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Hungarian Boy Names

  • Arpad

    The Light of Redemption; Wanderer

  • Atilla

    Gothic - Little Father; Derived from element Atta which means Father

  • Attila

    Gothic - Little Father; Derived from element Atta which means Father

  • Botond

    A wawwior who wields mace

  • Brorda

    A rib in Hungarian

  • Csaba

    A gift sent fom heaven

  • Danko

    A pet name

  • Denes

    Follower of God who love detail

  • Domokos

    He who Belongs to the God

  • Domonkos

    A practical, efficient and down to earth being

  • Dorjan

    A dark man; efficient and loving

  • Farkas

    He who is like a wolf

  • Ferenc

    A man with freedom

  • Ferka

    Frenchman or French.

  • Frigyes

    Hungarian form of Frederick (Peaceful commander).

  • Fulop

    The person who admires horses.

  • Gellert

    Hungarian accent of Gerard ( spear hard)

  • Gergely

    Hungarian form of Gregory (vigilant).

  • Geza

    Button which used to fasten dress or cloths.

  • Gyala

    Downy, youthful, young at heart

  • Gy�rgy

    Earth worker

  • Jakab

    The God looks after him

  • J�nos

    János is a common Hungarian male name. It originates from the Hebrew name Yochanan and means God is gracious. János has several Hungarian variations such as Jancsi, Jani, Janika.

  • J�zsef

    Male Hungarian name. The maning of the name József is He will add od The God will add. It originates from Hebrew name Yosef.

  • Jeno

    Old Greek - Well-born; Noble; A derivative of French name Eugene.

  • Jensey

    High class born or noble birth.

  • Karoly

    The name Karoly means Strong Man

  • Kartal

    Kartal means Resembling an Eagle

  • Kato

    Kato means Pure, Unsullied, Elder

  • K�roly

    Son of a warrior; a wood of crows

  • Kelemen

    Kelemen means Gentle

  • Kiss

    Kiss means Small

  • Klaudiusz

    Means The Cripple

  • Korn�l

    Kornél means Horn

  • Krist�f

    A man who bears Christ inside him

  • Kristof

    The bearer of Christ

  • Kriszti�n

    He who beieves in Christ

  • Krisztofer

    A bearer of Christ

  • Laci

    Laci means The Glory of the Rule

  • Lajos

    Lajos means Famos Holiness

  • Laszlo

    A Ruler who is idolized and adored

  • Levente

    Exiting being

  • Lorand

    He who came from famous lands

  • Lorant

    A land of fame

  • Lorinc

    He who is from town Laurentum

  • Margo

    Pearl; Nice Girl with Big Eyes; Diminutive of Margaret

  • Marton

    A battling, fighting, warring individual

  • Matyas

    Hungarian name for a gift from the God

  • Mihaly

    This is the hungarian form of Michael, the angel of God

  • Nemet

    One who does not speak bad

  • Nikolasz

    Voice of winning people.

  • Odon

    The person of enduring fame, not subject to death, who is the personofication of a force

  • Orban

    Hungarian accent of Urban.

  • Patakin

    name given to a creek or brook

  • Rendor

    Police Officer; Peacemaker;

  • Roland

    A legendary person

  • Salamon

    One who brings peace

  • Samu

    The name of God

  • Sebo

    Hungarian short version of Sebastian, means revered

  • Szebasztian

    He who is an emperor

  • Taksony

    One who is well content

  • Tass

    Hungarian mythological name

  • Tibor

    He who comes from Tivoli

  • Tivadar

    the God's gift, Gift from God

  • Zajzon

    Hungarian - Destin; A surname

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