair

  • Cesca

    A blind one; a talented musician

  • Cettina

    Short form of the name Concettina. It means conception.

  • Chezarina

    Another name of name Cesar

  • Chiara

    As clear as light

  • Chiarina

    A famous personality

  • Ciandra

    Something that is surrounded by light

  • Cianna

    Praise of the Lord; God is gracious

  • Cienna

    One who is from the land of Siena

  • Cinzia

    A mythological goddess, Cynthia, who was born on Mount Cynthus

  • Cira

    The sun; the source of energy for mankind

  • Claudina

    Something that is feeble; lame

  • Clementina

    Feminine derivative of 'Clement', meaning gentle, soft and pleasant

  • Clorinda

    In Greek, the meaning of this name is greenery; or a place filled with vegetation and plants

  • Concetta

    A reference to Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary in her mother's womb

  • Consolata

    The act of consolation; to give solace to a person who is passing through a hard time

  • Constantia

    Something that never changes; constant and persistent

  • Constantina

    Continuous, abiding, and constant; does not change

  • Contessa

    Royalty; hailing from a royal bloodline

  • Coppa

    A golden coup, a reward

  • Corda

    One who makes strings and chords; a regular wearer of ribbons and ties

  • Crocifissa

    Implies 'Crucifix' in Italian; Represents that of Jesus Christ crucification

  • Dahna

    Respectful lady

  • Daralice

    Very noble

  • Debora

    From the Old testament; A Bee

  • Demetra

    Mythological Goddess of harvest

  • Dianora

    A divine person; they are advanced

  • Doda

    A person who is reserved,dignified and well loved

  • Domenica

    One who belongs to God

  • Donata

    Given by God

  • Donatas

    One who is being given a hand; helping nature

  • Donatella

    Beautiful Gift of God

  • Donelle

    In italian it means lady.

  • Donielle

    A lady who is very respectful and honoured

  • Donita

    World Mighty

  • Ealda

    They are majestic creatures who rule

  • Eama

    One who comprises of the whole universe

  • Editta

    A rich gift; a very efficient present

  • Edmonda

    The clean one who is like a guardian

  • Eidita

    Wealthy; joyous and responsible person

  • Elara

    A cheerful and happy individual

  • Elda

    One who is born warrior

  • Elenore

    One who is filled with light and bright

  • Eleonora

    Shining bright light coming from above

  • Eleua

    The one who is intelligent and is majestic

  • Elisabetha

    A bountiful God figure on Earth

  • Elisabetta

    God is bountiful and helpful

  • Emerlinda

    this name means the whole universe is soft or tender.

  • Ermelinda

    soft, tender, whole and universal.

  • Ermelinde

    a word which means something which is soft and tender and also whole or universal.

  • Ersilia

    a character in Roman mythology.

  • Esta

    someone from the east.

  • Eufemia

    to speak or to declare or words of good omen.

  • Eufemme

    a Spanish word meaning good omen.

  • Eufemmia

    good omen.

  • Fabia

    A woman who is bean farmer

  • Fabiana

    A little woman who farms beans

  • Fabrizia

    A woman with crafty hands

  • Farfalla

    She is like a butterfly

  • Fausta

    A lucky one

  • Faustine

    A fortunate woman

  • Faviola

    A woman of wisdom and bravery

  • Fedella

    A woman who is faithful and true

  • Feliciana

    A fortunate lady

  • Felicita

    A lady with good luck

  • Felicitas

    A happy nad lucky lady

  • Felicite

    A feeling of happiness and good luck

  • Felicitti

    A little luck

  • Felixa

    A woman who is blessed eith good fortune and luck

  • Fenisia

    A color, a purplish red

  • Fiamma

    A little fiery woman

  • Fiammetta

    She is a little but fiery woman

  • Fidelina

    A little faithful woman

  • Filomena

    Lover of mankind; beloved

  • Floriano

    Italian variation of the name 'Florian' meaning 'to flower or blossom'

  • Franca

    Refers to a won who is of French origin

  • France

    It means a french woman or a free-woman

  • Francesca

    Derived from Latin word 'Franciscus' it refers to a female belonging to France

  • Francheska

    Variation of the word 'Franceska', this name refers to a woman of French roots

  • Fulvia

    Resembles yellow color.

  • Gabrianna

    God gives me strength.

  • Gaetane

    Gaeta is the native place.

  • Garbo

    Gentle and soft hearted person.

  • Gem

    The one who is precious as a gem stone.

  • Gema

    Girl who is treasurable as a precious stone.

  • Gemette

    A treasurable or precious person

  • Genoveffa

    Italian accent of Genevieve (snowy wave)

  • Geonna

    God has chosen me.

  • Geovana

    God has bestowed his favours upon me.

  • Geovanni

    God has shown his courtesy upon me.

  • Gia

    Italian name meaning God is gracious

  • Giachetta

    Holder of the heel

  • Giacinta

    Italian name meaning hyacinth

  • Giacoma

    Italian name for a replacement, surrogate

  • Giacomina

    One that is protected by God

  • Giada

    Jade, a stone of the side

  • Giana

    God is gracious

  • Gianandrea

    Combination of names Giana and Andrea, means God is good

  • Gianella

    Italian name meaning God is gracious

  • Gianetta

    God's generous gift

  • Gianina

    Gianina is an Italian female name and means God is gracious.It is a diminutive of Giovanna, a variant of the name is Gian and the nickname is Nina.

  • Gianna

    Gianna is an Italian female name. The meaning of the name is The Lord is Gracious.

  • Giannetta

    Giannetta is an Italian female name and means Yahweh is Gracious.

  • Giannina

    Giannina is an Italian female name of Hebrew origins. The meaning of the name Giannina is God is Gracious.

  • Giavanna

    Giavanna is an Italian female name. It means God is Gracious, God is God and originates from Hebrew.

  • Gimma

    Italian name Gimma means Precious Stone

  • Ginata

    The Girl name Ginata means Flower.

  • Ginevra

    Ginevra means Fair and Yielding.

  • Gioa

    Gioa means means Joy in Italian.

  • Gioacchina

    The name Gioacchina means Established by Yahweh.

  • Gioconda

    Giocomnda means Lighthearted Woman, a Delight.

  • Gioia

    Italian Girl name that means Joy.

  • Giolla

    The name Giolla means Servant.

  • Gionata

    The meaning of the name Gionata is A Gift From God

  • Giordana

    Giordana means To Flow Down, To Descend.

  • Giorgia

    The meaning of Giorgia comes from Greek word and means The Farmer.

  • Giorgina

    Italian name that means Farmer.

  • Giosepa

    A cognate of Giuseppa, meaning he will add.

  • Giovanna

    Giovanna is an Italian name that means The Gift from God.

  • Giuditta

    Giuditta means Praised

  • Giulia

    The meaning of the name Giulia is Youthful

  • Giuliana

    Giulianna means Young

  • Giulianna

    The meaning of the name is Youth.

  • Giulietta

    The name Giulietta means The Young One

  • Giuseppa

    Giuseppa means God Will Add

  • Giuseppina

    Giuseppina means God Will Give or God Will Add

  • Glada

    The name Glada is an Italian name and means Jade

  • Grazia

    They are very competent,practical and powerful.The have very strong business mind and achieve all goal.

  • Graziana

    They are very inspriring,graceful and kind.They are self-made and very powerful in their circle.

  • Graziella

    They are very energetic,determind and independent.They are very capable and adaptable all these qualities make them wonderfu.

  • Grazina

    They are very inspriring,graceful and kind.They are self-made and very powerful in their circle.

  • Grear

    They are very independent and always ready to solve issues.They make decision very strongly.

  • Guendalina

    They are separate and alone and self-centerd.They are very active person.

  • Guida

    The one who loves adventure and independence. Guide, lead and direct others to help them.

  • Gulielma

    A determined protector who will be strong always.

  • Ignazia

    Feminine form of Ignazio. It means fire.

  • Ignazio

    Italian form of Ignatius. It means fire.

  • Kairah

    The name means Beloved Friend

  • Karah

    Karah means Dear, Beloved

  • Karalea

    Karalea means Sweet melody

  • Karaleah

    The name means Love, Dear

  • Kareen

    Kareen means Cherised, Admired

  • Karrisa

    The name Karrisa means Embrace,Caress

  • Keraja

    Kera means Beloved

  • Kricia

    Kricia means Profit and Wealth

  • Krizia

    Krizia means Richnes, Wealth

  • Lanza

    A Noble and Eager Woman

  • Laverne

    Goddes of thieves in Italian lore

  • Leeonna

    A lioness, one who is like a lioness

  • Lencha

    The blossom and innocence, virginity

  • Leoluchina

    Feminine diminutive of Leoluca.

  • Leonore

    Light, brightness of the Sun rays

  • Leontine

    One who is as strong as a Lioness

  • Liboria

    To be a free woman

  • Liona

    Italian name meaning lioness

  • Livia

    An envious person; color blue

  • Liviana

    A jealous and resentful woman

  • Livianna

    A woman who evies others or a color blue

  • Lizz

    A woman hallowed by the Oath made to God

  • Loredana

    Created name by George Sand, based on a Venetian surname Loredan

  • Loreta

    A town in ancient Itali, Laurentum

  • Loretta

    A Girl who was born in ancient Laurentum

  • Lorette

    A Girl whose origins are from ancient Laurentum

  • Lorrella

    Girl crowned with laurel tree

  • Lovota

    A fast Wolf; good natured

  • Lucelly

    One who is illuminated by the light

  • Lucetta

    A light that is full grace

  • Lucette

    The one who shines with graceful light

  • Lucia

    white, bright light

  • Lucinda

    The one who shines with graceful light

  • Lucrezia

    Italian name meaning profit

  • Ludovica

    Famous in war and battle

  • Luigia

    Italian name for mighty warrior

  • Lupica

    A name given for a Bird; practical

  • Maddalena

    Woman who comes from the tower

  • Maddalina

    One from the tower

  • Maddalyn

    Girl from a tower

  • Maddelena

    A person from Madala, a town whose name means tower

  • Madonna

    My lady, a way respectful way to address a woman

  • Marcella

    A woman with the character of the warrior

  • Marcellina

    A woman dedicated to Mars

  • Mariabella

    A beautiful Mary

  • Mariangela

    An angel of the sea of sorrow

  • Marianna

    A glorious sea of sorrow

  • Marieta

    A puddle of sorrow

  • Marilena

    A bright star of the sea

  • Marilene

    A star that shines in the sea

  • Marina

    A woman of the sea

  • Mariola

    A bitter dame

  • Marseille

    A woman sweet as wine

  • Marsia

    A young woman dedicated to the god of war

  • Marsillia

    A woma who dedicated herself to Mars

  • Marutta

    A sea of bitterness or sorrow

  • Massima

    The gratest one of them all

  • Mataya

    She is a God's gift

  • Mattea

    Lord's gift

  • Mea

    She who belongs to me

  • Miabella

    A tiny falcon, a baby falcon. A person with the qualities of a falcon

  • Miciela

    A blessed gift from God

  • Mirele

    The person who is admired the most

  • Mirielis

    The beautiful, one who is admired

  • Mistico

    A mystical girl

  • Miuccia

    The woman who wished for a child, a virgin

  • Modesto

    Mehuli derived from a sanskrit word that means a very small rainy cloud.

  • Monalisa

    Art; Mona Lisa is a famous portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci

  • Monalisa

    Art; Mona Lisa is a famous portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci

  • Morena

    One with the brown colored hair

  • Natala

    The one who came to this world on Christmas day.

  • Neroli

    The flower which is orange in color.

  • Neve

    The ice crystals which are falling from the clouds.

  • Nicholina

    One who always wins

  • Nicolien

    The people who are a champion

  • Nicolina

    The winning people.

  • Nilda

    The one who is prepared for clash.

  • Norah

    The person who is possessing the quality of honourable.

  • Nunzia

    The one who carries good messages.

  • Nunziatina

    The one who brings announcements.

  • Ombretta

    A shadow, or a dusky resemblance

  • Oraina

    Derived from the Latin word 'gold', the most precious and valuable girl child.

  • Oria

    Who is humble in spirit or manner.

  • Ornella

    The brightness, the nimble, the sunlit

  • Orsina

    A bear like person.

  • Orsola

    Little young girl bear like person.

  • Ortensia

    Plants or trees or vegetables or flowers cultivating place.

  • Ottavia

    A person who is born on the Eighth; guardian

  • Paetta

    Bread; one who is the provider; to nourish

  • Palla

    A ball; a habitational name; a straw

  • Palmiera

    A place of pilgrim; holy place

  • Palmina

    One who is like a little Palm tree

  • Paola

    Latin - Small; Little; Humble; A derivative from the name Paula

  • Paolina

    A small and passionate individual

  • Pasqualina

    A saint born on Easter

  • Pata

    A name given to a spectrogram

  • Patrina

    Latin - Noble Women; Of noble birth; A variant form of Patricia

  • Patrizia

    A noble and kind hearted being

  • Perla

    English - Pearl; Precious; A Gem Of The Sea; A variant form of Pearl

  • Pertessa

    Of the Countess

  • Pervinca

    Name of a plant called periwinkle; Name of a character in Italian book Fairy Oak

  • Petronilla

    Latin - Country bumpkin; Old Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Petronia; A variant of Petra

  • Phia

    A creative and self-reliant person

  • Pica

    A habitational name which means a pointed object

  • Piera

    A small stone or a piece of rock

  • Pierina

    Old Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Petra

  • Pieta

    Religious paintings or sculpture; A variant of Pity

  • Pietra

    One who is rock solid

  • Piia

    Another form of Pia; a lover or a sweetheart

  • Pila

    A pillar, a column of the buildig

  • Placida

    A quiet and calm woman

  • Po

    A river in Italy, river Po

  • Poesia

    Like a piece of poetry

  • Poesy

    Like a piece of poetry

  • Polissena

    Italian form of Polyxena, a Greek name meaning daughter of Priam

  • Primavera

    Spanish - Springtime; Latin - Born at the beginning of Spring

  • Priscila

    An ancient woman

  • Rafaele

    Heald by the God

  • Raffaella

    Hebrew - God has healed; A variant form of name Raphaela

  • Ravinia

    A place name of the Italian city

  • Renatta

    A woman who was born again

  • Riccarda

    A woman who rules stronglz and powerfuly

  • Riga

    Italian - Variant of Greek Rigas

  • Riviera

    The bank of the river

  • Rocío

    One who is like a morning drew drops

  • Rocca

    Feminine form of Rocco. It means rest.

  • Romeeka

    A girl who is from an ancient city of Rome

  • Romula

    One who is a Roman woman

  • Rosabella

    Beautiful as a rose

  • Rosabelle

    A woman who is a beautiful rose

  • Rosaelia

    The rose of a God

  • Rosalba

    She who is like a white rose

  • Rosaleah

    A Roman citizens

  • Rosangela

    A woman who is like an angel rose

  • Rosangelica

    An angelic rose

  • Rosaria

    A lady of the rosary

  • Rosene

    A rosy looking young girl

  • Rosetta

    A small, little, but beautiful rose

  • Rosette

    A petitte woman who is like a little rose

  • Rosi

    She looks exactlly like a rose

  • Rosia

    To resamble a rose

  • Rosina

    Woman who is like a little rose

  • Rossana

    She who brings the brightness of a dawn

  • Rufina

    A woman who is of red hair

  • Salvatrice

    A woman who aids in the times of difficulty

  • Samanta

    The name of God, or The God has heard your prayer

  • Samuella

    A woman whose prayer has been heard by God

  • Sancia

    Connected with God

  • Secca

    One who is shallow

  • Selini

    The Moon

  • Serra

    Italian name meaning ridge

  • Sicily

    A place name, an island in Italy

  • Siella

    She who is high as a mountain

  • Silvana

    A woman of the woods

  • Silvestra

    A woman of the forest

  • Simona

    A woman who listens

  • Sistine

    A name of the Vatican chapel with Michelangelo's frescoed cealing

  • Sofonisba

    The God Ba'al has sheltered her

  • Sorella

    A sisterly woman

  • Speranza

    A woman who brings hope to men

  • Stefania

    She who wears the crown

  • Stellabella

    She is as beautiful as the most brilliant star on the sky

  • Stellina

    A little shining star

  • Susi

    Short from Susanna, meaning a woman who is like a rose or a lily flower

  • Taide

    Derived from ancient greek, thais. A famous greek hetaera who lived during the time of Alexander the Great

  • Toltse


  • Tosca

    A habitational name for one who is from Tuscany

  • Toscana

    The regional capital of Florence, Italy

  • Trota

    A philosophical and self sufficient being

  • Venette

    Woman of Venice

  • Vianca

    Canadian variant of Bianca, meaning white.

  • Ysabelle

    Consecrated to God

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