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Indonesian Boy Names

  • Abyasa


  • Adhiarja


  • Adika

    The first child of the second husband

  • Agung

    Grand or great

  • Ahmadzulkifli

    an Indonesian voice actor, who was used to be worked at PT

  • Ajij

    Variant of Aziz, powerful, respected, beloved

  • Bagaskoro

    Sun rays

  • Bagus

    Handsome or excellent

  • Bakti

    An obedient boy

  • Banyu


  • Baskoro

    Midday sun

  • Basuki

    To flourish

  • Batara


  • Berkah

    God's gift

  • Buana

    A whole world

  • Budi

    To have reason, mind or a character

  • Cahyono


  • Chahaya


  • Cipta

    To create

  • Darma

    Good deed or duty

  • Dumadi


  • Eas


  • Elang


  • Galang

    To assemble

  • Gesang

    Life or alive

  • Gunadi

    Something that's meaningful, meaningful.

  • Gus

    the most coolest kid ur ever met

  • Guss

    the most coolest kid ur ever met

  • Intan


  • Ismaya

    God like or wise

  • Joyo


  • Kabul

    Kabul means Fulfilled Wish or Prayer

  • Kadek

    Younger sibling. The name is generally given to second child.

  • Kaliappa

    Kaliappa means Bud.

  • Kersen

    Cherry in Indonesian language.

  • Kristiono

    A Christian man or a follower of Christmas.

  • Kulon

    Kulon means the West

  • Panuta

    Good example or one who leads by example.

  • Perdana

    The First; An Indoneasian name meaning first

  • Pramana

    To be full of wisdom and knowledge

  • Pratam

    A person who belongs to the highest, first status

  • Putra

    To be someone's son

  • Ramelan

    A prophecy

  • Rimbo

    One who is like a jungle

  • Santoso


  • Setiawan


  • Soleh

    A person who is deeply religious

  • Vikal

    Twilight, evening or close of the day.

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