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Hawaiian Girl Names

  • Aelan

    A flower, a beautiful flower

  • Ailana

    Strength of God The Memory of the Lord

  • Akamai

    Smart, Intelligent and wisdome

  • Alikae

    Hawaiian - Protector; A Hawaiian form of Alex; It has a meaning as most beautiful also; Combination of Alice and Kay

  • Allanna

    Serenity, Calmness, tranquility

  • Aloha

    Loving, Kind-Hearted

  • Alohi

    brilliant, shining

  • Aulani

    King's messenger

  • Aulii

    Something which is very delicious

  • Ele

    The black, shining one

  • Hoku


  • Honalei

    Named after Hanalei, Hawaii; meaning heavenly land

  • Kahale

    The name Kahale means House

  • Kahealani

    The name means The Call of Heaven, The Heavenly Mist

  • Kahlia

    Kahlia means Keeper of the Keys

  • Kaia

    Kaia name means The Sea

  • Kailani

    Kailani means Sea and Sky

  • Kaileah

    Kaileah name means Clear and Bright

  • Kalea

    Kalea name mans Joy and Happiness

  • Kaleia

    Curled flower or twisted flower

  • Kaleighia

    Happiness or a bliss, flowers

  • Kalona

    Hawaiian meaning is The Sky, Hwbrew meaning of the name is Singer, Plain

  • Kaloni

    Kaloni means The Sky, The Royal One

  • Kamalei

    Kamelei means Beloved Child

  • Kamaya

    Kamaya means Precious One

  • Kamea

    Kamea means The One and Only

  • Kanani

    Kanani means The one who is Beautiful

  • Kani

    Kani means Sound

  • Kehau

    Kehau means Heavenly dew

  • Keilani

    Keilani means Skies and the Sea

  • Kekala

    Kekala means She is Chosen

  • Kekepania

    The name means Crowned in Victory

  • Keone

    Keona means God's Gracious Gift

  • Kiana

    Kiana means Divine and Heavenly

  • Kiele

    Kiele means Fragnant Blossom

  • Kielle

    The name means Gardenia

  • Kiely

    Kiely name means Garden of Flowers

  • Kina

    Kina means Vindicated in Hawaiian

  • Kinipela

    Kinipela means Wave

  • Lahela

    Lahela means Innocent Lamb

  • Laia

    Laia means Sweet-Speaking

  • Lailani

    The name means Heavenly Flower

  • Laini

    Laini means Heaven, Sky

  • Lanai

    Terrace; Veranda; Floating boat

  • Lani


  • Lanni

    Heavenly one, the Sky

  • Lei

    A garland of the heavenly flowers

  • Leia

    Heavanly child

  • Leilana

    A flower that grows in the heaven

  • Lenai

    Hawaiian name that means porch, a patio

  • Leolani

    Heavelny woman

  • Liliha

    Describing someone who is angry and disregarded

  • Loni

    A sky in Hawaiian, a Light in Latin or Solitary in English

  • Louann

    Hawaiian name meaning enjoyment

  • Louanne

    The one who is enjoying life

  • Lua

    A contended, relaxes and joyful individual

  • Luann

    Delight and amusemen

  • Luanna

    Enjoyment, Happiness and Bliss

  • Mahina

    Moon; Moonlight

  • Maile

    Hawaiian nature name refers to a vine or a shrub

  • Mailee

    A vine plant

  • Maka

    A favorite, most loved one

  • Makana

    A girl who is a gift to the world

  • Makelina

    From Magdelene

  • Malana

    Light; Buoyant

  • Malani

    She who is from the sky

  • Malea

    Hawaiian name describing something that is possible, probable

  • Maliana

    She who is beautiful

  • Malina

    A calming, southing person

  • Mallu

    One who exudes peacefulness

  • Malu

    One who brings peace

  • Maylee

    She who resembles a wild flower

  • Meka

    The most important and precious part of the body, which give light to our path; eyes

  • Milani

    A soft and gentle affectionate touch

  • Miliani

    Hawaiian - Gentle Caress

  • Miliani

    Hawaiian - Gentle Caress

  • Moana

    Hawaiian - Ocean; A variant transcription is Moanna

  • Moanna

    Hawaiian - Ocean; A variant form of Moana

  • Nalani

    The Head, or the chief or the heavens

  • Nalanie

    The calm sky

  • Nanea

    A land of the heaven

  • Napua

    Resembles floras or flowers.

  • Noelani

    Fog from paradise.

  • Nohealani

    Prettiest woman from paradise.

  • Ohana

    A person who rules or guides or inspires others.

  • Ohanna

    A man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength

  • Okelani

    A Hindi word to a pleasant blue sky.

  • Oliana

    A ornamental poisonous shrub

  • Olina

    Happiness, delightful, blissful, cheerful

  • Oline

    Joyful or jovial or merry or jolly

  • Palapala

    Latin - Foreign Women; Hawaiian variant of Barbara.

  • Palila

    A rare and small bird

  • Pele

    Hawaiian - From the volcano

  • Pilialoha

    Hawaiian - Beloved; Loving

  • Pilialoha

    Hawaiian - Beloved; Loving

  • Pualani

    Hawaiian - Heavenly Flower; Royal Offspring; Flower; Offspring

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