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Italian Boy Names

  • Acciai

    The occupational name for one who hold axe or who work with axe

  • Achille

    Old Greek - Pain; Lipless; Variant of Achilles

  • Adelmo

    A hard and preserving noble

  • Agnello


  • Agustin

    Latin - August, dignified, holy; A variant of name Augustine

  • Agustino

    Italian form of Augustinus

  • Agusto

    Venerated; majestic; dignified

  • Aldo

    Something old, archaic

  • Alessandro

    Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander

  • Alf

    Gothic - Noble and Ready; English - Inspired Advice; Old Peace Derived from the element Alfr which means Elf; A variant of name Alfonso and Alfie

  • Alfons

    Gothic - Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

  • Alfonsus

    Gothic - Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

  • Alfonzo

    Gothic - Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

  • Alford

    English - old river crossing orford; Old English - inspired advice, Old Peace; A variant of name Alfred

  • Alfric

    Elf King; A Variant of name Aelfric

  • Alfrid

    Wise Counselor; Old English : Elf Counsel ; A variant of name Alfred

  • Alonso

    Gothic - Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

  • Alonzo

    An inspirational dashing noble with sophisticated charm

  • Alphonso

    A noble prompt person ready for struggle and war

  • Alvar

    Old English - Elf Army, Supernatural Army; Gothic - Guard for all; A variant of name Alvaro

  • Amando

    The one who is loved by God and is well liked by others

  • Ambrogio

    Old Greek - Immortal, Divine; A variant of the name Ambrose

  • Amer

    Arabic - Ruler, Prince, Emir, Commander; It is a variation of name Amerigo and Amir

  • Americo

    Ruler; Powerful; Rich; A variation of name Amerigo

  • Amerigo

    German - Work; Ruler; Powerful; Rich; A variation of name Emmerich

  • Amintore

    Old Greek - Protector, Defender; Derived from element Amyntor

  • Anastasio

    Old Greek - Resurrection; A variant form of the name Anastasius

  • Anselmo

    German - Protected by God; A variant of name Ansel

  • Anthonie

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Anthonius

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antonello

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antonino

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antonius

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antuninu

    Sicilian form of Antoninus, meaning a highly praiseworthy man.

  • Aristide

    The perfect kind; one who is the best type

  • Arlo

    manly, strong

  • Arlotto

    Vagabond or tramp

  • Arrigo

    Germanic - Army; Warrior; To rule; House owner; Variant of name Amerigo

  • Arsenio

    Greek - Virile; It is derived from the element 'Arsenios'

  • Arsi

    Greek - Virile; A variation of Arsenius

  • At�lio

    A family name; they are hero material

  • Attilio

    Italian form of a grand Roman style family

  • Avellino

    A smart and strong individual

  • Baiardo

    A foolhardy; one who is reddish brown

  • Baldassare

    Italian form of Balthazar which means 'Baal protect the king'

  • Beffa

    A deceit

  • Benvolio

    Benvolio is derived from the Italian word 'benevolo' and means 'goodwill' or 'benevolent.'

  • Bera

    A Well; Declaring

  • Beri

    My Corn

  • Beto

    A blessed individual who loves experiences

  • Bettino

    A person who is blessed

  • Bonavento

    A surname meaning welcome

  • Bonaventura

    To have good fortune in life

  • Bonaventure

    One of good fortune

  • Bonifacio

    A man who has goof faith

  • Bosco

    A name of Italian Saint

  • Bucca

    A talkative person. Means mouth

  • Cabrini

    An Italian surname, meaning one who sails

  • Caelian

    A man from heaven

  • Calògiru

    Sicilian form of Kalogeros. It means beautiful elder.

  • Calogero

    A beautiful elderly man

  • Calvino

    A man who is bald

  • Camora

    An Italian Mafia-type syndicate, a secret society

  • Campa

    He is a soothing man

  • Cario

    A caring man

  • Carlino

    Little man who is very mainly

  • Carlo

    A strong mainly man

  • Carmelo

    An orchard that is fruitful

  • Carmine

    A man who is like a song

  • Carrados

    A brave counselor

  • Casanova

    A surname, meaning a new house, a new home

  • Caspari

    Variant spelling of Italian Gaspari. It means treasure bearer.

  • Casso

    One who lives in the manor house

  • Catarino

    A genuine man

  • Celso

    Variant of Celsus; active and majestic

  • Ceron

    A beekeeper

  • Cesare

    The one who has long hair

  • Cesario

    A hairy individual

  • Chellis

    A country dweller

  • Ciolla

    He is layered like an onion

  • Ciriaco

    Spanish name for Cyriacus; meaning God

  • Cirocco

    The wind from Ancient Egypt; a warm wind from Egypt

  • Claudio

    Crippled; one who cannot walk; lame

  • Clemente

    Merciful; lenient; soft hearted; loving; sweet tempered

  • Cleto

    To call a spirit while praying; uaually done by a Pope

  • Colombo

    Dove, the symbol of peace and happiness

  • Columbo

    Derived from an Italian word meaning Dove, a white bird that is used as the symbol of peace

  • Concetto

    Mother Mary's Immaculate Conception in Her mother's womb

  • Cosimo

    Meaning in Greek is 'order, pattern or sequence'. Meaning in Italian is 'Famous bearers of the Medici family'

  • Cosma

    Italian form of 'cosmas', meaning order, pattern, decency or decree

  • Dangela

    An Angel

  • Dangelo

    Divine messenger

  • Dante

    Divine comedy

  • Danti

    The divine comedy

  • Daunte

    The one who is everlasting

  • Davide

    A humanitarian and broadminded person

  • Deangelo

    They are born bold and beautiful; angel

  • Demonte

    One who is coming from heaven; mountain

  • Dino

    A little sword; part of God

  • Dodinc

    Boys who born on sundays ,Saints

  • Donat

    They are the ones who are like gifts and are stranger

  • Donato

    Given by God; one who is of the Lord

  • Dontay

    Lasting, enduring; one who has spiritual leadership

  • Durant

    An unbending person; enduring one

  • Edgardo

    A wealthy man who is known for riches

  • Edoardo

    Rich guardian; they are responsible and efficient

  • Edwaldo

    A loving and prosperous guardian

  • Eligio

    A very private yet interesting person

  • Elio

    One who has the power of Sun

  • Eliodoro

    They are the gift sent from Sun

  • Elpidio

    A refined and peace loving person

  • Emanuele

    this name is used to describe that god is with us.

  • Emberto

    someone who is a bright warrior.

  • Emidio

    this is a name in the honour of Saint Emegdius a patron against earthquake who lived during 3rd century and was a bishop.

  • Emiliano

    this name means someone who is industrious and has the zeal to work hard.

  • Emilio

    someone who tries to emulate or a rival.

  • Ennio

    the Italian form of the word Ennius; a famous poet during Roman civilization.

  • Enric

    it means head of the household.

  • Enriquez

    a person who owns large estates and rules them.

  • Enzio

    a ruler at home.

  • Enzo

    it means someone who rules a estate or a house.

  • Erasto

    an Italian word meaning beloved or highly loving.

  • Ercole

    it means gift.

  • Ermanno

    it means a mighty defender.

  • Erminio

    associated with Greek god for speed and good luck.

  • Este

    an Italian word meaning someone from the east.

  • Ettore

    someone steadfast.

  • Eugenio

    a Spanish name for nobility or high born.

  • Euilaun

    an Italian name for someone who has been born into the nobility.

  • Eustachio

    a very famous saint.

  • Ezio

    One who is like an eagle

  • Fabian

    He who farms beans

  • Fabiano

    A man who grows beans

  • Fabio

    He who owns a bean farm

  • Fabricio

    A man who is very crafty

  • Fabrizio

    A man who is a craftsman

  • Fantino

    A form of Fantinus, meaning baby boy.

  • Faustino

    A little lucky man

  • Favio

    A man of wisdom and understanding

  • Fedele

    A faithful man

  • Federico

    A ruler who rules in peace

  • Federigo

    One whose ruling brings peace

  • Feliciano

    A young man who is lucky

  • Felicio

    He who is lucky in life

  • Felix

    A man who is blessed with good fortune, luck and success

  • Ferdinandus

    A daring traveler

  • Ferruccio

    One with the iron sword

  • Fico

    A person who is like a fig

  • Figaro

    A darring and cunning man

  • Filiberto

    An extremely bright person

  • Filippo

    A person who passionately loves horses

  • Filippos

    A person who is friendly with horses

  • Firdose

    The Paradise City of the Gods

  • Flaminio

    The keeper of the flames; i.e. A priest (in Spanish)

  • Francescantonio

    Made up of Italian word Frances and Latin Antonio, it refers to a Frenchman worthy of praise

  • Francesco

    Italian version of the name 'Francis' it means a Frenchman or free man

  • Fynn

    African - River Ofinn; Old Norse - Finn; Celtic - White, Fair; A variant of name Finn

  • Gaetan

    The one who is from Gaeta, Italy.

  • Gaetano

    Gaeta is my home town.

  • Gaincarlo

    Italian - God's Gracious Gift; Free man; Man; Name is combination of Gianni and Carlo

  • Galileo

    The person who is from Galilee.

  • Gaspare

    Italian pronunciation of Jasper (Wealthy person)

  • Gattani

    A surname from Milan, Italy

  • Gavino

    Derived from Gabinus, means Gabium, one of the olden cities in Italy.

  • Genaro

    Refers to the first month of the year, January.

  • Gennarino

    Diminutive of Gennaro (God Janus)

  • Gennaro

    One who belongs to God Janus (God of Romans)

  • Geno

    God is love.

  • Genoah

    One of the joints in human body, knee.

  • Gentile

    One who is easy going, mild and smooth.

  • Georgio

    Refers to Crofter or agriculturalist

  • Germano

    A male with same parents as someone else, brother.

  • Gerodi

    Refers to mountain or champion.

  • Giacomino

    A God's replacement

  • Giacomo

    Italian name meaning to replace

  • Giambattista

    God is gracious

  • Giampaolo

    A small gift from God

  • Giancarlo

    God's manly gift

  • Gianfranco

    God is gracious and free

  • Gianluca

    Gianluca is an Italian male name. It is a combination of names Gian and Luca and means A Gift of God Born Under the Sunrise.

  • Gianluigi

    It means God is Gracious, Famous Warrior. It is a combination of the names Gian and Luigi. Represented in Christian religion.

  • Gianmarco

    Gianmarco is an Italian, Christian male name. It means God is Gracious and Warlike.

  • Giannes

    Giannes is a male name of Hebrew origin and means The Gift of God. This version of the name is mostly used in Italy.

  • Gianni

    Gianni means God is Gracious, God is Merciful. It is an Italian male name of Hebrew origin.

  • Giannino

    The name Giannino means God is Gracious. It is an Italian male name that originates from a Hebrew name Yochanan.

  • Giannis

    Giannis is an Italian male name, a variation of the name Gianni. It means God is Gracious and has Hebrew origins.

  • Gianpaolo

    The name Gianpaolo is an Italian male name, a combination of names Gian and the name Paolo. The meaning of the name is God is Gracious, Humble and God's Precious Gift.

  • Gianpiero

    Italian male name. Combination of names Gian wich means God is Gracious and Piero which means Rock.

  • Gianrico

    Italian male Christian name of Hebrew origin. It means God is Gracious.

  • Giasone

    Giasone is an Italian male name and means To Heal, Healer. It has Latin and Greek origins.

  • Gideone

    Gideone is an Italian male name of Hebrew origin. It means Destroyer, or He that Bruises.

  • Gilberto

    Gilberto is a male name, an Italian verion of the name Gilbert and means Bright Pledge or Shining Pledge.

  • Gildo

    Gildo is an Italian male name and means Servant, Disciple. It is represented in Christian religion.

  • Gio

    The meaning of Gio is Farmer, or The Lord is Gracious.

  • Gioacchino

    Giacchino is an Italian name and means Raised by Yahweh.

  • Gioachino

    The name Gioachino means Established by Yahweh.

  • Gioele

    Italian version of the name Yoele and means God is Good.

  • Giona

    The male name Giona means Dove.

  • Giordano

    The name Giordano meand to Flow, To Descend.

  • Giorgino

    Giorgino is an Italian name and means Earth Worker

  • Giorgio

    Italian name and means Earth Worker, Farmer.

  • Giorgios

    The meaning of Giorgios is the Farmer of the Earth.

  • Giovani

    Giovani means Gift from God

  • Giovanni

    Giovanni is an Italian name, means A Gift from God

  • Giovanny

    Giovanny means God is Gracious, God has shown a Favor.

  • Giovonni

    Italian male name that means God is Gracious

  • Girolamo

    Girolamo means Holy,Sacred Name

  • Gitano

    Gitano means Gypsy, the Wanderer

  • Giuliano

    Giuliano means Young, Youthful

  • Giulio

    Giulio is an Italian name and means Young

  • Giuseppe

    The meaning of the name is God will Add, God will Give

  • Giusto

    The name Giusto means Unbaist, Upright

  • Gorla

    Name of place in Italy; Derived from the latin word gulula, meaning little cleft

  • Graziano

    They are very gentle,sensitive and have big soft heart.They love to admire and want to be promonent all the time.

  • Greco

    They are very clever,deep mind and sensitive.They are very kind and great to others.

  • Guglielmo

    Guglielmo is materialistic and self-serving, he doesn't waver to grab the open doors that life presents him with.

  • Guido

    Guido means life. The person with this name is full of life and knows how to live this life.

  • Guilio

    Youthful strong person who is full of life.

  • Guiseppe

    Italian type of JOSEPH.In Biblical the significance of the name Joseph is: Increase; expansion.

  • Gynni

    From the John tribe

  • Hieronomo

    Italian - Holy Name; A variant form of Hieronymos

  • Ivano

    A form of John, meaning God is gracious.

  • Julio

    people with this name try their best to please everyone. They show interest in making friends.

  • Kara

    Italian - Beloved; Dear; Derived from name Cara or Carus

  • Kason

    Kason means House, a Home

  • Kona

    Sanskrit - Angular; Italian - Lady;

  • Krystallo

    Krystallo means Christ's Follower

  • Lamberto

    A person who comes from the Bright Lands

  • Lauris

    Variant of Lawrence. It means from Laurentum.

  • Lauro

    A Boy who comes from the place where Laurel trees grow

  • Lazaro

    Italian form of Lazarus, biblical name

  • Lazzaro

    Italian version of the name Lazarus

  • Leofede

    Faith of a lion, or alion's faith

  • Leoluca

    The name is a combination of Leo or Leone with Luca.

  • Leonardo

    Bold Lion

  • Leopoldo

    He who has the bravery of the people

  • Liborio

    The feeling of complete freedom

  • Lino

    A flax plant, used to make linnen

  • Lodovico

    Italian name meaning famous warrior

  • Lorence

    A person who comes from the place of lime trees

  • Lorents

    Comes from ancient Italian city, Laurentum

  • Lorenzo

    He who lived in Italian city Laurentum

  • Loreto

    A place name, ancient city of Laurentum

  • Loretto

    A Boy from ancient Italian city Laurentum

  • Lotario

    Italian name for soldier of the people

  • Luca

    Place name, a region in southern Italy

  • Lucan

    One who comes from the city of Luca in Toscany

  • Lucca

    He who illimnates

  • Luce

    Light giver

  • Lucio

    The one that brings light

  • Ludo

    Derived from Latin name Louis, meaning light

  • Ludovico

    An illustrious fighter

  • Luduvico

    Variation of Ludwig, mighty warrior

  • Luigi

    Italian name for renowned fighter

  • Luigino

    A beloved warrior

  • Manfredo

    Powerful peace; Peaceful Strength; A variant of Manfred

  • Marcell

    A person whose strenght is compared to the hammer

  • Marcello

    A warrior who is of young age

  • Marcelo

    One who has the strenght of the hammer

  • Marciano

    Italian name meaning hammer

  • Marcio

    He who is of Mars

  • Marco

    He who is at war

  • Mariano

    A hostile warlike man

  • Mario

    A sad, bitter person

  • Marquise

    A hereditary title below duka

  • Martelli

    Ocupation name, one who is a Hammersmith

  • Marzio

    He who is war-like

  • Massa

    A Burden; Prophecy; An Italian habitational Place name

  • Massimiliano

    The greatest one

  • Massimo

    He who is the gratest

  • Mateo

    He was the gift of God

  • Matta

    Gift of Yahweh; Gift of God; Gift of the Lord; A variant of Mata

  • Matteo

    He who is a gift from the Lord

  • Mattia

    Italian name for a gift of Lord

  • Maurizio

    He who has dark skin

  • Mauro

    A moor

  • Mazota

    An individual who is compassionate and loving

  • Miano

    Short form of the personal name Damiano; Habitational name

  • Michelangelo

    the Archangel of the almighty God.

  • Monaco

    A monk, or someone who is serving a monastery

  • Mossimo

    The largest or the greatest of all

  • Napoleone

    Resembles as fairy or dwarf.

  • Narciso

    The sea, anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume

  • Nario

    A cheerful person, always cheering

  • Natanaele

    Provided by God.

  • Nazaire

    An Italian Martyr, or a place where Christ spend his childhood

  • Nazario

    Who belongs to Nazareth

  • Nello

    Priceless or un-expected worth

  • Nevio

    A mole or a birth-mark

  • Newall

    The black color birth mark.

  • Niccolo

    The multitude of winning.

  • Nino

    Darling one to Amun.

  • Nuncio

    The one who brings good news and messages.

  • Nunzio

    The person who brings messages to various destinations.

  • Odoacer

    The goddess person.

  • Oliviero

    The usage from Oliver.

  • Olivina

    A reminder of olive

  • Onofre

    The one who fights for peace or harmony.

  • Onofrio

    Protector of harmony.

  • Orazio

    The person who is steadfast in prayers.

  • Oreste

    A huge rugged one

  • Orlando

    The accomplishment of the multitude.

  • Orsino

    The person who likes the bear.

  • Ottavio

    Born on Eighth; has a grasping personality

  • Ovidio

    An individual who is like a Sheep

  • Palmiro

    One who is like the Palm tree; pilgrim place

  • Paolo

    A small person; tiny individual

  • Papa

    A name given to the father or pope

  • Pasqual

    Catalan form of Spanish name Pascual; A Venetian variant of Italian name Pasquale; A name relating to Easter; Born on Passover day

  • Pasqualino

    One who has Saint like personality

  • Patrizio

    A kind hearted, sorted and noble being

  • Paulu

    Sicilian variant of Paul, meaning small or humble.

  • Pellegrino

    A name for the pilgrim; holy man

  • Peppino

    Joseph; one who can add

  • Petro

    They are impressive and clear sighted individual

  • Piccolo

    One who is small; sweet flute

  • Pierluigi

    It means Peter Louis

  • Pio

    A dutiful person

  • Placido

    A man who is calm and quiet

  • Plinio

    A skilful person

  • Plucca

    From the name Lucca, means one who is full of light

  • Proinsias

    Italian - Frenchman; Free One; Proinsias is a form of the English Francis

  • Rafaello

    Italian version of the name Rafael, means healed by God

  • Raimondo

    A mighty protector

  • Raul

    The councel of the wolves

  • Remigio

    A person who is a rower

  • Remo

    One who is a rower, an oarsman

  • Renz

    A Laurel, an award

  • Ric

    A mighty, powerful and strong ruler of men

  • Rinaldo

    One whose power is in his wisdom

  • Rino

    A short of all the names that end with Rino

  • Rocco

    One who rests

  • Rocko

    One who enjoys inactivity

  • Roco

    To be resting

  • Rolando

    He who is the most famous and legendary of all men

  • Romano

    A man who was born in Rome

  • Romare

    A person who is from Rome

  • Romario

    One who is a pilgrim ro Rome

  • Romeao

    One who comes from the ancient city of Rome

  • Romeo

    A settler, a wayfarer to Rome

  • Romolo

    One who founded Rome

  • Romon

    A Boy whose home is Rome

  • Roreto

    An Italian place name for Boys

  • Rosario

    A young man of the rosary

  • Rossano

    A man who brings the dawn's light

  • Rudolpho

    One who is known as a famous wolf

  • Rufino

    A man who is of red hair

  • Ruggero

    A worrior with a famous spear

  • Ruggiero

    A famos fighter with a spear

  • Russo

    A traditional Sicilian surname, means a red one

  • Sal

    One who is a savior

  • Salomone

    Italian name meaning peacekeeper

  • Samuele

    The God has heard your words

  • Samuell

    You were heard by the God

  • Sandrino

    Defender of the people

  • Sandro

    Human race protector

  • Sansone

    A son of the Sun

  • Santonio

    Italian name meaning priceless

  • Sekla

    Occupational name for a mender of saddles; saddler

  • Severiano

    He who is stern

  • Sigismondo

    One who is a victorious defender

  • Silvano

    He who lives in the woods

  • Silvestro

    A person of the woods

  • Silvino

    He is a man from the forest

  • Silvio

    He who loves the woods

  • Stephano

    He wears a crown

  • Taivan

    Foreigner, one who stays in someone else's country or land

  • Tatuini

    One who is corrupted

  • Teodosio

    Given by God

  • Terenzio

    One who instigates

  • Terzo

    Italian variation of the name Tertius, means third

  • Thomaso

    He who has a twin

  • Tino

    A little one or a junior

  • Tito

    In Latin it means one who is saved. In Italian it means of the giant

  • Tiziano

    The honoured one

  • Tolliver

    A fierce fighter or one who cut metals

  • Tomaso

    The twin baby, one of twin

  • Tomasso

    Twin child, one of the twin born

  • Tommaso

    An apostle who doubted the resurrection of Christ

  • Tonino

    One whose price is never estimated

  • Toppa

    A keyhole or a patch

  • Toti

    The Gifts from the God

  • Totie

    The blessings from the God

  • Tulliu

    A form of Tullius. It was the name of a famous king.

  • Vicenzu

    A variant of Vincentius. It means to conquer.

  • Vincentius

    To conquer

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