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Hawaiian Boy Names

  • Ailani

    Chief, Leader

  • Akamu

    Of the Red Earth

  • Akela

    Happy, Joy, feeling pleasure, contented, pleased.

  • Bane

    Aramaic - Son of Consolation; Son of the Prophet; Long-Awaited Child

  • Elta

    this means that the lord is my god.

  • Etana

    a Hawaiian word meaning strong.

  • Eusebio

    one who worships well.

  • Haleigha

    House of the Rising Sun

  • Haulani

    Royal ruler in Hawaiian, Heavenly Ice

  • Hikialani

    Looking up at heaven

  • Hilo

    First night after the new moon

  • Kaeo

    Kaeo means Strong

  • Kahawai

    Kahawai means River

  • Kahikilani

    Kahikilani means The Arrival of the Chief

  • Kahikina

    The name means The East, The Arrival

  • Kahili

    Kahili means Feather Standard or Rainbow part

  • Kaikane

    Kaikane name means Strong Sea

  • Kaimee

    Kaimee means Seeker

  • Kaimi

    Kaimi name means The Seeker

  • Kalino

    The name Kalino means The Brilliant One

  • Kalon


  • Kanoa

    Kanoa means The Free One

  • Kanuha

    Kanuha means The Sulky One

  • Kaui

    Kaui means The Youth is Beautiful

  • Kawika

    Kawika means Favorite, Bloved Firend

  • Kawikani

    Kawikani The one Who is Strong

  • Kayl

    Kayl means The Man Who is Free

  • Kealamauloa

    The eternal path or the path of eterninty

  • Keimoni

    The ocean of uniqueness or knowledge

  • Kekoa

    Kekoa means Brave Warrior

  • Kellii

    The name means Chief

  • Keona

    Keon means God is Gracious

  • Kepakiano

    Keoni means God's Gift

  • Kepler

    The name means Men Of Sebastia

  • Kika

    Kika means Battle Place

  • Kilo

    Kilo means One Who Observes the Stars, Daydreamer

  • Kimo

    One who replace or supplants, a supplanter

  • Koa

    Koa means He is a Warrior

  • Kona

    Sanskrit - Angular; Italian - Lady;

  • Konala

    Konala means Worlf Ruler

  • Konane

    Konane means Light

  • Kualii

    Kualii means A Famous Chief

  • Kukane

    Means Like a Man

  • Kulani

    Kulani means Like heaven, to reveal Heaven

  • Kye

    Kye means Ocean

  • Lahahana

    The name means Warmth of the Sun

  • Liko

    Rare Hawaiian name meaning bud

  • Makai

    One who goes toward a sea

  • Makani

    One who is like the Wind

  • Malo

    Hawaiian - A Victorious Man; Winner; A variant spelling is Mallo

  • Maui

    Hawaiian - God of Fire

  • Mele

    Hawaiian - One who is happy; Merry

  • Moke

    The person who is sweeten with honey, who is remarkably fine.

  • Nainoa

    The one who guards the kids or small children.

  • Onaona

    The person who is having a pleasing fragrance.

  • Pekelo

    Name for a stone or a rock

  • Peni

    A form of Ben; a loyal and adventerous one

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