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Indonesian Girl Names

  • Adiratna

    A beautiful jewel

  • Amisha

    They are pure, truthful and beautiful beings whith a heart of gold

  • Angkasa

    The sky

  • Budiwati

    The wise one

  • Bulan

    A moon and the month in indonesian

  • Citra

    Picture, image, a form of art, an artist's impression

  • Dewi

    The Goddess

  • Diah

    A young and powerful girl

  • Diann

    A burning candle; Lord of wine

  • Elok

    A beautiful woman, or jewel.

  • Endah

    Beautiful, one who is excessively beautiful.

  • Guritno

    Poetess or poetic

  • Harum

    A woman who smells good.

  • Indah

    Beautiful, a beautiful woman. A variation of Endah.

  • Inten

    A variant of Intan, meaning diamond

  • Jayachandra

    One who won

  • Kemala

    Beautiful stone

  • Kemuning

    A yellow flower found in Indonesia.

  • Kristiyana

    A Christian woman.

  • Legi


  • Lestari


  • Maharani

    She who rules the empire

  • Marshanda

    A brave and bold girl.

  • Mawar

    Rose in Indonesian language.

  • Mega

    A girl who is like the Clouds

  • Melati

    Jasmine Flower

  • Merpati

    A dove

  • Mlathi


  • Murni

    Pure, a pure soul.

  • Mustika

    A talisman or a magical stone.

  • Ndari

    Full moon

  • Ningrat


  • Ningrum

    Inside the soul.

  • Ningsih

    With love

  • Permata

    Precious stones.

  • Pertiwi

    The earth

  • Puspita

    A woman who has all the qualities of the flower

  • Rara

    A woman of lesser nobility.

  • Ratih

    The Goddess of beauty

  • Ratu

    A Queen of men

  • Sarwendah

    An extremely beautiful woman.

  • Setiawati

    Loyal and faithful

  • Siti

    A woman of noble qualities

  • Susil

    A woman of good character

  • Utama

    Prominent or ultimate

  • Wangi


  • Wening


  • Wulan

    The moon

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