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Gaelic Girl Names

  • Ailiue

    Diminutive of Ailis

  • Allanagh

    A variant form of name Alana which means precious, serene; Fair Maiden; Beautiful Maiden

  • Breena

    An imaginary fairy land

  • Brenda

    A sharp weapon; a sword

  • Cerie

    It's a made up name; delicate bird's whistle

  • Chevaune

    The gracious God

  • Ciarran

    One who is dark and dusky

  • Ciorstaidh

    One who is a follower of Jesus Christ

  • Codie

    The son of Oda, from the Oda clan

  • Coleen

    Female; a young woman; a lady

  • Dacia

    The one from South

  • Darra

    Wisdom; Oak tree

  • Darthula

    Beautiful eyes

  • Dedra

    A steady, raging and versatile being

  • Deidra

    One who has delicate heart

  • Delanie

    Born out of Alder grove

  • Donalda

    They are the masters who rule many

  • Donia

    A person who rules everybody.

  • Dorene

    Stady worker; blonde person

  • Dymphna

    A little eligible peson; little poet

  • Dympna

    A little person who is good natured

  • Ealasaid

    One who is devoted to God and humanity

  • Eilidh

    One who emits light

  • Eireann

    Ireland land; one who belongs from Ireland

  • Eireen

    A peace loving and humble natured being

  • Emer

    this means someone who has been blessed by the six gifts of womanhood.

  • Emeria

    it means someone who is from the north with great beauty and honour.

  • Erian

    someone from Ireland.

  • Erina

    a feminized form of erin; meaning peace and a poetic way of referring to Ireland.

  • Erinna

    means Ireland.

  • Erinne

    a word which means Ireland.

  • Erline

    a girl from Ireland.

  • Ethne

    a Gaelic word for fire.

  • Ethney

    a Celtic word meaning fire.

  • Ethnie

    a feminized word which means fire.

  • Fiachna

    A raven-like woman

  • Fineen

    A light-colored child

  • Fingal

    A fair Sranger who is powerful

  • Giorsal

    Giorsal is a Gaelic name and means Having Grey Hair,

  • Glencora

    Glencora means Lady of the Valley or Heart of the Valley

  • Glynnis

    Glynnis means From the Glen and is female name

  • Hormat


  • Kailla

    Kailla means Narrow

  • Kalan

    Kalan means Slender, Fair

  • Kaley

    Kaley means Delicate, Slender

  • Kallan

    Gaelic meaning of the name is Powerful in the Battle, Scandinavian meaning is The Water that Flows

  • Kamrin

    Kamrin name means Crooked Nose

  • Kassidy

    Kassidy means She is Clever, or She of a Curly Hair

  • Kassity

    The name means She is Full of Love

  • Kayleigh

    Kayleigh means The gathering where people Dance

  • Kaylie

    Kaylie name means Rare Beauty, Slender

  • Keavy

    The name means She is Precious

  • Keeler

    The name means She is Full of Grace and Beauty

  • Keeley

    The meaning of the name is Frail

  • Keena

    Keena means a Brave Girl or Woman

  • Keeva

    The name means a Gentle Beauty

  • Keheley

    Keheley means She is a Slender Woman

  • Keiara

    Keiara name means She Has Beautiful Black Hair

  • Keilee

    Kailee means She is a Warrior and a Fighter

  • Kellynn

    The name means Lean, Little

  • Kenadee

    The name means Armored Head, Helmet

  • Kenndra

    Kenndra means Understanding, Knoweldge

  • Kennedy

    Kennedy means Helmeted Chief

  • Kennette

    Kennette Fire Born

  • Kenzie

    Kenzie means Fair and Handsome One

  • Kiandra

    Kiandra means Archaic

  • Kiandre

    Kiandre means Ancient, Old

  • Kianna

    Kianna means Something very Old

  • Kianne

    Kianne means Centuries Old, Ancient

  • Kiara

    Kiara means a Woman With Raven-Black, Dark Hair

  • Kirov

    Kirov means Black

  • Kiyle

    Kiyle means Narrows

  • Koree

    The name means Near a Hollow

  • Kyelle

    A narrow strait of a water

  • Lana

    Light; The one that posesses Light

  • Leanna

    From Gaelic name Helen meaning beautiful, light woman

  • Leslee

    A holly tree found in the gardens

  • Lesli

    A garden where the holly tree grows

  • Lesly

    A religious, sacred garden

  • Liadain

    A lady of grey hair

  • Liadan

    A woman of grey hair

  • Liadawn

    A grey lady from Irish folklore

  • Mackenna

    Celtic - Son of Cionaodh; Gaelic - Son of Coinneach; Son of Kenneth;

  • Maioc

    A name given to the good god

  • Mairghread

    Gaelic name for a pearl

  • Marsaili

    A dame that is as beautiful as a pearl

  • Marsali

    A maiden who is like a pearl

  • Meegan

    A soft and gentle female

  • Meleas

    A servant of Jesus, one who serves Jesus for lifetime

  • Melias

    A lady who serves Jesus as a servant

  • Melisus

    One who serves Jesus for blessings

  • Meliz

    A Jesus' servant, always blessed by Jesus

  • Morna

    A beloved person who is delightful to all

  • Neala

    Supporter, titleholder, winner, campaigner.

  • Neelie

    Winner, victor, overcomer, beater.

  • Nialla

    Supporter, supporter, winner, campaigner.

  • Nigella

    The name of the flower, one of the floras.

  • Niniane

    Ash; one who always rises up

  • Nola

    The one who has fair complexion.

  • Onora

    The person who deserves the integrity.

  • Oona

    In Gaelic it means Lamb. In English it means Universal one.

  • Orlagh

    The feelings of great warmth.

  • Quinlee

    Woman of wisdom

  • Quinley

    She who is intelligent

  • Quinna

    A reasonable person

  • Ronelle

    A woman whose advices give power

  • Ryesen

    She who is courageous

  • Samaire

    The drowning Sun

  • Saorla

    A princess

  • Seersha

    One who is free

  • Seonag

    Gaelic form of Joan, means God is merciful

  • Shailyn

    A girl from the fairy place

  • Shavonne

    God is gracious

  • Shena

    God is gracious

  • Sherey

    Gaelic name meaning foal

  • Siobhan

    God is gracious

  • Tara


  • Tenille

    She who brings light

  • Tera

    Crag, hill

  • Teranika

    Victory of the Earth

  • Terin

    Variant of Erin, means Ireland

  • Torri

    A form of tori

  • Triona

    A pure, unpolluted, virgin

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