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Hungarian Girl Names

  • Agota


  • Anelia

    A form of Angela, meaning angel.

  • Benca

    female form of Bence, means she will conquer

  • Borb�la

    She is a stranger

  • Cili

    Blind; one who doesn't have the ability to see

  • Cintia

    Hungarian word for Cynthia, the goddess of moon

  • Csilla

    A shining star

  • Dorika

    A precous gift sent from heaven

  • Dorottya

    Theyare the God's gift; has special goals

  • Ema

    this means serious or grandmother or nurse or Wife of Jarl.

  • Eniko

    a young female deer.

  • Enim

    a word relating to deer.

  • Eszter

    a Hungarian word meaning star.

  • Eszti

    a femininized Hungarian word which means star.

  • Eufrozina

    mirth or merriment.

  • Finian

    Fair, light-colored or white (haired)

  • Gisella

    The name means Pladge.

  • Gizi

    Gizi is a Hungarian name and means Pledge

  • Gy�ngyi

    Pearl, a rare stone

  • Jence

    A high born noble

  • Jolan

    Derivative of the word Jolan,meaning good girl,violet blossom

  • Karola

    Karola means Strong

  • Katalin

    Katalin means Pure

  • Katelya

    Katelya means Clean, Clear

  • Kati

    Kati means Clean, Pure, Unsulliead

  • Katoka

    Katoka means Pure

  • Kinga

    Kinga means Clan a Family

  • Kitarni

    Kitarni means Enduring

  • Krisztina

    She who is a christian

  • Lenke

    Hungarian name describing Light, brightness

  • Lilike

    Hungarian word for flower lily

  • Lizanne

    A bright glowing ornament

  • Lujza

    A famous warrior

  • Lujzika

    A variation of the name Louise meaning a famous fighter

  • Marika

    A restless, rebellious woman

  • Mariora

    A dame from the sea of heartache

  • Marioria

    A sea of the misery

  • Marishka

    A sea of melancholy, sorrow

  • Mariska

    A sea of hearbreak and bitterness

  • Nikolett

    The person who is ingenuous.

  • Nusa

    The merciful lady or graceful woman.

  • Oleda

    The special skill for the most high almighty God.

  • Orsolya

    Young tiny female bear.

  • Rebeka

    A trapping, baiting woman

  • Res

    A red-headed woman

  • Rheanna

    Spanish - Mouth of River; A variant form of Rhea; A short form of name Maria

  • Ria

    Spanish - Mouth of River; A variant spelling is Rhea; A short form of name Maria

  • Rozsika

    She who is pretty and gorgeous as a rose

  • Rudolfa

    A legendary female wolf

  • Szonja

    A woman who is wise

  • Tica

    A harvester, one who harvest

  • Timea

    Cheerfulness or the good spirits

  • Tizane

    A gypsy

  • Tunde

    A small being or human in form.

  • Tunder

    Refers to pixy or ELF.

  • Zsusanna

    Hungarian - Rose, Lilly; A variant of name Susanna which is derived from Hebrew name Sousanna

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